Enpee Commercial Grade Food Blender Smoothie Hot Soup Maker Ice Crush Heavy Duty (Kitchen & Home)

Best alternative to Vitamix in Europe
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
15 Feb. 2013 By BW
17 out of 18 found this helpful

I was looking at Vitamix blenders but was shocked to see that they cost close to twice the US price in Europe. The Enpee blender costs less than the US Vitamix price and as far as I can see is of equivalent quality and actually marginally more powerful. Enpee are very responsive and offer great support, although I have yet to have a problem. The blender works exactly as it should, is easy to clean and not too noisy (for a 2200 watt device!).
My recommendation is to buy one if you are based in Europe and looking for Vitamix-level quality and power. Don't waste your money on the obscenely overpriced US product or on lower-powered blenders, especially if you are thinking of making green smoothies, etc.

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