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Posted on 28 May 2012, 21:09:10 BST
I feel sorry for my Yodel guy - but the service is TERRIBLE.

Amazon Prime used to be nailed on fr delivery times - not any more; it might as well be Royal Mail 1st class.

Posted on 28 May 2012, 21:59:37 BST
Last edited by the author on 29 May 2012, 14:13:25 BST
cream bun says:
My latest saga regarding my order made on Thursday. Got an email on Friday from Amazon saying it would probably be 24 hours late. No parcel on Saturday - contacted Amazon early Saturday evening, told it would hopefully arrive before 9pm. Then got an email from Amazon saying I would definitely get it today, Monday. We decided not to hold our breaths - and it's a good job! I used a website called parcel2go.com to find out where my parcel is (you put in your tracking number and it gives lots of info about your delivery). The parcel got on a van this morning at 6:40am. It was with the courier, still in Gloucester, at 6pm. Come 9pm, still no parcel! Now getting very cross with Amazon/HDNL. Re-contacted Amazon, who have promised to re-send the parcel but, as it will probably also come by HDNL, I will again not hold my breath for when it will be delivered!

Thought I would share with you my poor parcel's travels:

28/05/2012 17:59:00 Parcel With Courier GLOUCESTER DEPOT Depot: GLOUCESTER DEPOT
28/05/2012 06:40:00 Loaded onto GLOUCESTER VAN Depot: GLOUCESTER VAN
26/05/2012 02:44:00 Released For Courier GLOUCESTER DEPOT Depot: GLOUCESTER DEPOT
25/05/2012 15:52:00 Received into GLOUCESTER DEPOT Depot: GLOUCESTER DEPOT
25/05/2012 13:46:27 Despatched from OXFORD DEPOT Depot: OXFORD DEPOT
25/05/2012 12:00:36 At incorrect depot OXFORD DEPOT Depot: OXFORD DEPOT
25/05/2012 03:57:52 At incorrect depot BRISTOL DEPOT Depot: BRISTOL DEPOT
24/05/2012 21:01:42 LI Update WEB CUSTOMER Depot: WEB CUSTOMER
24/05/2012 18:31:42 Sorted at DROITWICH Depot: DROITWICH
24/05/2012 00:00:00 Parcel data received WEB CUSTOMER Depot: WEB CUSTOMER

Something else I ordered at the same time (and also from the same Amazon warehouse, from the travel history!) made the same circuitous route, but managed to reach me on Saturday!
26/05/2012 09:05:00 Loaded onto GLOUCESTER VAN Depot: GLOUCESTER VAN
26/05/2012 08:35:00 Loaded onto GLOUCESTER VAN Depot: GLOUCESTER VAN
26/05/2012 00:11:00 Released For Courier GLOUCESTER DEPOT Depot: GLOUCESTER DEPOT
25/05/2012 15:44:00 Received into GLOUCESTER DEPOT Depot: GLOUCESTER DEPOT
25/05/2012 13:46:50 Despatched from OXFORD DEPOT Depot: OXFORD DEPOT
25/05/2012 03:55:31 At incorrect depot BRISTOL DEPOT Depot: BRISTOL DEPOT
24/05/2012 21:11:23 LI Update WEB CUSTOMER Depot: WEB CUSTOMER
24/05/2012 18:10:45 Sorted at DROITWICH Depot: DROITWICH
24/05/2012 00:00:00 Parcel data received WEB CUSTOMER Depot: WEB CUSTOMER

Ah, well! Wonder if I will ever get my parcel - it's a good job that, as it was a birthday present, I had a very understanding recipient!

STOP PRESS!!! according to HDML, they tried to deliver the parcel at 8:26:01, there was nobody in so they left a card. I was in, my husband was in, my 2 children were in, the windows were open, I heard and watched the neighbours going in and out of the cul-de-sac. Nobody in a van drove up, nobody parked outside the house, nobody rang the doorbell, nobody knocked on the door and nobody put anything through the letterbox (except a flier about a fair next weekend!).

The parcel has just arrived (about 10 minutes ago!) - box big and very battered so it is a good job it was a towel and not something fragile! It was delivered by car, not by van and, according to the websites, is still showing failed delivery last night!

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Jun 2012, 11:45:49 BST
I sympathise .... We have the same problems with the yodelling hdnl cowboys. A delivery in May that was two days late (said it was addressed wrongly but on reciept the address was on the pakage twice and perfectly correct). The latest saga ...Order flagged as out for delivery at 1.27pm and then flagged as delivered at 1.57 pm (but not untill evening when it was too late to actually contact hdnl) We were in all day ,the flat overlooks the carpark which for a change was almost empty. No sign of any non regular visiting vehicles,no attempt by anyone to use the speakerphone entry system. So where did the order go and who signed for it??? Answers on a postcard please. Anyway no more orders with Amazon if this poor excuse for a courier is involved.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jun 2012, 11:55:21 BST
I have had the same experience as many posts in this discussion thread. Yodel/HDNL have failed to deliver AGAIN. This is the second time after a straightforward Amazon purchase. They claim to have tried to deliver and even told me (after hanging on their 0871 number, at my expense, for 15 minutes) that they called me before delivery. When challenged on the number they held for me, it was two digits short! Amazon need more people to mail them and ask them to review the contract they hold with Yodel. I really like Amazon but their delivery partner is letting them down. Not sure if anyone at Amazon reads these threads, so a direct mail is the way to go.

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 18:00:17 BST
cj says:
I ordered some items from amazon which was split into 3 parcels-all sent by different couriers, 2 out of 3 arrived by the guarenteed next day however dhnl still haven't managed to delivet it a week later!!!!

Posted on 15 Jun 2012, 20:00:04 BST
The tracking of my order says loaded onto a van 9.17 am 12/6/2012 still not received!
How many days does it take to unload this van from DHNL and how can I return the item if I have not received it? Is what I paid to Amazon money down the drain? Do these items ever get delivered?

[ASIN:074995308X Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world]]

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Jun 2012, 21:40:21 BST
cream bun says:
contact Amazon ASAP and they will be able to advise you (well, they helped me!)

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Jun 2012, 12:32:05 BST

How do I contact them-I have looked for a phone number or email address?

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Jun 2012, 12:47:51 BST
cream bun says:
At the bottom of the Amazon home page is a list of things under various headings. Look for "help", click on it. Then, on the right hand side of the screen it says "contact us". Click on that and follow the instructions. I tend to use "chat", rather than ringing them. This is because, at the end of the call (and before you close it down!), you can copy and paste (to a document, or an email to send to yourself) so you have a full transcript to keep, so you can be sure what has been agreed. I hope that helps! You should also be able to do it from your order number but, unfortunately, I do not have any open orders at the moment so cannot talk you through that - although, if I remember rightly, it was quite easy to do - probably from "track your order", but do not quote me on that bit! Good luck!

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Jun 2012, 12:58:47 BST
Many thanks-I will persevere with this!!

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Jun 2012, 13:58:36 BST
Thank you for your help-I have sorted this!!

Posted on 16 Jun 2012, 22:02:49 BST
Armourer says:
HDNL are abysmal! If I could I would refuse to allow Amazon to deliver my items via them. Anything they deliver never arrives when it should, signatures required for books(?!?!), their tracking system is a joke (it only seems to update delivery location every 6 months). Truly pathetic service. Amazon should drop these clowns and just use Royal Mail/ParcelForce.

A disastrous delivery service.

Posted on 16 Jun 2012, 23:29:21 BST
[Deleted by Amazon on 21 Mar 2017, 10:52:08 GMT]

Posted on 17 Jun 2012, 08:50:45 BST
Quiverbow says:
"...signatures required for books(?!?!),"

You can't blame Yodel for that. That's the sender asking for it to be signed for.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Jun 2012, 10:59:59 BST
The Truth says:
Yeah, I agree - LOL. For once, shock horror, it actually sounds like Yodel offering a GOOD service?!!!

Will wonders never cease?

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Jun 2012, 13:55:19 BST
I have to say I am in complete agreement with the majority here, HDN / Yodel did the same to me, said they had tried to delivery to my place of work which has a manned reception 24hrs, couldn't gain access, left a card (I think not), then used the same excuse for another 3 days! Decided I too could play the dirty game so contacted Amazons press department, wording of my email was less than complimentary, threatened to go to the national press and surprise surprise got an email back from Amazon promising to look into and lo and behold my delibery turned up less than an hour later! Needless to say I am now very wary about buying "new" on Amazon and tend to use the marketplace to avoid HDN/Yodel.
now for the bit where I give Amazon some advice - today I received a parcel (not ordered through Amazon - yours clothing who also use DPD/Yodel) no problems ever with my deliveries from then so maybe Amazon need to contact yours to find out how they ensure ontime deliveries, and working for a shipping line that offers deliveries of containers, we operate a system of get it there on time or don't get paid for it!!! If Amazon are going to keep on using the numpties, stop paying them until they deliver to the customer and not their own satisfaction!!

Posted on 20 Jun 2012, 14:14:46 BST
Bob says:

If these are the same firm I get much better service from DPD their tracking gives an hour slot for delivery once the delivery day is reached and I have never had them deliver outside the quoted slot.

Posted on 25 Jun 2012, 20:51:30 BST
Last edited by the author on 27 Jun 2012, 15:27:09 BST
cream bun says:
Yet again HDNL have let me down! I ordered some files for my daughter for a school project using Amazon Prime. As soon as I saw it was coming via HDNL my heart fell! HDNL claim it was delivered at 5pm today but we did NOT have a delivery! And no, despite what HDNL claim, it was not delivered to a neighbour!
I have spoken to Amazon and they are re-sending them. I only hope they arrive! In the meantime, I will have to go out tomorrow first thing to see if I can buy one and get it to my daughter at school so she can put her project in it to hand it in! I just wish there was a way to tell if items are being sent through HDNL - then I would either order something else, or allow a week for delivery (even with Prime!)
In case you think all I do is complain, I ordered a necklace, some lego and a tatty teddy on Thursday, all through Prime. All of them arrived next day. Mind you, none of them were delivered by HDNL!!!
The only thing I am grateful for is that Amazon are excellent at helping you out when there is a problem!

Wednesday update - website claimed the replacement was delivered at 1:34pm - it WASN'T! Rang Amazon (at 2pm, when I realised what the website was saying), who said they would give me a refund. Guess what! 3pm the replacement turned up! Spoke to the delivery lady (a very nice person!), who said she had deliveries that were not on her system! She said that, although it was not an excuse, they are changing computer systems and it seems the left hand does not seem to know what the right is doing!
Rang Amazon and had a few laughs with the person at the other end of the line - he reckons HDNL must have been psychic and we agreed it was a very convoluted story for such a small (and cheap!) item! Anyway, he will sort everything out from his end and thanked me for telling them it had arrived - eventually!
Oh, and to L. Hennessy, I am NOT grateful that Amazon hire HDNL/Yodel, just grateful Amazon sort out the (insert rude word here) HDNL/Yodel cause!

Posted on 25 Jun 2012, 22:27:37 BST
"The only thing I am grateful for is that Amazon are excellent at helping you out when there is a problem!"

They caused the problem by hiring Yodel/HDNL, yet you feel grateful?

Posted on 27 Jun 2012, 15:06:20 BST
Last edited by the author on 27 Jun 2012, 15:16:56 BST
Epimer says:
One more tale of woe to add - although I well realise that this is nowhere close to the nightmares that others have experienced at the ineffectual hands of HDNL - and I wouldn't complain so readily and vociferously if it weren't for the fact that HDNL have, nine times out of ten, provided a second-rate service to me in the past with late deliveries and poor handling.

My message below was sent to Amazon after the gift I ordered didn't arrive on Monday as "guaranteed/estimated"*... or even Tuesday - Oh, hang on! No it "arrived" on Tuesday, because that's obviously what HDNL have told Amazon, and they wouldn't make things like that up, would they?!

[*As an aside, why does Amazon consistently tell me things are "guaranteed" to arrive by day X on the product description page, then after finishing the order it is suddenly then an "estimated" arrival time???]

First of all I just want to say that I genuinely understand and appreciate that Amazon's choice of courier is not the responsibility of whomever answers this query, and I truly am very grateful for the quick and helpful replies I have always received from Amazon staff.

Thank you.

So, with that said...

I would dearly like to know where this item is, as I was in all day yesterday, and it states it has been delivered.

Furthermore, I ordered the item on Saturday with an expected delivery date of Monday 25 June.

Now, the Amazon Delivery Tracking system tells me that HDNL dispatched it for delivery from their [nearby] depot - about 30 miles from my address - at just before 6 a.m. on Monday 25 June. The next entry in the system states that it was delivered to me approximately 33 hours after it was put in the van to be delivered (3:16 p.m., Tuesday 26 June).

So, that last 30 miles in the supply chain took an astonishing 33 hours, which given that I pay for Amazon Prime delivery is an issue in and of itself. But what makes it particularly interesting is that the item also magically disappeared somewhere along the way, despite HDNL assuring you that they delivered it.

This item was supposed to be a gift, and I was hoping it would arrive at least by the Tuesday after you had estimated delivery on the Monday. I would also expect better service to be provided given that I pay *extra* for Amazon Prime, when instead I could just not bother, and instead have the Royal Mail do the job properly and actually DELIVER the item.

I'm not angry or annoyed at whoever has to deal with this, but would it be possible for someone somewhere to suggest to Amazon UK senior management that the increasing reliance on an unreliable, but no doubt correspondingly cheaper courier, is only having a negative impact on the Amazon brand in the long term?

There is a lot of anger about this courier online - including on your own website - and it surely must put people off using Amazon at times. I am sure that your margin on many items is not large, and customers will be increasingly happy to pay a small amount more to buy from your competitors if they can consistently provide a better delivery component with their service.

This is not the first trouble I have had with HDNL - and despite only being low-grade problems and unexplained lateness of deliveries thus far, they are in my experience consistently less customer-focused than other courier firms, and this appears only to be a problem that is worsening over time.

Might I suggest that a senior manager in logistics and supply actually tries anonymously ordering a dozen items to be delivered to a dozen separate addresses by HDNL? It would quickly become apparent that this tarnishes your brand and erodes customer confidence. You must be subtly losing custom without it being in any way apparent from your metrics.

Finally in this regard, I doubt Amazon would rely on HDNL as part of their logistics network at the *other end of the supply chain* - but if they are so cost-effective, then might I suggest that you try HDNL at the top end this Christmas, and see how that works out?

Honestly, I wouldn't mind paying that bit extra for a better courier service - except that as an Amazon Prime member I have already done so. And surely if the Amazon Prime fees do not effectively offset the extra costs involved, then they need raising - that way there is transparency, rather than the customer-experience suffering.

I will *not* contact HDNL myself as there is no card, and on your own website people have described serious issues dealing with them (e.g. see http://www.amazon.co.uk/forum/deals/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg47?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1DEIHNWYF5SA9&cdPage=47&cdThread=Tx12HUCZT5EPZUV&displayType=tagsDetail ), while the BBC has also highlighted these sorts of problems (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2010/11/hdnl_delivery.html). I know that when you now contact them directly on my behalf, they will (on average) respond much more professionally and rapidly due to the size of your account with them than they would to a customer of yours.

Finally, I will consider taking the following action in future, as described by the OP in this thread on your own website: http://www.amazon.co.uk/forum/deals/Tx1A9GFNUAIDZ?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1DEIHNWYF5SA9&displayType=tagsDetail&ref_=cm_cd_ttp_ef_tft_tp

Many thanks,


Sounds a bit like...
Oh, they must be good then!

Following that logic I'm seriously considering starting a company called AmNazon.
It's going to be like Amazon, but s**t.

[Edit: Added spaces so the first Amazon link activated]

Posted on 27 Jun 2012, 21:37:09 BST
Well my experience was total disaster, my item was loaded onto their van at 5.00am and then stated that it 'was stolen from the depot' at 10.00!!! If you are missing anything check E Bay first as this firm seem to be a bunch of crooks. I got a refund from Amazon and was told that if my item ever turns up keep it as a gesture!!!

Posted on 28 Jun 2012, 11:12:58 BST

It is Thursday 28th. I'm still waiting for HDNL to deliver a package ordered on Prime and guaranteed for Monday 25th. apparently according to their tracking system it has been in Hayes depot since 4 am on Monday morning! Since we will be moving house tomorrow, delivery is now imperative. There is little point in subscribing to prime if speedy delivery is not guaranteed. Amazon fulfilled its part of the bargain and got the package to the Hayes depot in time - the fault clearly lies with HDNL. Are there no really reliable carriers out there that can be used?


Posted on 28 Jun 2012, 11:43:39 BST
Yes, I ordered something from Javari Wednesday evening about 9pm and was told it would be delivered on 28th but in fact it was sent via DPD and it was delivered 27th at 2.20pm!!
DPD even sent me an email saying it would be delivered in the afternoon between 2.10 and 3.10 and I got it at 2.20.
A DAY early!!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Jun 2012, 11:46:43 BST
cream bun says:
First of all, good luck with the house move! Now to your problem - Amazon have NOt fulfilled the deal as your contract is with Amazon, who subcontract the delivery to HDNL. You need to get in touch with Amazon ASAP, who will help you sort the problem out (although they will probably still use HDNL, do not ask me why!) - and there ARE other delivery companies about (I am waiting for a delivery from DPD, who even email you with an expected time (they give you an hour's window!) - I ring Amazon either direct (using an 0800 number), use the ringback button or do it via texting - all of which can be accessed using the help/contact links. Good luck!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Jun 2012, 11:57:11 BST
Colin says:
I live a few miles just outside Aberdeen. I receive all my deliveries from Amazon on time and without problem. HOWEVER , my Amazon deliveries all come from City-Link, ParcelForce or Royal Mail. I have noticed that Amazon never use HDNL for deliveries to me (and I assume it is not just for me, but for my area).
Other online retailers (eg Lakeland) do send via HDNL. I have not had a problem to receive deliveries when I have been in, but when I have definitely been out when the driver called , the HDNL "system" in Aberdeen has messed up the redeliveries and tracking appallingly.
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