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Dark Souls co-op gang & general chat

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Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 09:54:22 BST
Steve - if you get a chance - drop me your email address to zorton@hotmail.co.uk. Would like to keep in touch as don't see you on the threads much apart from the footie thread and don't post there myself.
A big congrats on the Eircom Tech job - brilliant news - big learning curve but I am sure it won't be an issue for you.
Hopefully it means you won't have to head to Canada now.
Finally - will be picking up DS on PC from day one - u want to coop from the start ?? Back to basics!

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 11:08:39 BST
Steve says:
Will do and sounds like a plan.

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 11:10:42 BST
Steve - chickened out - my brother is building my PC for me. lol - don't care as long as its ready for 24/08. Look forward to the coop mate !

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 11:26:34 BST
Steve says:
Ah you big girls blouse,get stuck I swear you can't go wrong once all the parts are compatible.

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 11:31:44 BST
Nah - he built his only last year and he is back from his trip around the world on 01/07. Was onto him via skype and he said he would do it for me. Just too hard with the 3 kids hanging oiff me all the time.
Speak soon. Will be funny starting DS with no weapons, armor, souls, etc - drake sword and crap armor again !!! Lol

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 15:13:40 BST
ATLUS have extended the life of the Demon's Souls servers, for the time being.
So any peeps with the North Amercian version can still play online.

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 15:18:31 BST
Andy - I know we touched on this, but I don't think it matters what version of the game you have - it depends on what region you are located in and that determines what servers you access. There are no dlc codes or redeem vouchers. Must look this up and see if we can find info somewhere but my understanding is that there are 3 server regions for Demons Souls - USA, Europe and Asia. Going to test this shortly as have 2 copies of Demons Souls - Jap & Eur (pal) and going to see if they can coop (both PS3s in Europe).

Posted on 3 Jun 2012, 15:25:45 BST
Hmmm Mr Z, not sure you're correct there. The US (Atlus) version will connect with ATLUS servers regardless of your locale. Same goes with UK/EU (Namco) & Asian version (FROM/Sony).
But I'm willing to be proved wrong ;)

Posted on 4 Jun 2012, 11:39:10 BST
Leeroy B says:
Yeah I'm sure it's to do with the game disc you have, as I was playing online on the Korean version, based in Belgium at the time, before the game was announced for Europe.

Posted on 4 Jun 2012, 11:52:26 BST
Looks like you are both right/ My bad .....

Posted on 4 Jun 2012, 12:14:44 BST
Leeroy B says:
USELESS! get a clue!

Ha, just kidding.

So, I'm just doing Demon's Ruins and I'm still rocking Havels armour, which is kinda lame. Can anyone give me a tip as to what armour I should really be focussing on levelling up? Also, shield?

Posted on 4 Jun 2012, 12:19:26 BST
Bunny says:
Havels shield is the best IMO, better to use that than his armour

Posted on 4 Jun 2012, 12:29:48 BST
Black Iron Armor +5 is overall best armor. High defense overall.
Havel shied +5 blocks everything bar none but requires a strength of 50.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 09:04:48 BST
Trigger says:
Thanks for your help with this Zorton, even though we didn't get anywhere. It's a bit of a pisser that we spent about 30 minutes trying to co-op with no success - that's definitely one thing I preferred about Demon's Souls. However, I was definitely in Human form almost the whole time (was Hollow initially), and I didn't see any other co-op markings, or get invaded at all. And I ventured into the Depths a little to get used to the controls and combat again, and it did remind me why I like the games so much; it just has an excellent feel, and the combat is far more intuitive and engrossing than any other action-RPG out there. That being said, I have completed the Depths, so maybe that's why we couldn't co-op? I think that's how it worked in Demon's Souls. I have got as far as Blighttown, but haven't kindled a fire there yet as I was too scared to let the enemies respawn.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 09:19:06 BST
Bunny says:
Trigger if you have defeated the boss you cannot coop the area.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jun 2012, 09:25:22 BST
Trigger says:
Ballsacks. Then I wasted half an hour of Zorton and my time last night... idiot.

Zort, I'm sorry man. If you want to try and co-op again tonight, I'll reach a bonfire in Blighttown.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 09:42:39 BST
Sounds good mate. Should be on again for about 9pm. That was so stupid of me...can't believe I never thought of asking you whether u had beaten the gapping dragon. Makes sense as i was summomed 8 times to aid. Stayed on for a bit to help a few randoms after you signed off.
See u later.
Ps - good spot Bunny.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 09:51:14 BST
Trigger says:
Actually, you don't even need to be at a bonfire to summon, do you? So I could just get into Blighttown, trick the first three poison barbarians into killing themselves (lol idiots) and then meet you on the wooden pathway. Anyway, see you online later.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 10:03:33 BST
No - no need to be near a bonfire to summon or be summoned. Just tends to be where a lot of people place there signs to aid others.
Yeah - can do. Will drop summon sign on the platform after descending the 1st ladder. As far as i can recall, there are 2 ladders to go down before you get to the floor where you encounter the barbarians.

Funnily enough, Bunny and I co-opd with Mike and this is where we started up. Have never cooped with any one else in this area as I tend to skip it (you can take the shortcut from NG+ on).
See youthen mate.
Have a good day.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jun 2012, 10:04:13 BST
Hey guys, I just so happened to be exploring the depths last night and I summoned someone who helped me through the whole level, I wonder if it was you Zorton? I can't remember the PSN ID but the guy helped me all the way to and including the gaping dragon. If it was then thanks!

I only actually started playing the game online this week, I have been too scared of being invaded in the past, my intention is to get some decent weapons/gear and then spend more time in human form.

I'm currently using the Drake sword but want to get my hands on a falchion as that was my favourite weapon in Demons Souls, does anyone know where I can find a falchion?

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jun 2012, 10:13:33 BST
Trigger says:
What level are you dude? Zort and I are 40-ish - if you're close to that, it would be cool if the three of us co-op together.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 10:19:34 BST
Hey Bub - may have been. Did a few runs, 2 of which were the whole level and 1 was just the boss. Think 1 full run had the host, me and another phantom...the other was just the host and I. My psn id is "egarcia_1".
Like Trig said, if you are on for coop this evening and between 32 - 49 soul level, we can all do Blighttown togther ?
Also, can drop you a Falchion sword. Think you pick one up somehwere but can't remember exactly where and they may drop in the Catacombs when you kill the skellies.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jun 2012, 10:29:19 BST
Hey guys, I think I am on level 51, is that too high?
I will be on tonight around 10pm onwards, my PSN is "Ramocheese_2099".

I actually had to start again 2 days ago, as I accidentally hit the blacksmith with the R2 button as I placed my pad down and so (without knowing that I could absolve my sins at that point in time) I killed him.

Last night it was just me and the guy I summoned, I think it could have been you Zorton. At the boss my friendly phantom hacked the Gaping dragons tail off for me which was very nice.

Anyway I'll totally be up for blightown once I find it, I got the key from the boss but havent found the door yet, I still need to explore the depths to find the door maybe?

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 10:35:44 BST
I can coop with you at the moment as I am lvl 43, but Trig is 40 so he is out of range.
I will coop with Trig, drop him some souls and get him to lvl up to 45+ at the 1st bonfire in Blighttown. We can then go back and meet you on the platform.

The door into Blighttown is easy enough to find. If you go back to the bonfire in the depths - walk out through the arch and kill the zombie, turn right - down the steps and then down the ladder. Then you descend the stairs all the way to the bottom. Once you walk out the door and out, look to your left and right - you will see a large fog covered entrance. Thats the door. Its next to where the merchant sits on the ground so you can't miss it!.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 10:42:26 BST
Trigger says:
Nice one, I'll see you lads tonight then? Bub - it's dead easy to get to Blighttown from the Depths. Just make sure you find the 'hidden' ladder just down the stairway by the zombie next to the bonfire. It's hidden behind some breakable boxes. If you find that and then go the only way forward you pretty much cannot miss the door to Blighttown.
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