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Initial post: 1 Sep 2014, 09:02:11 BST
? says:
Picked up the new album, pale communion on Friday. What a superb album this is. Anyone with a fondness for 70's flavoured progressive rock with a modern vibe played by musicians at the top of their game should definitely check this album out.

Previously Opeth blended death metal with progressive rock to create a unique sound however this is the second album they've released where you can see they've pretty much dropped the death metal completely and are forging ahead as a pure rock band with some very slight metal influence. No more growling vocals.

I will miss the more metal side to this band but they are so talented that I can still enjoy the great music. Looking forward to catching these boys live in October.

Posted on 1 Sep 2014, 15:59:56 BST
Spacepig says:
I may be in the minority here (for change!) but with each passing release I have gone off them a bit more each time. Think I have listened to Heritage maybe half a dozen times at the most, I just find it, well, boring. No doubt they are all great musicians, and I really have nothing against Prog, but Opeth just don't seem to hit the spot with me on their later releases.
I haven't heard Pale Communion yet, and have no plans to buy it although I might give it a listen sometime. But, I never even got excited about its release, which for me is a bit unusual, far too many other good new ones out there to get through.

Posted on 1 Sep 2014, 21:58:10 BST
FDJ says:
Hate to disagree with Spacepig (as we read from the same page on a lot of things) but I am absolutely knocked out with Pale Communion. I loved their death/black prog metal period but also "got" the experimental "Heritage". Pale Communion though has seen them bite the bullet and go full out prog metal with clean vocals and even pulling in some jazz rock licks along the way. It's hardly been off my playlist since it's release and every time I listen to it I find something new to excite me.

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Sep 2014, 00:02:42 BST
Spacepig says:
Oh FDJ, don't you be concerned at all about disagreeing with me on this one. I did say I was going to be in the minority, and I repeat, I haven't heard the new one yet. But, on your recommendation I will make a point of listening to it as soon as I can and come back with my thoughts on it. Have to confess though, at the moment I am struggling to get Wisdom off the stereo.

Posted on 2 Sep 2014, 11:26:49 BST
? says:
I think Pale communion is utterly superb but I will miss the more metal side of the band if this is the way things are going to be in the future for Opeth.

In a perfect world I would rather have had M.A form a side project and indulge his more prog rock influences and passions and left Opeth to remain as a death metal band with progressive leanings. It's difficult for me to get my head around as I do think pale communion is a great album but I can't help but wish it wasn't an Opeth album.

I massively enjoyed Watershed and thought they had hit on a formula which perfectly belended the death metal of old to the prog rock and other influences that the band members had.

Posted on 2 Sep 2014, 19:35:05 BST
FDJ says:
@ Spacepig......Wisdom is superb!!!!!!!

@ Wayne..... Do not think MA will go back to the death metal as I read that the growling vocals were seriously starting to hurt his throat/vocal cords and it was taking longer and longer to recover from live performances.

Posted on 3 Sep 2014, 08:32:29 BST
Last edited by the author on 3 Sep 2014, 08:35:49 BST
? says:

I don't expect MA to ever go back to the death vocals with opeth however I call total BS on the growling hurting his voice. I've read some recent interviews where he said he always preferred clean singers and loves people like Dio and that's always how he wanted to sing. I like MA's voice but he's no dio lol.

I think his bloodbath side band are still active which is a pure death metal band. No prog leanings or experimentation here just straight up brutal death metal which sounds like the early 90's never went away. He'll never change vocal styles for that band. If his voice is starting to hurt either now or in the future then he'll likely disband bloodbath.

EDIT: forget what I said about bloodbath. Just googled them and MA left in 2012. Never really kept a close eye on them so never realised he left.

Posted on 3 Sep 2014, 14:15:12 BST
Huck Flynn says:
i've just bought Pale Communion on the strength of some of the above comments. I'm not a death metal fan although i grew up listening to Black Sabbath.
My current Prog favourites are Big Big Train although i like Porkies and Beardfish. I'll let you know how i get on with it.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Sep 2014, 18:24:39 BST
Red Mosquito says:
Yes, I've also given it a listen as a result of comments on here. A mix of great tunes and less remarkable ones imo.

Posted on 3 Sep 2014, 19:36:12 BST
FDJ says:
Which sums up most albums Red ;)

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Sep 2014, 19:51:05 BST
Red Mosquito says:
I think you are probably right FDJ however we all have our 100%, 10/10 belters that we hope to add to each the postie delivers. These days I don't buy an album with the expectation that it's just ok. I expect perfection but I'm still often disappointed. Out of a collection of 700 CDs ( small by forum standards) I have about 70 that I consider perfect. 10% may suggest that I'm making poor choices?

Posted on 3 Sep 2014, 20:13:26 BST
FDJ says:
I aim for at least 80% with the hope that the other 20% are either growers or worthy of interest.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Sep 2014, 20:33:31 BST
Red Mosquito says:
Well done. I will never achieve 80% perfection in my collection. Please tell me how you do it.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Sep 2014, 20:37:35 BST
Brass Neck says:
Lower standards/easier to please?

Posted on 3 Sep 2014, 20:54:16 BST
FDJ says:
Sorry guys didn't make myself very clear in my last post . What I meant was 80% of any album I buy ... not my whole collection. I own hundreds and hundreds of cd's/vinyl and digital downloads and I'd say only about 20 albums I'd consider 100% 10/10 brilliant.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Sep 2014, 21:47:57 BST
Red Mosquito says:
I also think failure is part of the fun of our obsession. I may have a collection of 700 but 1,000s have passed through my hands. Those, long gone, impulse buys that I can no longer afford as I approach retirement.

Posted on 4 Sep 2014, 07:58:10 BST
? says:
Been listening to pale communion a lot this week. Stand out tracks for me are goblin, cusp of eternity, moon above, sun below and eternal rains will come.

Like I've said previously I will miss the more metal side of this band but if they can turn out progressive music of this quality in the future i'll stay on board the good ship Opeth.

Nice to see some other non metal fans on thus thread taking a dip. Hope you enjoy the album.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Sep 2014, 08:37:41 BST
Last edited by the author on 4 Sep 2014, 08:49:06 BST
Red Mosquito says:
I keep coming back to it Wayne. There are some excellent tracks in and amongst the cheese. The stuff that generally turns me away from US neu prog and some Swedish metal. I'll stick with it though because the good stuff is extremely good.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Sep 2014, 09:51:05 BST
Last edited by the author on 4 Sep 2014, 09:51:44 BST
? says:
What parts do you find cheesy Red. Just curious as I don't find any of it cheesy. I must admit though on my very first listen halfway through the first track I couldn't help but think "Hey, 1972 has just called to say they want their sound back" lol. I suppose the fact that the whole album is rooted in the early 70's and this is blatantly obvious could add a slight cheese factor however I think they add enough modern style and technique to just about let this slide.

I will say this has got a lot of Steven wilsons influence too. He produced the album and I would bet he co-wrote most of the tracks with Mike Akerfelt aswell.

Posted on 4 Sep 2014, 19:03:54 BST
Last edited by the author on 4 Sep 2014, 19:07:12 BST
Red Mosquito says:
Hello Wayne, I want to admit to being a bit impulsive with my initial assessment of the album. I've listened to the whole of it 3 times now. It's a grower, it's very good, I really like it and I've bought it. My initial assessment is a million miles away from my current thoughts. It is indeed a gem and just shows how initial impressions can be sometimes misguided.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Sep 2014, 21:47:20 BST
? says:
It is a grower indeed and I think every single opeth album is a grower. I don't mean this in a negative way as in on first listen the albums are poor and after I've repeatedly listened to them they grow on me. No, what I mean is opeth have always delivered what I call thinking persons music. With each listen the albums simply unfold and you can constantly find new things to discover. I also think they can be a little pretentious and this can be off putting to people looking for a more immediate musical fix as each album does require some dedication.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Sep 2014, 21:50:47 BST
"thinking person's music", wayne? i was under the impression they were a rock band! :)

(i really can't help myself) :)

Posted on 4 Sep 2014, 22:02:59 BST
[Deleted by the author on 4 Sep 2014, 22:03:14 BST]

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Sep 2014, 22:21:18 BST
Brass Neck says:
You're probably beyond external intervention an' all. ;¬)

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Sep 2014, 20:18:54 BST
Last edited by the author on 5 Sep 2014, 21:11:45 BST
Red Mosquito says:
I know we all potentially hear different things in music however I just don't get the 70s prog connection with this album. Maybe a sprinkling of Camel and Ange (without the French vocals) and an essence of Moody Blues, were they ever prog? I'm hearing Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief and Riverside and other contemporary gems. Heritage next for me but I won't be going near the growling voice stuff. I Know it would put me off the music. A bit like spreading Marmite on a piece of beautifully baked bread.
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