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The Nemesis Thread

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Initial post: 4 Jun 2010, 11:15:10 BST
JJG says:
Come on people, take it out on each other on this self contained thread.

We all seem to have our adversaries on this forum; IHNIWGO Vs Damaskcat, Neurosplicer Vs Mark Twain, RJS Vs Pundit etc.

Maybe the other threads can get a little more constructive if we leave all the baggage and egos here... Just a thought...

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 12:11:51 BST
Danny says:
Ok, I'll start. Gently at first.

That Neurosplicer eh? What is he like?

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 12:51:31 BST
Nice try, J.J. Graber. I'm going to join in with one small thing that gets on my nerves. Damaskcat. Her name. Why not 'Damaskat'? Having the 'c' is just redundant and wrong. Alternatively, divide it into two words: 'Damask Cat'.

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 14:45:33 BST
Damaskcat says:
But why not be different? I've been Damaskcat on here and on eBay for 5 years so I'm not keen on changing. If people spell it incorrectly then it doesn't really matter - it's no big deal. :-)

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 17:46:27 BST
I just think 'Damaskat' would be cooler, more elegant, easier on the eye. It's true that it's no big deal, but I thought this thread would be a good place to air this petty annoyance. Anyway, now I have, and I can sleep easy, knowing I've given it my best shot.

Yours etc.,
Markc Wallace

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 18:54:53 BST
JJG says:
Hm, this threads a little more polite than I thought it would be. Not a bad thing at all, or maybe this is just the beginning...

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 19:14:09 BST
Danny says:
Wooden spoon... admit it, you actually want a fight!

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2010, 19:22:38 BST
JJG says:
You bet your ass! :)

Well it's just (as I've said on some other thread) that I haven't been on the forum for a couple of days, so I went through the new posts and saw that this forum was getting even more aggressive than it was already. I mean this IH Vs Damaskcat argument is getting out of hand, especially as it seems to be born of a simple misunderstanding (I'm not taking sides). So, I just thought I'd highlight it in a jovial fashion, I ideally don't want to see any personal arguments on these forums. If it's actually a discussion of ideas, no problem, but these personal arguments are just a waste of time for all involved.

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 19:37:25 BST
Damaskcat says:
I felt it had got out of hand which is why I've said little in the last couple of days. The trouble is every time I post anything on this forum this person -whoever they are - jumps in and tears it to pieces. I started to get a persecution complex for a while :-(

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 19:46:49 BST
Ethereal says:
Why not make it the shake hands, kiss and make up thread?

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2010, 20:32:18 BST
JJG says:
That just doesn't have the same ring to it. ;)

Anyway, really I was just remarking on the different adversary relationships at the moment, pretty much everyone apart from us two have a nemesis on here (got to admit I just really like that word).

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2010, 20:44:39 BST
Ethereal says:
It wasn't a criticism, I just thought make the most of the current good feeling...but don't speak too soon about us!

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jun 2010, 02:56:10 BST
[Deleted by the author on 29 Sep 2013, 23:07:20 BST]

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 07:16:20 BST
Danny says:
Given that this is the "Top Reviewers Forum", what sort of thread would actually be appropriate?

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jun 2010, 08:56:23 BST
Last edited by the author on 5 Jun 2010, 08:56:56 BST
JJG says:
No, I suggest they don't continually accuse each other of being trolls. If you don't like the discussion, okay, voice opinions that's what this forum is for. There is just no need to let personal arguments get in the way.

"A thread for people to post their half-baked and ill conceived ideas in would be far more appropriate."

Nothing is stopping you from setting one up.

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 10:25:17 BST
Danny says:
Come on Neurosplicer boy! Here boy! Come and explain why you aren't a troll! Come and explain why when amazon delete one of your comments its censorship, but its ok for you to delete one of your reviews and repost it just because somebody makes a comment that you disagree with or don't understand. Isn't that censorship too? RJS' comment wasn't even rude!

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 11:38:50 BST
JJG says:
I've just notice something now, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't both Chunky Wilberforce and Mark Twain on the Vine program? Somehow I think Amazon, when selecting people for vine, goes to the trouble of checking up on them and making sure they aren't doing underhand things like double profiling. Am I wrong?

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jun 2010, 12:45:53 BST
Last edited by the author on 5 Jun 2010, 12:53:53 BST
NeuroSplicer says:
The only reason the "Mark Twain" Profile is on Vine (although both his classic and new ratings were well into the thousands) are because he piggybacked on the "Chunky Wilberforce" Profile - which he propelled by voting for...himself for over 18 months.

Physical persons (I am guessing determined by mailing addresses), not Profiles, get on the Vine Program. If one keeps multiple Profiles sharing the same mailing address, he can get them all on Vine once one of them gets an invite.

Amazon was well aware that the person behind both Profiles (let's call him, say, Dominic) has been branded as the most obsessed Troll on Amazon. Can you just imagine the time and effort it took to add over 16,000(!) negative votes to my reviews alone?

So, J.J. GRABER, the "chunky/mark" case is proof that you do not have to be on your best behavior to get on Vine.
Probably some automated subroutine makes the choice.

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 13:09:17 BST
Danny says:
Firstly, Amazon deleted 14,500 of your votes, not 16,000. You posted it yourself, then edited it once you washed your reviews of the remaining 1500 votes.

Secondly, this also meant that you had 9,500 odd positive votes removed, as you stated that your percentage went from 48% to 75% or thereabouts. Those 9500 votes were certainly not all fan votes, so you must have multiple ids in order to vote for yourself.

Thirdly, how on Earth do you piggyback onto another profile? That is just a non-statement. It means nothing. You might as well say the Mark Twain id rhubarbed its way onto Vine. It means absolutely nothing.

Fourthly, you regularly view these threads with at least two ids. You make it so obvious too. My posts seem to pick up two negative votes straight away, yet yours seem to gain a positive. You only get the one positive because you can't vote for yourself.

JJ, Neurosplicer makes a habit of accusing me of being anybody he has a spat with. As a result I have lost count of the number of IDs he has had me down as. He even accused me of being RJS at one point, and if you argue with him for any length of time, I will no doubt be you, or vice verca.

Still, at least he is now posting on the right thread.

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 13:12:42 BST
Last edited by the author on 5 Jun 2010, 13:13:27 BST
JJG says:
Look, I don't want to fight Mark Twain's battles for him but,

"Physical persons (I am guessing determined by mailing addresses), not Profiles, get on the Vine Program. If one keeps multiple Profiles sharing the same mailing address, he can get them all on Vine once one of them gets an invite."

Doesn't make sense, by that reasoning anyone in my family is a vine voice, just by being under the same roof as me (I'm not a member of vine, just speaking as if I am).

Again, correct me if I've misunderstood.

Edit: damn, spent so long composing this post mark got in first.

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 13:18:36 BST
Danny says:
Would you say I rhubarbed ahead of you?


In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jun 2010, 13:33:24 BST
Last edited by the author on 5 Jun 2010, 13:40:23 BST
NeuroSplicer says:
J.J allow me to clarify.

I think it works like this: all the Profiles ordering items to be sent to the (credit card verified) name J.J GRABER and to the same mailing address will all get on Vine as they all belong to the same person.

And, "chunky/mark" I do find your drivel unhelpful but you are getting embarrassingly paranoid. We both know that NeuroSplicer is my only Profile. I would bet on your... "sunshine personality" to be the cause of all the other negative votes you complain about.

I love the irony though: you are a feverish supporter of the negative vote, what is all this squealing?

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 14:05:10 BST
Molly Brown says:
Face it Mark, NS has just brought to many people's attention what you are doing and have been for at least 3 years. Mark, the game is up, so stop targeting and manipulating the system you say is okay the way it is,..........well you would, wouldn't you.

Posted on 5 Jun 2010, 14:35:25 BST
Danny says:
Oh my! Captain Clueless has got a sidekick. Make way for Boy Blunder.

Out of curiosity, what am I actually being accused of? Vote manipulation has pretty much been eliminated now, as much as it can be. So even if I had 5 ids there would be limited amounts of damage I could do. If I had multiple ids and they started talking to each other, that would be worrying, wouldn't it Neurosplicer? But I haven't done that. So what have I actually done that you find so appalling? Or is it just that I pointed out that Neurosplicer wrote fraudulent reviews, and that IHNIWIGO was a puerile troll? Is that it?

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Jun 2010, 14:37:20 BST
JJG says:
Um, I don't want to sound accusing, but the only person confirmed to have two profiles here is you. For everyone else it is little more than speculation. I'm not suggesting you use it for ill, but it is a touch hypocritical.
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