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Nerdy Shores Lv 2

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Posted on 13 Mar 2012, 15:20:45 GMT
getting up to Hidden Doors is usefull, stealth unless your playing a finesse build is pretty useless and even with one i found half the time i just jumped into the battle and used smoke bomb instead.

Posted on 14 Mar 2012, 11:25:06 GMT
Bunny says:
Had a mare wrt CE, loaded up last night to fins I hadn't saved properly so had start from the beginning again along with all the mad story conversations, got to nearly where I was then died as I had not worked out the menus properly, so had to start again!! Anyway back to where I was now and know how to save, even had some rank A battles lol.

Posted on 14 Mar 2012, 14:50:30 GMT
Sir Rodders says:
Telik - I have had a couple of bashes on the ME3 MP - it is standard enough wave defence fayre but reasonably enjoyable and always useful to have a mixture of skills in the team. Interesting how it can effect your SP game World too (I think it does anyway).

Going to have a good couple of hours on SSX tonight and really try and give it a go with an open mind. I so desparately want to enjoy it but so far it's given more niggles than joy.

Posted on 14 Mar 2012, 15:27:58 GMT
djburty says:
bunny - perhaps I should have mentioned that there are often no autosaves in niche jrpgs and you have to take control of this. I would certainly save before every event just in case you don't meet the DOOD trophy requirements for any boss fights.

Posted on 14 Mar 2012, 17:58:15 GMT
Bunny says:
No worries Burty, I am a saveaholic when I know I have to.

In other gaming news I'm just back from the town, after my jaunt into Game for the sale the other day I thought it only fair to see what Gamestation had to offer. Picked up Heavenly Sword for 98p, always fancied it, and for £8, purely as a result of Lady M convicning me of lizard riding, I have also picked up Sacred 2, (our historical name sake).It had no manual, so I'm hoping it spoon feeds you at first? will I need a wiki page or is it easy enough to get to grips with? How does the coop work? Am I able to jump straight into Lady M's game?

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 01:09:44 GMT
djburty says:
"It had no manual, so I'm hoping it spoon feeds you at first?"

nope - it's tutorial bit is rubbish - but then the manual wasn't great either :)

you need to be on the same story arc (light or dark) and need to be within 10 levels of whoever you want to co-op with!

i played journey tonight - its ace & loved the co-op!

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 07:12:49 GMT
Last edited by the author on 15 Mar 2012, 07:13:03 GMT
Mr Mojito says:
Morning all,

Still sleeping lots

Love and zzzzz......

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 08:07:40 GMT
TS says:
Speaking of sleep, I had the worst nights sleep I've had for a very long time. Not good. Today's my appraisal as well, so good luck to me!

In other, more interesting news - www.baldursgate.com
A countdown!!

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 09:00:36 GMT
Lady M says:
Morning Nerds

Good luck today TS. I'm sure it will be an ace appraisal.

Bunny: You can decide on the campaign (light or dark) and we'll get started when you're ready. Hopefully Barca is picking it up too. There is a wiki page but it's very confusing when you start out. If you want to go for the plat then you might want to follow a class build guide. I didn't and have since found out my Seraphim isn't as efficient as it could be. Not that it seems to matter. I still kill stuff.

I also played Journey last night and agree with Burty's review! The co-op is lovely.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 09:40:31 GMT
djburty says:
good luck timmy - i'm sure it'll be fine!

i may also be tempted to join in sacred 2 co-op as mojo seems to have had a relapse of his sleeping sickness so witn seems unlikely for a while :)

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 09:42:20 GMT
Last edited by the author on 15 Mar 2012, 09:44:49 GMT
Sir Rodders says:
I spent a couple of hours in SSX last night. Really confuses me as I don't kow whether I like it or hate it.

Cracked on with the SP to free up characters and crap bits of kit - the story bits are so awful I just skipped them but got through some good runs.

Then moved onto Global events - could only muster a Bronze in some of the monster 2 week events but then set a Diamond on a survival run which i quite enjoyed but sadly got pipped to platinum at the end of the time slot. Also picked up a silver elsewhere for some decent XP. Good feature though.

Finally pottered into the Explore bit and tried a few runs against friends - there are around 5 or 6 of my friends with it so good to see some times and scores are out there. Spent ages trying to hunt Burtys time down on a race run which I fianlly managed at about 00:20 last night. About 1s behind Timmy now - nowhere near Brizzlys time though.

Underneath there is a really good snowboarding game and the MP / Ridernet World is really quite impressive and can imagine it being quite addictive. Real time MP would add to this but it's not there so hey ho. Some coursese are great and others are diabolical. I wonder if the sheer volume of tracks in the game doesn't help - with Early SSX games part of the beauty was learning every shortcut and ramp to max out performance. With so many on offer it is difficult to commit the same amount of time to. Also, the extra bits of it (Ice axes, wing suits,armour etc) are just awful IMO and actually detract from the game rather than add to it. They could have had the exact same environment without all this nonsense and it would have been a better game..

Still, I enjoyed it more last night than at any time since the demo so I shall hit the slopes again tonight.

If there are spelling errors in thiis post it is becasue I couldn't actually see the lines I am writing as for some reason IOE keeps snapping the text box back to the top each time I press a key.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 10:26:56 GMT
Bunny says:
Cool Lady M, will go for the plat it'd be rude not to. I read you can boost a couple of trophies by joining a game on the harder settings? if this is so does Burty still have his save games? be cool if so.
I never normally follow class builds I kinda tend to go my own way, so maybe this time I will try and follow one.
Is it a case of turn on and coop? or is it like Demons souls where by I have to do some sp first before I can coop?
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Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 10:46:13 GMT
Lady M says:
That would be ace Burty :)

Bunny, I read that too about boosting but don't know if works. The only problem I can see is the co-op within 10 levels restriction, although people say it doesn't matter in free roam. Stimpy might be willing to help us find out. We're not far from being within 10 levels of each other but i've reached platinum difficulty so in theory, if I host, he should get the trophy for reaching gold without doing the run. If it doesn't work we can't use Burty because he got to around lvl150. Damn grinders! We can co-op from the start (I won't mention possible connection issues, whatever they are!).

Rodderknee, maybe it would have been better if some SSX maps were locked on the disc for later release? This worked well in WKC2 because of the volume of content, especially for people who hadn't played the first game, and kept the community happy because it felt like we were getting something for nothing. All at once can be overwhelming sometimes. You've been missed in shore chat btw.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 10:53:04 GMT
djburty says:
"Spent ages trying to hunt Burtys time down on a race run which I fianlly managed at about 00:20 last night"
damn you, rodders - i'll have to load it up :)

bunny - alas, my save games went with last years YLOD - not sure about boosting as i got by without it :)

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 11:04:14 GMT
Last edited by the author on 15 Mar 2012, 11:04:51 GMT
Sir Rodders says:
I no longer have the link to the shore chat. Had a housekeeping clear out some months ago and didn't know if it was still going.

I only beat one time Burty so am going to have a real look around the Explore area tonight. I think as long as I avoid the Deadly Descent type runs I will continue to enjoy the game.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 12:42:26 GMT
Finally booted up CE last night after a break. Just grinding the last few skills of the last people to join the group. Then I plan to enter to world 5 and grind up because I remember trying a boss in there and getting absolutely owned. Perhaps try and synth some more powerful equipment.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 13:05:48 GMT
Brizz says:
Afternoon All

Rodders good to hear SSX is getting some play time from you, I really like it despite it being frustrating at times.

The SP wasnt really worth playing through I still havent completed it fully & really cba, its all about the global events and explore modes which are really good.

Like you I just missed out on a Diamond bracket (by 300 metres) in a survive event last night, so was a bit gutted about that.

I wouldnt worry about my times as I'm sure they can be beaten although I can't get anywhere near timmybooster's trick scores though as they are pretty decent scores so he's obviously cheating :)

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 13:18:17 GMT
djburty says:
hey mason - hope those last few skills don't take long - maybe 2012 will be the year of the CE plat!

rodders - i'm not keen about the deadly decents and the story is rubbish, but the racing is pretty good - however the sand surfing in journey is more atmospheric :)

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 13:20:49 GMT
Bunny says:
Think Journey is a definate purchase somewhere down the line, far to many to play atm. Had to laugh in gamestation yesterday regarding ssx, all the boxes are on the shelves stating coming soon lol

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 14:05:07 GMT
Sir Rodders says:
Brizzler - ouch. 300m, is it possible to go and see leadersboards from events you are in / that you were in without actually going back to recompete in the event. I had made it twice as far as anyone elese so wnoder how close I got. Was struggling yesterday to find the leaderboards after I left the event lobby. Another point of frustration is the menus - also the fact that I can only buy random stuff for each baorder each time I go to an event - is there not a shop where all their gear is available?

The racing and tricking alongside the excellent Explore and World Event mode is actually what is appealing to me. A shame theres so much other guff around it too. That said, I quite like the survive mode - although it could easily be done without armour.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 15:00:18 GMT
It may well be the year of the plat.

As I was looking for the CE box last night I stumbled across Disgaea 3 and was tempted to boot it up but I'd rather finish CE first.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Mar 2012, 15:12:32 GMT
Brizz says:
Rodders - haven't come across any leaderboards but you do get updates on any event you are competing in which is pretty good, so you dont have to stay in the same event as you will be updated if your score/time is beaten and you drop down a bracket.

Unfortunately there isn't a shop to buy gear for your boarders, it's all pretty random but I normally look for stuff before competing just to see if there's anything new.

I like the survive mode as well just need one more medal for 100% completion (4 runs without rewinds or any gear) did 3 1/2 runs before wiping out last night :( but hopefully should get it soon.

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 18:41:21 GMT
TS says:
To all those I've somehow convinced to get Armored Core V, I would like to retract my... Erm... convincion? Convincedness? Convication?

Anyway, I had a chat with someone today who reviewed it and said its better suited as a game for people who 'get' it. As such, I don't want to feel guilty for making people who weren't already interested in getting in spending money on something they might not get.

In other news, I have a copy of Armored Core V!

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 18:49:33 GMT
Bunny says:
^^ = niche

Posted on 15 Mar 2012, 19:03:26 GMT
"Think Journey is a definate purchase somewhere down the line"

Honestly mate, I'd recommend sooner rather than later. The multiplayer is a must but it's more fun to explore with someone who is new as well, otherwise you'll spend the following someone who already knows the way. Best to get it while most people are new.

Plus - it's only a tenner and you can play it in a single afternoon.
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