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Am I a benefit scrounger?

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Posted on 17 May 2011, 23:04:49 BST
S Wood says:

P.S. I've no idea what the accusations (re- tooled up hoodys - riots in bristol?) in your first paragraph and througout your post are about. Perhaps you can point out specific posts i have made that make what your saying make sense, or perhaps not. And whats this about "others" and "everyone"? You have enough trouble speaking for yourself never mind these imaginary friends of yours.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 May 2011, 08:43:29 BST
Damaskcat says:
Everyone has an agenda - better to know the bias of the media in my opinion. What makes you thin ordinary people don't have their own bias? I would have said from this forum alone that everyone has their own opinions which are always going to colour what they say and do in any context. You can't get away from bias - it's always going to tbe there - best to know what it is then you can take it into account.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 May 2011, 08:43:47 BST
Damaskcat says:
The law controls the media - whatever anyone might think.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 May 2011, 08:53:56 BST
Molly Brown says:
And who controls or makes the law? Laws are made, and unmade by governments.

Posted on 18 May 2011, 16:53:46 BST
M. Dowden says:
S Wood, it is amazing that you suddenly can't remember what you have put, before. Perhaps it is because you post on all these discussions, you know that you are psoting propagandistic lies and think that everyone is stupid and will believe it.

Posted on 18 May 2011, 17:20:09 BST
M. Dowden says:
S Wood, you try to hide certain facts. We all know that the financial industy needs properly regulating, and it is up to geovernments to do that job. You wilfully forget that every country has a sub-prime market. You also wilfully forget to mention that we were in debt before the collapse of the US sub-prime market. And of course you always ignore the fact that we had spending cuts in 1979 because Labour had put us further in debt.

No one is saying that we don't want services, that we don't want the NHS, that we don't want benefits. But you are trying to convince people that it is the banks fault, multi-national companies fault, Richard Branson and others fault, and also that it is the Tories' fault (read all your own posts you have made this year). Lets face it you even refuted that Tesco and such other companies have to get bank loans to build new premises. You are trying to tell people lie after lie, so which political organisation are you affiliated to?

The simple fact is that this country, as with others offer services, etc for which the taxpayer does not meet the full cost of. Money is borrowed to make up the shortfall and thus you have to pay interest. The system works, we pay interest and everything keeps going on. You don't want that interest to massively increase by excessive borrowing, because then you are in real trouble. What S Wood and others don't want people to know is that we don't pay for all our services anyway, because we borrow, as I mentioned above. As I explained to him on another discussion, where he suddenly went quiet was that we don't pay to have a current account in this country. You pay when you overdraw. The rest of the world however do pay just to have an account. So in effect everyone else is paying what we would have to pay. Also for example when you get a pension, you haven't paid for it, you were paying for someone elses, so those still under retirement age are paying for yours. Because peope live longer obviously more old age pension has to be paid, so people have to thus work longer.

What I have never understood is why governments keep quiet about simple facts of finance and the economy. It is hardly a state secret and personally I think that people should be taught basics like this at school. As a business matter it is simple, but I suppose as a political matter though it is advantageous to keep people in ignorance, because one party can the squabble with another by claiming erroneous views and opinions. Politics is all fine and dandy, but personally I like to know the truth, rather than the bull that other people spout and believe, as I am sure the vast majority of us would prefer. Ultimately whoever is in charge, all the parties have to face the same problems and come up with solutions, but because they all have different ideals they will try to convince you that only they are right. After all there are some influential people who will tell you the only way is to borrow more, but what they won't tell you is what happens when the nations interest bill is even higher, how they will try to reduce the deficit. I will tell you that some people I am thinking of have no idea, because their mentor was Arthur Scargill, a man who thinks he won the Miner's Strike. : )

Posted on 18 May 2011, 17:21:18 BST
M. Dowden says:
Charlieost, how are things in good old Eire? Dreamer says you are ext, but I thought you were well ahead of us.

Posted on 18 May 2011, 17:54:10 BST
Last edited by the author on 18 May 2011, 17:59:10 BST
S Wood says:

Just a few points. Tesco re-invests profits, in general well over half of investment are from retained profits.

Not every country has a sub-prime market. Markets for mortgages in, for example continental europe, are smaller and more tightly regulated than the U.K.'s, and certainly far more than the lunacy that went on in the US prior to the crisis.

Multinationals and companies such as Bransons who operate in Britain bear some of the responsibility for the current public debt crisis in so far as they dodge taxes, increasing the burden of taxation on ordinary tax-payers and increasing the size of the deficit. Read Nicholas Shaxson's (an F.T. journalist) Treasure Islands on how the off-shore financial sector operates and the damage it does.

On borrowing. The country has been in debt at least since the Bank of England was formed in the 1690's. After the Napoleonic Wars it was several times greater (as a percentage of GDP) than public debt is now. After world war 2 we created a welfare state, a moment when we became a far more civilised nation as anyone aware of social history prior to that point well knows. This happened, again, when our financial position was far worse than now, not to mention the damage done to our economy by bombing and the expense and disruption of war.
Countries such as Spain were running a budget surplus prior to the crash and find themselves in the same boat as us. Your harking on about the state of public finances prior to the crash totally exagerates the issue.
Whats Arthur Scargill to do with the discussion? And when did he ever say he won the miners strike?

The reason I ask you for specific quotes for your acusations about my previous postings is quite simple. You can't . . . In most cases you are just making it up, or at best distorting what i said.

Posted on 18 May 2011, 23:09:23 BST
M. Dowden says:
S Wood, you are a liar, you alter posts, which in case you didn't realise is indicated. Even student loans comes under sub-prime markets. You lie all the time, you make wild accusations, mainly because you can't even remember what you have written, and haven't got the intelligence to look. I would also like to know when we became more civilised, we are not any more civilsed since we had the NHS, but so far all on discussions you have been on you have shown a complete lack of understanding with history, politics, business and finance.

Posted on 19 May 2011, 00:22:15 BST
M. Dowden says:
S Wood, if you had read my comment you would understand what I had put. I was saying about borrowing to get out of the present situation, etc, and I can think of some influential people who have voiced this but if you look they were mentored by Arthur Scargill.

Lets refresh you on your idiocy: -

4 April - Not interested in millions or billions of pounds. So what are you going on all the time about? Do you think we only owe a couple of pence?

5 April - You admit that you have no problem with tax evasion, you couldn't see anything wrong with people claiming benefits that they are not liable for, because they were working cash in hand. In fact you didn't think they should go to prison. On the same day you claimed that PAYE can't be broken, but this is after you had claimed that employed 'fat cats' were not paying their taxes.

8 April - After making possibly serious libellous comments about lots of businessmen and someone pointed this out to you, you claim that your posts were all facts.

9 April - You claimed that OECD, which are for democracy and the market economy, was a cheats charter, but you quote from them. Also on the same day you had a problem with foreign investors owning shares in British companies. So are you going to buy all the ahares, are you also going to pay for the deficit, because on one hand you have a problem with foreigners owning anything British whilst at the same time knowing full well that we take money from foreignoers to pay for services.

11 April - You cliamed that one should hold ones nose when approaching accountants. In that case how can you quote any figures, who did you think worked them out? The Man in the Moon?

16 April - You claimed you couldn't imagine the average workplace. Which obviously begs the question of whether truthfull you have ever worked.

17 April - You denied post that you had made on the 13th of that month. Also on the same day you deleted a post.

20 April - You told us you had a calculus that you had previously outlined that is a thousands times better than now. What calculus, and when or where did you post it?

21 April - You were against fairness and eqaulity.

12 May - You told someone that they couldn't say that they had been in an accident with a black woman. Considering your post of the 9 April I asume your hate for foreigners means that you don't think black women can drive.

Time and time again you lie and are rude to people, deny what you have said, deny that anything can seem to happen that you haven't seen, make highly libellous comments and think that you are right. As I told you before, you wouldn't last five minutes down here simply because you are an obnoxious little tw*t, and you would get killed. You say that I have imaginary friends, etc., let me let you in on a secret - the rest of us talk to people, we have friends and acquaintances, we have family and we have neighbours. I am going to do what at least 10 people have already done - ignore you. Just one last thing, you moan about multi-national companies and fat cats whilst buying things on this site, and making your comments on this site.

Posted on 19 May 2011, 01:27:29 BST
S Wood says:

One should never make posts on returning from the pub.

Posted on 19 May 2011, 14:28:58 BST
S Wood says:

Well well Dowden, you excelled yourself last night. That pair of posts of yours have got to be amongst the most pathetic pieces of transparent trash I've ever seen on this site.

Anyone under the illusion that there is any veracity in the Dowden diatribe can match the dates he cites and the accompanying deranged distortions he makes with the reality in the discussion entitled "Fed up with Troublemakers" in the politics section.

It's understandable that you have taken a vow of silence and are refusing debate. You claim your joining an club of at least ten others? Be fascinating to know who you refer to, I only count 3- HM of the multiple and exclamation laden Iraq discussions, the hypocrite neutral and yourself. Enjoy the company.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 May 2011, 15:04:05 BST
Charlieost says:
Hi M. Things are ok over here. We have all had to take a pay cut but the compensation was to see the very fools who got us into this mess slaughtered at the last general election. Unfortunately they had voted themselves big pensions before they went but it is good to not have to see their ugly faces and propaganda spouting gobs on the TV.
The queen has been doing her bit for Anglo-Irish relations and fair play to her. We have a lot more in common than some would like to admit.
Deamer says you are ext, but I thought you were well ahead of us. Bit baffled by that statement. Does ext stand for extinct in which case I don't think so.
Anyhow, reading these posts I cannot help think that in Britain you could not have expected anything else once the Tories were voted in again.
The Tories will never let you down though you can be sure the Labour party always will.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 May 2011, 16:36:26 BST
[Deleted by the author on 19 May 2011, 16:37:52 BST]

Posted on 19 May 2011, 21:12:35 BST
Last edited by the author on 19 May 2011, 21:13:31 BST
S Wood says:

"The Tories will never let you down"? I presume you mean that they're not exactly the party of hope and progress, so there will be no positive expectations to be burst?

Posted on 20 May 2011, 20:55:50 BST
I see they smashed an international porn ring based in a Lincolnshire pretty village with servers taking up a big chunk of the national grid. Was it anywhere near you Pussycat? Were they "nice" neighbours?

In reply to an earlier post on 22 May 2011, 12:58:28 BST
Damaskcat says:
Nowehere near me.

In reply to an earlier post on 23 May 2011, 17:14:35 BST
R. P. Scales says:
Lermontov, have you been going around with your eyes shut? People are being laid off all the time and there are so many jobs left to fill. No, there are NOT a lot of jobs out there. I remember the last depression ("recession" when it happens to other people; "depression" when it happens to you) in the 1980s. I was not long out of university and it took me ages to get into proper paid employment. I was too inexperienced for some employers, over-qualified for others and under-qualified for others still. Yes, I was doing voluntary work for upwards of 2 years, and I did temporary paid work when I could get it. Competition was fierce. (Too much temping, and the Social Security get suspicious.) The number of job applications I filled in and set off ran into hundreds.

There were 3,000,000 in the same position. The political right wing called us whingers, scroungers and weary-willies, and the Social Security treated us like criminals. Let me tell you, it saps not just your self-confidence but your will to live. I find it INSULTING on a personal level that others should brandish terms like "self-pity" and "scroungers".
I have been in uninterrupted employment since 1987 now, but I'm always wary. Character-building, my rump!

Posted on 23 May 2011, 18:18:18 BST
[Deleted by Amazon on 14 Nov 2012, 09:03:44 GMT]

Posted on 23 May 2011, 18:21:24 BST
[Deleted by Amazon on 14 Nov 2012, 09:03:46 GMT]
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