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worst movie made in recent times & why!

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Initial post: 23 Dec 2008 01:13:35 GMT
Indiana Jones and Kingdom of Crystal Skull
why ----
well it has the worst obvious special effects ever conceived by ILM ever and all involved should hold their heads in shame for leading Spielberg down the path of selling his soul to the Lucas demon of just F/X
Theres so much green screen filmed on a stage alot of the early movie looks like a scene from sin city

why, why ,why couldnt Lucas and Spielberg between them develop an idea along the lines of the Russians needing a mineral from an ancient Inca pyramid to make a better atom bomb or something instead of alien/interdimentional beings!!!!
the best part of the whole film were the scenes underground with traps, pigmys etc which reminded me of the first movie ( big pat on back for set designers )

ok, got that of my chest, now its your turn!!!

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Dec 2008 03:00:51 GMT
Moulin Rouge - just awful!

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Jan 2009 14:21:41 GMT
i have to agree with indy i thought i was watching the ending of the original x-files movie

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Jan 2009 13:09:59 GMT
Last edited by the author on 26 Jan 2009 13:28:32 GMT
JD says:
Oceans 12 - A shockingly bad film. Poor screenplay, terrible acting, pathetic direction and NO story. A massive con job.

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Jan 2009 20:54:30 GMT
C. Wilson says:
A.I. - its a Disney fairytale... a dark, depressing, souless Disney fairytale with excessive violence, hookers and no relatable or sympathetic characters (you can't feel sorry for a damn ROBOT!).

Who did they think would like it?

Other than that... those 3 movies that George Lucas made over the last little while there.

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jan 2009 08:48:45 GMT
"(you can't feel sorry for a damn ROBOT!)"

Try watching Wall.E! It's heartbreaking...

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jan 2009 09:01:09 GMT
John Hardy says:
I agree with you about the movie. It was dark, depressing, and awful. I disagree about not feeling sorry for a damn robots. The move made me care for the damn robots, and then they were burn, crushed, torn apart and otherwise destroyed in ways that they clearly would not dare to do with living actors (I mean by the use of special effects, obviously). Watching this movie left a nasty taste in my mouth.

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jan 2009 12:21:25 GMT
C. Cousins says:
Am I the only one who noticed the ending of Crystal Skull's similarity to the ending of The Mummy Returns - although Mummy Returns had better SFX imo.

Moulin Rouge is actually one of my favourite films, swings and roundabouts - meh!

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jan 2009 15:56:00 GMT
zargb5 says:
Indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull (yawn)
Moulin rouge
Die hard 4 (tedious and predictable)
superman returns (shouldn't have bothered)
most of the marvel films (same plots different characters, its all been done before>>>repeatedly)
The last 3 star wars films (pointless)
sunshine (illogical plot, silly ending, dubious science)
28 weeks later (is everyone else bored of zombie movies?)
Adam sandler films (witless comedy. He's only ever made one film....over and over again)
I Robot (atrocious depiction and ruination of Dr Asimov's brilliant stories)
Star trek nemesis (remake of wrath of Khan, badly done)
Mama Mia (have a lobotomy before watching this one)
high school musical (same as above)
Do they make good films anymore?????

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jan 2009 15:56:13 GMT
Warren218 says:
You're so right on AI - Spielberg's biggest turd of a movie.

15 Minutes with De Niro - what was he thinking?

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Jan 2009 17:11:31 GMT
I agree Moulin rouge is brililant even to listen to just as a soiundtrack, and yes when I saw the third indiana Jones film I also thought of the mummy returns the way everythign twists and gests sucked into rubble..just the same..but I liked the third indy film although not as fabulous as the other 2.

AI .........I actually liked it as I always did lik,e haley joel osment as a child actor, the story is quite good although it certinaly isn't a happy story..the voilence wasn't all that bad really becaue you nevere saw anyone actually hiitting anyone else and what happend to te robots at the show didnt seem overly violent to me a it was only supposed to be machines AKA robots....adn the way it was done i didnt look like poeple those thigns were hapening to, maybe was a wee bit sad that bit but not partilusrly fviolent I felt.

Best films I refently saw were Twilight, yesman, Taken, and the dark knight...all of those were brilliant.

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Jan 2009 12:20:26 GMT
The worst one i saw in the cinema was hoodwinked. It's a take on little red riding hood and to see what actually happened with grandma. The signs should have been clear when the only three people in that cinema room were myself, my sister and uncle, but we took it as to being out for a few weeks. It's utter rubbish! It's not clever or funny and i was bored 1/4 hour in. The only good bits were the singing old goat and the squirel who got hyped up by caffine, but the rest was dire and the worst film i have ever seen in the cinema. So much so i didn't go back for a while!

I don't agree with superman being rubbish, i thought it was brilliant and very engaging (even if it was nearly 3 hours long!) but everyone has different tastes. Have to agree with the last three star wars films- why?! I saw phantom menace as an end of school treat but we were so bored we ended up talking! Free willy 3- again i saw it in the cinema when i was 11 as a school treat- what a boring film! I couldn't wait for it to end! (is seeing rubbish films part of school's torture?!), spiderman 3 (toby's "bad attitude" was laughable and as for his dancing skills...), fox and the hound (i love disney but this was just depressing!), swan princess (animation based on swan lake- boring as hell, even at my young age of 8!), the da vinci code (just found it boring, didn't really get it but my sister loved it), muriel's weddng (again boring), 101 dalmations live action version (another disney film which was stupid and should never have been turned into live action), pocohontas (think that's how it's spelt- very boring, so much infact that i can't remember what happened, and that was a few days after watching it!).

This is only what i can think of at the minute but i'm sure that there are many more out there. These people need to realize that we want good entertainment not something rubbish, especially when the cinema is now £7 a time (i haven't been for a while because of this). No wonder dvd sales and hires are through the roof- do you blame people?!

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Jan 2009 14:21:28 GMT
Just to chip in my penny's worth....

The two hours I sat through Moulin Rouge were probably the biggest waste of time in my entire life. Totally abysmal rubbish. The negative comments made here in this discussion about it so far are much too mild to do its awfulness full justice. In fact thinking about it right now is making me feel like vomiting...

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Jan 2009 19:14:49 GMT
Warren218 says:
Lindsey you ever thought of watching something other than cartoons?

After watching Wall-E I think I'm off them for life

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Jan 2009 10:25:34 GMT
Nugent Dirt says:
I agree with the comments re AI, the biggest mistake being the protected ending. Jeez that was boring. Ditto the 3rd part of LOTR. But for me the worst three are Moulin Rouge, Vanilla Sky with Cruise/Cruz and Mulholland Drive. Maybe I'm in a minority but I dont think David Lynch is a genius. IMO all three films are unintelligible, pointless, plotless, uninvolving, self indulgently weird and extremely pretentious.

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Jan 2009 21:17:25 GMT
Robert Neal says:
Considering Speilberg was just finishing off what Kubrick started, I think that's unfair on him. Also, I thought it wasnt so bad. It was science fiction in the traditional sense of the word, instead of lasers and bleeping noises.

That said, you want to use the words "Speilberg" and "turd" in the same sentence, it HAS to be "War of the Worlds"
A true, massive steaming one. Utter crap. H.G.Wells would spin like a top if he saw it.

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Jan 2009 21:34:42 GMT
Anita says:
Robert Neal:
I agree about "War Of the Worlds" 100% with the exception of "Speilberg". It's Spielberg. I truly think that a man's name should be spelled correctly.

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Jan 2009 00:12:08 GMT
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In reply to an earlier post on 31 Jan 2009 00:17:59 GMT
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In reply to an earlier post on 31 Jan 2009 11:22:51 GMT
Bluto says:
Eden Lake.

I've pretty much written an essay on my reasons, on the DVD review. But then, there are those times when writing a dissertation, would pale beside the sheer joy of being able to punch the director in the face.
This is one of those times.


In reply to an earlier post on 31 Jan 2009 13:03:04 GMT
Last edited by the author on 31 Jan 2009 13:03:27 GMT
Warren218 says:
Number 23 with Jim Carrey was a bit pony

In reply to an earlier post on 31 Jan 2009 16:18:01 GMT
Themistocles says:
Definitely "I Am Legend". Has there ever been a worse film adaptation of a book?

In reply to an earlier post on 1 Feb 2009 00:42:18 GMT
Nichola M says:
We Own The Night....what a crock of sh**!

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Feb 2009 09:45:28 GMT
zargb5 says:
yes I am Legend was very poorly realised. It just turned into a phoney irrational religious propoganda. The old Charlton heston version was far better and probably cost lots less.

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Feb 2009 16:14:08 GMT
Jim says:
Da Vinci Code, appalling book, amazingly even worse as a film.
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