Custom Fit: Holiday Edition (Holiday Fever Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

A wonderful mix of light, laughter, and romance, with a nice touch of heat.
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
28 Jan. 2016 By Sallyann Phillips

I really enjoyed Lexi Miles Custom fit. The story was well thought out and flowed well, and the characters are emotion provoking. You find yourself smiling along with the characters at times, and mad on the characters behalf at others.
Sunni (Sunshine) is exactly as her name describes. She's bubbly, bright, and always smiling, the type of character you could imagine into reality.
Striker is clearly a man of means, but as down to earth as you or me. As much of a high flier as he is, it's clear he's been hurt in the past and your heart goes out to him.
The couple navigate all the ups and downs they have to deal with, be they friends, people they have to work with, family, or their jobs, as well as a newly emerging romance that neither was expecting, and a fire burns bright and hot between them. You just can't help following their progress to see if you can will them where you want them to go.
Being a writer myself I noticed the odd spelling mistake, but it in no way retracts from the need to see the outcome, which I won't be putting here.
Well done Lexi, 5* well earned.

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