Christian Hedonism? A Biblical examination of John Piper's teaching (Paperback)

... From such turn away!
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22 Jun. 2018 By Charles Soper
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Paul explains the last days will be 'perilous', not because of terrorism, pandemics or climate change, but because of the kind of self love, Baal worship, and love of pleasure that John Piper and his New Calvinist* compatriots in the UK are so intent on promoting. It has a form of godliness, but denies its spiritual power. (2 Tim. 3.1-10)

One quote saliently captures the antinomian spirit of the 'Christian' Hedonist, “If we cast the Law aside,” Luther said, “we shall not long retain Christ”. The neglect of the moral commandments, of sin and of repentance Williams documents is antichristian and antichrist.

This book skewers the wickedness at the heart of this movement precisely, forensically and with meticulous documentation.
Here is his summary of its character:
'a neglect of the holiness of God; a disregard for obedience to God’s holy law; an indifference to the fear of God; an irreverent style of worship; a superficial view of duty; and a low view of Scripture. These form a connecting chain, each naturally reinforcing the other.'

Williams' exposure of how deeply profaned worship is by this hedonism is crucial. It is captured in 3 quotes of Piper. 'Worship is an end in itself because we glorify God by enjoying Him forever.’ Pleasure seeking in worship is its end, as though God exists for us, not we for Him.
'For worship is the most hedonistic affair of life and must not be ruined with the least thought of disinterestedness.' Worship is for pleasure, godliness for gain, prayer for profit. This makes an idol of self, it makes our belly our God.

According to Piper's own words, this pleasure may be divorced from doctrinal meditation and drawn directly from sensual experience, 'The new worship, however, is all about music and song being intentionally and blatantly used to have a direct and major influence upon the feelings’. When we see the strobes, the darkened Satanic nightclub atmosphere, hypnotic, mind-numbing rhythms and the gyrating and pulsing dancing of Passion and Co-Mission's Revive, we're witnessing worship of a 21st century golden calf - sensual, sexual worship - not at all the worship in spirit and in truth the Father seeks (John 4.24). But Dionysius and Christ are joined as one in this movement's evil syncretism.

This doctrine amounts to serious heresy and will destroy its disciples. From such turn away!

*John Calvin would be absolutely appalled by their errors and disgusted by their Baal worship!

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