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The Officially Unofficial PSN Thread.

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Posted on 4 May 2012, 07:32:41 BST
Nick says:
Gravity Rush is beautiful. I have to agree with the general consensus about quality over quantity, but I am still impressed by the number of games. I would happily pay £50/60 if it included retail titles each month!1!1!!111!

Posted on 4 May 2012, 08:13:27 BST
R says:
Garbage update this month. What is it. Eight free terrible games that are way past their sell by date. A new game that should be called Terrible-anauts. Oh and a really old game. Gave me 0 mins of actual enjoyment.

Posted on 4 May 2012, 08:29:54 BST
Dela says:
Thanks for your positive input, R...
Your reply to Dela's post:
To insert a product link use the format: [[ASIN:ASIN product-title]] (What's this?)

Posted on 4 May 2012, 08:33:07 BST
R says:
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Posted on 4 May 2012, 09:26:51 BST
Cheers for the heads up,
Only downloaded Terrible-anauts and looks like I will be deleting it....might give it a quick try first.

Posted on 4 May 2012, 18:48:29 BST
I liked Sky Fighter

Posted on 4 May 2012, 20:46:47 BST
ShotoTiggs says:
"Garbage update this month. What is it. Eight free terrible games that are way past their sell by date. A new game that should be called Terrible-anauts. Oh and a really old game. Gave me 0 mins of actual enjoyment. "

That pretty much sums up why I've never signed up for PSN+

Posted on 4 May 2012, 20:51:35 BST
I use PSN+ primarily for online storage. Lost loads of save files last year.
Now when I start a new game, I elect to have backups of my save files uploaded. I then have my PS3 start up every morning automatically at 4am. It connects to PSN, uploads any changes to save files and also downloads any game patches or System updates required. That means that I never have to deal with a game patch update or system update when I turn on my console.
Also, last month they had NFS-Shift 2 (full game) for free.
Has its advantages - but is a little costly at €50 imo.

Posted on 4 May 2012, 20:55:31 BST
ShotoTiggs says:
There has been the odd free or cheaper game I've found tempting but not enough for me to get it, and I switch my console off at the wall at night. I can see that online storage would be handy though, especially if you were replacing your machine.

Posted on 8 May 2012, 10:56:22 BST
Trigger says:
I don't use PS+ for the free games primarily; it's about the discounts and online storage for me. Like Zort, I've lost loads of save data a few times over and now I have online storage to safeguard that (it's easier just to tell every new game to upload saves and then delete as necessary - I think I've been at about 100MB of my 150MB limit for a while now). I also buy loads of first/second/third party exclusives each year, and many launch with a 20% discount - over the year that probably adds up near enough to the £32 PS+ cost me, and depending on whether you get your PSN credit cheap online (I think the cheapest I've seen it is £21), you can effectively stack the savings so, like folk with Live, you're paying a fair chunk less than it actually costs.

I think PS+ is worth it, and the free games are just the icing on the cake -- although sometimes that icing has marzipan in it.

Posted on 8 May 2012, 15:39:47 BST
Hunter says:

Sack It To Me: Sackboy Starts In Pole Position!

Countries: AE, AU, GB, NZ

LittleBigPlanet Karting Hands-On Media Event

A few folks from the media recently got to have a hands-on play of LittleBigPlanet Karting.
Check out this video to see just what IGN.com have to say about Sackboy's leap into the racing arena!

At the same event, GameTrailers.com interviewed William Ho, United Front Game's Design Director for LittleBigPlanet Karting and take the opportunity to showcase some new gameplay from Karting.

Take a look at just what was said about the LittleBigPlanet Karting experience!
IGN.com - LittleBigPlanet Karting: A Platformer on Wheels
GameTrailers.com - LittleBigPlanet Karting Video Game, First Look Interview
Kotaku.com - LittleBigPlanet Karting And Going Back To The Things You Love
GameSpot.com - Play, Create, Share, and Then Blow Each Other Up
Shacknews.com - How LittleBigPlanet Karting is different from ModNation Racers

Mm Picks

This week we see Sackboy being given superpowers as Agent 11.7 in PLCC3: Intro - Debriefing, before unleashing his dark side thanks to a magic formula in Another strange case of Dr. Jeklyy and Mr. Hyde.

We see him return to some classic platforming action in Tileboard Trickery and if you're looking to relax, you can play a nice game of Spot the Difference or take a moment to listen to Comishguy67′s Original Music Gallery containing over 40 songs!

Best of all, comishguy67 is sharing his music with the rest of the community to use in their own levels!
So if you're a fan of great music, be sure to head to his level and collect those Prize Bubbles!

PLCC3: Intro - Debriefing by xSLEVENx

PLCC3 - Another strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Art-in-Heart

Tileboard Trickery by Prattz

spot the difference 間違い探し(JPN) by chocopyon

Comishguy67′s Original Music Gallery by comishguy67

LBPC Community Spotlight: Episode 84

Following on from our feature on LiBitsmate last week, I thought that I would take a moment to feature the amazing crew over on LBPCentral.com.

LBPC Community Spotlight: Episode 84 by LBPCentralHub

This dedicated team of hard-working peeps put out a new hub level containing their favourite picks every fortnight!
Be sure to pay their latest level a visit to see their newest selection of chosen levels.

LittleBigPlanet on the Web

LittleBigPlanet Twitter - @LittleBigPlanet
LittleBigPlanet Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/littlebigplanet
LittleBigPlanet Community Team Twitters

Steven - @StevenIsbell
Simon - @Syroc_LBP
Spaff - @thespaff

Posted on 8 May 2012, 15:40:42 BST
Hunter says:
Arc Fans Get Ready To Battle - Arc Arena: Monster Tournament Out Tomorrow
Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

Arc the Lad has been flying off the virtual shelf for a few months now, followed by the penultimate Arc the Lad II. These first two games have reminded users just how good the series is and how deep and fulfilling Japanese RPGs can be. There is something special about the genre that can't be replicated. And there aren't many titles that make it to Western markets. MonkeyPaw Games is dedicated to bringing you these lost legends.

This week's release is an add-on game to Arc the Lad II. Arc Arena: Monster Tournament allows gamers to use their save data from Arc The Lad II. Players can trade their items, weapons and monsters between other players and then battle each other in tournament matches. Import monsters captured in the game, mix and match weapons and then battle your monsters in the Arena with friends. This is the classic RPG experience.

Since Arc The Lad II is the preeminent game in the series and Arc Arena: Monster Tournament is the customizable add-on, fans of the series will be wowed by the fun factor of battling your characters with friends...and enemies! Role playing games were transformed by many aspects of this series. Arc Arena: Monster Tournament takes a novel mechanic and allows you to more fully enjoy an already memorable RPG experience.

Get ready to battle it out on the PlayStation Network. Arc Arena: Monster Tournament is available this week in the Import section!

Posted on 8 May 2012, 15:41:59 BST
Hunter says:
Datura Available To Download From Tomorrow
Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

Hi it's Jan Kuczynski here, SCEE producer for Datura. I'm happy to let you know that Datura will available to download exclusively from PSN on 9th May in Europe, and I thought I'd give you a few more details on this uniquely atmospheric title.

In the opening sequence of Datura is a quote from Dante's Divine Comedy:
"In the middle of our life's walk I found myself in a dark wood for the straight road was lost."

I think it sums up nicely what Datura is all about. You'll find yourself lost in a strange forest where the lines of morality become blurred and nothing is black and white. In the world of Datura you will find yourself placed in a variety of scenarios which will require you to make a quick judgement call.

What you choose will determine how the scenario plays out and will have subtle effects on the overall experience. Once you finish, it's great to discuss with friends what road they took and how that changed what they saw.

As you can see, Datura isn't your average game and it will be no surprise for you to hear that it comes from our Santa Monica Studio who have a great pedigree for coming out with games that push barriers to offer gamers something new. The studio is now as well known for unique gems such as PixelJunk 4am and Escape Plan as for mega blockbusters such as the God of War series.

Datura is a collaboration with Polish developer Plastic who previously released the interactive art experience Linger in Shadows for the PS3. One of their goals with Datura was to use the PlayStation Move motion controller in interesting ways to add an extra level of immersion. Don't worry if you don't have a PS Move though - you can also use DualShock. I also should mention that if you're lucky enough to have a 3D TV make sure you try Datura with 3D switched on - it looks absolutely stunning.

Datura is out tomorrow priced at €7.99/£6.49 and is a great addition to your PS Move compatible library. Oh and if you're signed up to PlayStation Plus you'll get an extra special 20% discount for a limited period.

Posted on 8 May 2012, 15:43:09 BST
Looking forward to Datura, looks like an interesting game.

Posted on 9 May 2012, 12:36:56 BST
Trigger says:
Datura looks really unique and promising - I love how Sony has really backed these unusual arty games in the last few years (also check out the trailer for The Unfinished Swan). From the Datura videos I've seen so far it reminds me a bit of The 7th Guest/The Eleventh Hour with the isolation of Resident Evil. I could be totally off the mark there, but that's the kind of creepy lonely vibe I've got from it so far.

Posted on 9 May 2012, 13:10:15 BST
Solar Fox says:
Without sounding overly, negative on Datura, I heard the control system for it was alittle temperamental? Not sure if that's with the Move controller or without. I'll assume without.

Nice to see original ideas though. A Change of game style and pace, is most welcomed amidst the frantic, shooting that goes on in video games this gen.

Posted on 9 May 2012, 13:19:32 BST
Isn't Datura made by the same company that made Linger in Shadows? Linger in Shadows was more than just a little bit crap lol.

Posted on 9 May 2012, 13:28:14 BST
Solar Fox says:
No idea Adam. I heard that the game lasts for roughly 2hrs, and at the end of it, you can't decide what exactly, you have just experienced?

In reply to an earlier post on 9 May 2012, 13:33:12 BST
Trigger says:
I don't know, but I know it uses both Move and the DualShock. And yes Adam, it was made by the same developer - a Polish 'demoscene' company called Plastic.

Posted on 9 May 2012, 13:49:50 BST
Solar Fox says:
Sorry Tel, I meant the temperamental control system. Whether it's tricky with the analogue control, or the PS Move.

I know you can use either. £6.49 combined with curiosity has me tempted to buy this tonight. Apparently, butterflies and other flying creatures create optional paths through the game.

It was reviewed on PSL. It didn't give too much away, but gave you small insights into the game. I would c&p it here, but i'm on my device.

Posted on 9 May 2012, 22:04:19 BST
Last edited by the author on 9 May 2012, 22:11:08 BST
Hunter says:
`Heads-Up' Game Store Update 9 May 2012
Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

This week we start off with Sega's Binary Domain, which will now be available to download from our store from today! Set in a distant future of the year 2080, Tokyo has been invaded by robots. Take charge in a battle for humanity and give the machines an ending they did not expect! PS Plus members will have a two week period to purchase a 15% discounted rate.

Discover an eerie, intriguing realm in this unique interactive art experience where little is as ever as it seems and mystery and surprise await your every move.

Open the gates to a dreamlike forest, follow the paths between the trees, interact with your surroundings and attempt to answer three questions: why are you here? What are you supposed to do now? And is there a way out?

For the curious - for those willing to face the depths of their own conscience - the answers will be revealed by exploring the world of Datura.
PS Plus members will also have two weeks to purchase Datura at 20% off.

Other titles this week also include demos for Zack Zero and Spec Ops: The Line, as well as Arc Arena and Just Cause being our new PS2 and PSone Classics, respectively.

Andy has also been working on securing some new deals in a new sale with a somewhat retro theme to it. Did you never get round to purchasing Final Fight: Double Impact or *deep breath* Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix? How about some of the PixelJunk games such as PixelJunk Monsters or PixelJunk Eden? If you haven't jumped to the bottom already then you may want to also know that PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Eden, PixelJunk Shooter and PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap are cheap as chips (cheaper maybe) for PS Plus members at just €0.99! Check out the list of titles in the sale right at the bottom.

As usual, this week's content is below.

PlayStation Network New Content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates - please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PS Plus

Binary Domain - 15% Discount for Two Weeks

Datura - 20% Discount for Two Weeks

PS3 Games

Binary Domain

An immersive squad-based shooter in which you need to work with your squad and regain control.
Prices: £19.99,€24.99,AU$39.95
PEGI: 18
Availability: All
File Size: 11GB


Experience the haunting world of Datura - part PlayStation Move adventure, part interactive art concept - and embark on a voyage of mystery where little is ever as it seems and every action has a consequence.

Prices: £6.49,€7.99,AU$12.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: All
File Size: 879MB

Dead Space - Super Bundle

This bundle includes a digital license for Dead Space™ and all of the downloadable suit and weapon content for Dead Space. There are no refunds for this item.
Prices: £23.99, €29.99, AU$49.95
PEGI: 18
Availability: All
File Size: 8GB

PS3 Demos (Free)

Spec Ops: The Line Demo

The demo begins with a Delta Force recon team, led by Captain Martin Walker, infiltrating Dubai six months after a cataclysmic sandstorm destroyed the city and left it buried in ruin. Chaos ensues as Delta is pulled into the middle of a civil war. Walker and his team must fight their way through the unpredictable war-torn city to find the man at the heart of its madness - Colonel John Konrad.
PEGI: 18
Availability: Not available in DE, KU, QA, SA, UA
File Size: 1501MB

Zack Zero

Zack Zero takes you on an action-packed platform adventure with incredible 3D graphics and the playability and entertainment of classic 2D games. Help Zack Zero save his beloved Marlene, kidnapped by the evil Zulrog in an effort to obtain the powerful substance that will allow him to travel back in time. More than 30 characters, 5 spectacular bosses and incredible and diverse scenarios!
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 279MB


Just Cause
Compatible with PlayStation®3.

Just Cause offers the freedom to tackle your assignment however you want: play the island`s factions off against one another; incite a rebellion among the masses; or build alliances with rebel forces and drug cartels.

Prices: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: All
File Size: 395MB


Arc Arena: Monster Tournament
Compatible with PSP and PlayStation 3.

Use your save data to import monsters captured in Arc the Lad II and fight in tournament matches. Trade items, weapons, and monsters in the Arena!
Requires a 60Hz compatible display. The manual is in English. Help can be found at monkeypawgames.com.
Prices: £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in BE, HU, QA
File Size: 68MB


Metal Slug 2
Compatible with PSP only.

MARCO and TARMA return to the battlefront accompanied by two new recruits, FIO GERMI and ERI KASAMOTO, to thwart the new coup attempt by General Morden. Fight alone or with a buddy, on foot or aboard a tank, and deliver prisoners to freedom in this masterpiece of run-and-gun from SNK!
Prices: £5.49,€6.99,AU$11.45
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 35MB

The King of Fighters '96
Compatible with PSP and PlayStation Vita.

Play with your favorite characters and newcomers, such as the mysterious Leona and the legendary Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser and Mr. Big, in this third installment of the popular '3-on-3′ versus fighting series from SNK! With its cast of 27 characters KOF '96 promises fights of anthology on NEOGEO Station!
Prices: £5.49,€6.99,AU$11.45
PEGI: 16
Availability: All
File Size: 44MB


Asura's Wrath

Lost Episode 1
Prices: £1.59,€1.99,AU$3.45
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Thursday 10th Release)
Map 7
Map 8
Prices: Free
PEGI: 18
Availability: All (For Elite Members)

Dead Space
DLC Bundle (includes all weapons and suit packs)
Prices: £7.99, €9.99, AU$15.95
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Disgaea 4

Kingdom Tank (£1.59, €1.99, €3.45)
Makai Map (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
Nisa (£2.39, €2.99, AU$4.95)
Pram (£2.39, €2.99, AU$4.95)
The Flashback Episode (£3.19, €3.99, AU$6.95)
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in DK, FI, NO, PL, SE

Dynasty Warriors 7

New Weapon Pack 7
Prices: £1.59,€1.99,AU$3.45
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in NZ

Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends

Costume Pack 4 (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
Wall Papers 8 (£2.39, £2.99, AU$4.95)
Wall Papers 9 (£2.39, £2.99, AU$4.95)
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in NZ

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Uplay Passport
Prices: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 DLC `Season Pass'
If you pre-order the Rockstar Pass before 18 May, you'll receive the exclusive Season Pass Theme.
Prices: £23.99,€29.99,AU$49.95
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Motorstorm RC (Vita compatible)

Special Buggy: Nord Ram (Free for 7 days only!)
Special Big Rig: Patriot Shellshock (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
Veteran Supermini: Monarch Vestige-R (£0.40, €0.49, AU$0.90)
Availability: All

Prototype 2

Colossal Mayhem Pack
Prices: £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Rock Band Network

Gordon Freeman Saved My Life (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Good Morning Tucson (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Hope & Ruin (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Keyhole In The Sky (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
King Of Everything (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Nemeses (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Never... Again (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Rise And Shine (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Rocket Dragon (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Say (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Scissorlips (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Super Villain (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Talisman (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
The Stache (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
A Bullet In The Head (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Back Through Time (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Cheesy Pop Song (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Do Your Thing (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Für Immer Verloren (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Feathergun In The Garden Of The Sun (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
Firefight (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Force Feedback (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Time Bomb (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Welcome To The Skalocaust (£0.59,€0.79,AU$1.30)
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in BL, HR, CZ, GR, HN, IN, IL, KW, LU, PL, QT, RU, SA, SI, ZA, TR, UA, AE

Rock Band 3

Sleep Now In The Fire (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Two Tickets To Paradise (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me) (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Only One (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Rage Against The Machine Pack 01 (£2.49, €3.99, AU$6.45)
(Includes the following)
Killing In The Name (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Bombtrack (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Sleep Now In The Fire (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
P!Nk Pack 01 (£3.49, €5.29, AU$8.75)
(Includes the following)
Funhouse (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Get The Party Started (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Please Don'T Leave Me (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Sober (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Cinderella Pack 01 (£2.49, €3.99, AU$6.45)
(Includes the following)
Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Shelter Me (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Nobody's Fool (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Slayer Pack 01 (£2.49, €3.99, AU$6.45)
(Includes the following)
Raining Blood (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
South Of Heaven (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Seasons In The Abyss (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in BL, HR, CZ, GR, HN, IN, IL, KW, LU, PL, QT, RU, SA, SI, ZA, TR, UA, AE


Additional Level 2 - Enemy Within
Prices: £1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45
Availability: All

Soul Calibur V

Boy's Day Festival 1 (£1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45)
Cepheus Compatibility Pack 3 (Free)
Headgears 1 (£1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45)
Miscellaneous Equipment 1 (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
Modern Costumes 2 (£1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45)
PEGI: 16
Availability: All


Network Pass
Prices: £7.99, €9.99, AU$15.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Two Worlds II

Defense Mode
Prices: £1.99, €2.49, AU$4.25
PEGI: 16
Availability: All


Dynasty Warriors Next
`Diaochan' original officer card
`Guo Huai' original officer card
`Lu Bu' original officer card
`Sima Shi' original officer card
`Sima Yi' original officer card
`Sima Zhao' original officer card
`Wang Yuanji' original officer card
`Xiahou Ba' original officer card
`Zhong Hui' original officer card
`Zhuge Dan' original officer card
Original Officer Card Set (Jin) Bundle (£3.99, €4.99, AU$8.45)
Prices (Each, except where otherwise mentioned): £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in NZ

Motorstorm RC (PS3 compatible)

Special Buggy: Nord Ram (Free for 7 days only!)
Special Big Rig: Patriot Shellshock (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
Veteran Supermini: Monarch Vestige-R (£0.40, €0.49, AU$0.90)
Availability: All

Ridge Racer

Add-On Car 07 `Evolver' (£1.19, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Add-On Car 08 `Wisdom' (£1.19, €1.49, AU$2.45)
Add-On Course 05 `Redstone Thunder Road' (£1.99, €2.49, AU$4.25)
Add-On Course 06 `Silver Mountain Skyway' (£1.99, €2.49, AU$4.25)
Availability: All

Reality Fighters

Ghostbusters Pack (£2.39,€2.99,AU$4.95)
Weapons Pack (Free)
PEGI: 12
Availability: All

Shinobido 2

Additional Missions
Price: £2.39, €2.99, AU$4.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: All


Studio Avatars

The Studio - Craig & Karl Avatar Bundle (£0.99, €1.19, AU$1.95)
Craig & Karl Avatar 1
Craig & Karl Avatar 2
Craig & Karl Avatar 3
Craig & Karl Avatar 4
Craig & Karl Avatar 5
Craig & Karl Avatar 6
Prices (each): £0.21,€0.25,AU$0.45
Availability: All



Dynamic 249 SAW Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
Marines: The Few. The Proud. (£1.99/€2.49/$4.25)
Dynamic Sniper Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)

Dynamic Gulfoss Waterfall Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)

Dynamic NewYork City and Hudson River Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)

Dynamic Grunge Blood Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)

Access Episode 033 (GB Only)

Darksiders 2
Behind The Mask: "Death Rises'
Behind The Mask: "Death'S World"
Death Eternal
Death Strikes: Part I
Availability: Not available in DE

The Walking Dead (Trial)
Debut Trailer
Playing Dead: Episode 1
Playing Dead: Episode 2
Playing Dead: Episode 3
The Walking Dead - Teaser Trailer
Availability: Not available in AS, DE, NZ

Meet The Awesomenauts Trailer

Resident Evil 6
RESIDENT EVIL 6 2ND TRAILER (Not available in DK, FI, DE, NO, PL, SW)

Special Offers


Final Fight: Double Impact (£3.99, €4.99)

Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (£6.49, €7.99)

PixelJunk Monsters (£1.99, €2.49) (€0.99 for Plus members)

PixelJunk Eden (£3.19, €3.99) (€0.99 for Plus members)

PixelJunk Shooter (£3.19, €3.99) (€0.99 for Plus members)

PixelJunk Shooter 2 (£3.19, €3.99)

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap (£3.19, €3.99) (€0.99 for Plus members)

PixelJunk Side Scroller (£3.19, €3.99)


Impossible Mission (£2.39, €2.99)


A train 6 (£6.49, €7.99)

Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight (£3.19, €3.99)

Steel Dragon EX (£3.19, €3.99)

Ultimate Mind Games (£3.19, €3.99)

Mr Golf (£3.19, €3.99)

Hawk Superbike Racing (£3.19, €3.99)

Golden Age Of Racing (£3.19, €3.99)

Cue Academy (£3.19, €3.99)

Road Trip Adventure (£3.19, €3.99)

Seek & Destroy (£3.19, €3.99)

Cel Damage Overdrive (£3.19, €3.99)

MX World Tour (£3.19, €3.99)

Gungrave Overdose (£3.19, €3.99)

Arcade Classics (£3.19, €3.99)

Chicken Little (£3.99, €4.99)

Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (£3.99, €4.99)

Kim Possible: What's The Switch (£3.99, €4.99)


Sports Superbike 2 (£1.49, €1.75)

All Star Boxing (£2.99, €3.59)

Constructor (£1.59, €1.99)

Guilty Gear (£1.59, €1.99)

Disney's Action Game Feat. Hercules (£1.99, €2.49)

Disney's Atlantis : The Lost Empire (£1.99, €2.49)

Disney Pixar Toy Story 2 (£1.99, €2.49)

Disney Pixar Toy Story Racer (£1.99, €2.49)

Lilo & Stitch : Trouble in Paradise (£1.99, €2.49)

Monsters Inc : Scare Island (£1.99, €2.49)

Peter Pan : Adventures In Never Land (£1.19, €1.49)

Party Time with Winnie the Pooh (£1.19, €1.49)

The Little Mermaid II (£1.19, €1.49)

A Bug's Life (£1.19, €1.49)


Impossible Mission (£1.99, €2.49)

Posted on 9 May 2012, 22:21:54 BST
Last edited by the author on 9 May 2012, 22:22:18 BST
Hunter says:
The LittleBigPlanet Beta Is Coming Soon To PS Vita - Register Now!
Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

The LittleBigPlanet Community is about to get a very special treat! Very soon, many of you will have the opportunity to participate in the LittleBigPlanet Beta on PS Vita, where you will get an exclusive sneak peek at Sackboy's most thrilling adventure yet!

The goal of the Beta is to get feedback on the overall experience from the folk that understand it like few others - and that means you!

For a chance to take part in this exclusive event, head on over to the sign-up to register your interest right away!


It is a bit tricky to sign-up so here's a quick little guide for you:

1. Copy the URL and paste it in your browser
2. Sign in using your SEN account
3. You will be directed to a page saying you don't have access; don't worry though,
paste the URL into your browser once again and press enter.
4. Fill in the details and you're done!

There will be even more information to follow. For now though, dust off your finest analytical hat,
and prepare to dive in to Sackboy's latest escapade!

Posted on 9 May 2012, 22:24:28 BST
[Deleted by Amazon on 9 May 2012, 23:49:55 BST]

Posted on 10 May 2012, 00:34:00 BST
Solar Fox says:
Am I the only one that thought the Resident Evil 6 2nd trailer, was very uninspiring?

The nicely, lit buildings at night were great, but what's with the brief edits and the monotone dialogue? I felt like I had seen it all before somewhere, maybe Resi 4, Resi 5, and now they were just going by the numbers for a re-run.

Maybe i'll see a more exciting trailer in future, but that last one was not worth watching imo.

Posted on 10 May 2012, 01:19:37 BST
Hunter says:
Ok Amazon Mod Why did you delete my Alien Colonial Marines Post?
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