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The Stormlight Archive Book Series (3 Books)

Kindle Edition
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Latest Book in the Series
Oathbringer: The Stormlight Archive Book Three
The Way of Kings Part One: The Stormlight Archive Book One: 1
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Oathbringer: The Stormlight Archive Book Three
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More About the Authors
Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson
I'm Brandon Sanderson, and I write stories of the fantastic: fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers.

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February 2017 marks the release of Snapshot, a new detective thriller novella, and in November 2017 comes Oathbringer, the third massive book in the Sunday Times #2 bestselling Stormlight Archive series that began with The Way of Kings. This series is my love letter to the epic fantasy genre, and it's the type of story I always dreamed epic fantasy could be.

Most readers have noticed that my adult fantasy novels are in a connected universe, called the Cosmere. This includes The Stormlight Archive, both Mistborn series, Elantris, Warbreaker, and various novellas available on Amazon, including The Emperor's Soul, which won a Hugo Award in 2013. In November 2016 all of the existing Cosmere short fiction including those novellas was released in one volume called Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection. If you've read all of my adult fantasy novels and want to see some behind-the-scenes information, that collection is a must-read.

I also have two YA series: The Rithmatist (currently at one book), and The Reckoners (a trilogy beginning with Steelheart). For young readers I also have my humorous series Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians. Many of my adult readers enjoy all of those books as well, and many of my YA readers enjoy my adult books, usually starting with Mistborn.

Additionally, I have a few other novellas that are more on the thriller/sci-fi side. These include Legion and its sequel, Legion: Skin Deep, as well as Perfect State. There's a lot of material to go around!

Good starting places are Mistborn (a.k.a. The Final Empire), Steelheart, The Emperor's Soul, and Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians. If you're already a fan of big fat fantasies, you can jump right into The Way of Kings.

I was also honored to be able to complete the final three volumes of The Wheel of Time, beginning with The Gathering Storm, using Robert Jordan's notes.

Sample chapters from all of my books are available at brandonsanderson.com/library -- and check out the rest of my site for chapter-by-chapter annotations, deleted scenes, and more.
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