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There are no conspiracies...all is well...we are ONLY told the truth....the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

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Initial post: 4 Jun 2012 21:43:23 BDT
Of think that Building Seven was a controlled think that a building reported as collapsed by the BBC was still standing...silly think that the collapse of the twin towers slightly odd....I have seen so many buildings collapse in free silly to think a man with only Cessna training could not pilot a plane with military skill...of course he it at sixty feet above the ground....yeah conspiracy freaks need to wakeoes uppy.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2012 21:55:17 BDT
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In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2012 21:57:49 BDT kindness a beacon....

Posted on 4 Jun 2012 22:06:44 BDT
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gille liath says:
Maybe so. But don't worry: there is still the joy of making up whatever tripe you like to be had.

Sorry, can't stop just now - the aliens are sending me messages again, which they want me to pass on to the Ancients of Mu Mu...

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2012 22:13:15 BDT
Ha must have spent years training to be so funny...

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Jun 2012 22:20:10 BDT
...Like a Diamond Jubbly Beacon...step outside there's sure to be one glowing nearby...God save the Queen...I've got the wonderful Radio 2 Terry on the iplayer... everyone's Tweeting about it! National Treasure Sir Paul 'rock Royalty' is about to come on...turn the vol down

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Jun 2012 21:30:56 BDT
Pipkin says:
Hi Simon,
False flag (aka Black Flag) operations are covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is: flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-inssurgents.
The Mukden incident in 1931 involved Japanese officers fabricating a pretext for annexing Manchuria by blowing up a section of railway. Six years later in 1937 they falsely claimed the kidnapping of one of their soldiers in the Marco Polo Bridge Incident as an excuse to invade China proper.
The Gleiwitz incident in 1939 involved Reinhard Heydrich fabricating evidence of a Polish attack against Germany to mobilize German ''public opinion for war'', to establish casus belli, and to justify the war with Poland. This, along with other false flag operations in Operation Himmler, would be used to mobilize support from the German population for the start of World War II in Europe.
The Kassa attack in 1941 involved the city of Kassa, today Košic(Slovakia), which was then part of Hungary, being bombed by three unidentified planes of apparently Soviet origin. This attack became the pretext for the government of Hungary to declare war on the Soviet Union.
The replacement of Iran's Anglo-Persian Oil Company with five American oil companies and the 1953 Iranian coup d'état was the consequence of the ''U.S. and British-orchestrated false flag'' operation, Operation Ajax. Operation Ajax used political intrigue, propaganda, and agreements with Qashqai tribal leaders to depose the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq. Information regarding the CIA-sponsored coup d'etat has been largely declassified and is available in the CIA archives.
The planned, but never executed, 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the U.S. Department of Defense for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such as fabricating the hijacking or shooting down passenger and military planes, sinking a U.S. ship in the vicinity of Cuba, burning crops, sinking a boat filled with Cuban refugees, attacks by alleged Cuban infiltrators inside the United States, and harassment of U.S. aircraft and shipping and the destruction of aerial drones by aircraft disguised as Cuban MiGs.[9] These actions would be blamed on Cuba, and would be a pretext for an invasion of Cuba and the overthrow of Fidel Castro's communist government. It was authored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy. The surprise discovery of the documents relating to Operation Northwoods was a result of the comprehensive search for records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by the Assassination Records Review Board in the mid-1990s.Information about Operation Northwoods was later publicized by James Bamford. Pseudo-operations are those in which forces of one power disguise themselves as enemy forces.
(IRAQ and LIBYA and now SYRIA) For example, a state power (U.S/UK/MOSAD)may disguise teams of operatives as insurgents and, with the aid of defectors, infiltrate insurgent areas. The aim of such pseudo-operations may be to gather short or long-term intelligence or to engage in active operations, in particular assassinations of important enemies and destabalise a country. However, they usually involve both, as the risks of exposure rapidly increase with time and intelligence gathering eventually leads to violent confrontation. Pseudo-operations may be directed by military or police forces, or both. Police forces are usually best suited to intelligence tasks; however, military provide the structure needed to back up such pseudo-ops with military response forces. According to US military expert Lawrence Cline (2005), "the teams typically have been controlled by police services, but this largely was due to the weaknesses in the respective military intelligence systems."
An example of a successful assassination was United States Marine Sergeant Herman H. Hanneken leading a patrol of his Haitian Gendarmerie disguised as enemy guerrillas in 1919. The Patrol successfully passed several enemy checkpoints in order to assassinate the guerilla leader Charlemagne Péralte near Grande-Rivière-du-Nord. Hanneken was awarded the Medal of Honor and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant for his deed.
During the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s, captured Mau Mau members who switched sides and specially trained British troops initiated the pseudo-gang concept to successfully counter Mau Mau. In 1960 Frank Kitson, (who was later involved in the Northern Irish conflict and is now a retired British General), published 'Gangs and Counter-gangs', an account of his experiences with the technique in Kenya; information included how to counter gangs and measures of deception, including the use of defectors, which brought the issue a wider audience.
Some offensive operations attracted international condemnation, in particular the Selous Scouts' raid on a ZANLA (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army) camp at Nyadzonya Pungwe, Mozambique in August 1976. ZANLA was then led by Josiah Tongogara. Using Rhodesian trucks and armored cars disguised as Mozambique military vehicles, ''84 SCOUTS killed 1,284 people in the camp'' The camp was registered as a refugee camp by the United Nations (UN). Even according to Reid-Daly, most of those killed were unarmed guerrillas standing in formation for a parade. The camp hospital was also set ablaze by the rounds fired by the Scouts, killing all patients. (Ring a bell?) According to David Martin and Phyllis Johnson, who visited the camp shortly before the raid, it was only a refugee camp that did not host any guerrillas. It was staged for UN approval. (So nothing like Libya and Syria then?)
According to a 1978 study by the Directorate of Military Intelligence, 68% of all insurgent deaths inside Rhodesia could be attributed to the Selous Scouts, who were disbanded in 1980. Some FALSE FLAG operations have been described by Lawrence E. Cline, a retired US Army intelligence officer, as PSUEDO OPERATIONS, or "the use of organized teams which are ''disguised as guerrilla groups'' for long- or short-term penetration of insurgent-controlled areas."
Pseudo Operations mow referred to as Black Ops; should be distinguished, notes Cline, from the more common police or intelligence infiltration of guerrilla or criminal organizations. In the latter case, infiltration is normally done by individuals. Pseudo teams, on the other hand, are formed as needed from organized units, 'usually military or paramilitary.' The use of pseudo teams has been a hallmark of a number of foreign counterinsurgency campaigns."
In espionage the term "false flag" describes the recruiting of agents by operatives posing as representatives of a cause the prospective agents are sympathetic to, (CIA tactics creating AlQaida) or even the agents' own government. For example, during the Cold War, several female West German civil servants were tricked into stealing classified documents by agents of the East German Stasi intelligence service, pretending to be members of West German peace advocacy groups (the Stasi agents were also described as "Romeos," indicating that they also used their sex appeal to manipulate their targets, making this operation a combination of the false flag and "honey trap" techniques)
The technique can also be used to expose enemy agents in one's own service, by having someone approach the suspect and pose as an agent of the enemy. Earl Edwin Pitts, a 13-year veteran of the FBI and an attorney, was caught when he was approached by FBI agents posing as Russian agents.

''It was obvious that if the case were to be kept going a faked act of sabotage would have to be committed "
- MI5 file on Mutt and Jeff

British intelligence officials in World War II allowed double agents to fire-bomb a power station and a food dump in the UK to protect their cover, according to declassified documents. The documents stated the agents took precautions to ensure they did not cause serious damage. One of the documents released also stated: "It should be recognised that friends as well as enemies must be completely deceived and exterminaqted if necessary." And to succeed it is important to focus the nation's attention on an external enemy, thereby leading attention away from domestic critics.
While false flag operations originate in warfare and government, they also can occur in civilian settings among certain factions, such as businesses, special interest groups, religions, political ideologies and campaigns for office. In some rare cases, members of an unsuccessful business will destroy some of their own property to conceal an unrelated crime (e.g. safety violations, embezzlement, etc.) but make it appear as though the destruction was done by someone else..(Larry Silverstein ring a bell, anyone?)
In 2006, individuals practicing false flag behavior were discovered and "outed" in New Hampshire and New Jersey after blog comments claiming to be from supporters of a political candidate were traced to the IP address of paid staffers for that candidate's opponent.
On February 19, 2011, Indiana Deputy Prosecutor Carlos Lam sent a private email to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker suggesting that he run a "'false flag' operation" to counter the protests against Walker's proposed restrictions on public employees' collective bargaining rights.
"If you could employ an associate who pretends to be sympathetic to the unions' cause to physically attack you (or even use a firearm against you), you could discredit the unions," read the email. It went on to say that the effort "would assist in undercutting any support that the media may be creating in favor of the unions." The press had acquired a court order to access all of Walker's emails and Lam's email was exposed. At first, Lam vehemently denied it, but eventually admitted it and resigned.
Political ideologies will sometimes use false flag tactics. This can be done to discredit or implicate rival groups, create the appearance of enemies when none exist, or create the illusion of ORGANISED and DIRECTED opposition.
False flag tactics were also employed during the Algerian civil war, starting in the mid-1994. Death squads composed of DRS (Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité) security forces ''disguised themselves'' as Islamist terrorists and committed false flag terror attacks. Such groups included the OJAL (Organisation of Young Free Algerians) or the OSSRA (Secret Organisation for the safeguard of the Algerian Republic) According to Roger Faligot and Pascal Kropp (1999), the OJAL was reminiscent of "the Organization of the French Algerian Resistance (ORAF), a group of counter-terrorists created in December 1956 by the Direction de la surveillance du territoire (Territorial Surveillance Directorate, or DST) whose mission was to carry out TERRORIST ATTACKS with the aim of ''quashing any hopes of political compromise."
The Russian apartment bombings in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in September 1999 which killed nearly 300 people, was described by Yury Felshtinsky, Alexander Litvinenko, David Satter, Boris Kagarlitsky, Vladimir Pribylovsky, Anna Politkovskaya, filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov, investigator Mikhail Trepashkin, Russian politician Alexander Lebed as a false flag terrorist attack coordinated by the Federal Security Service, the main domestic security agency of the Russian Federation.
On the night of February 27, 1933, the Reichstag building was set on fire. At the urging of Hitler, Hindenburg responded the next day by issuing an emergency decree "for the Protection of the people and the State," which stated: "Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed" suspending key provisions of the German Weimar Constitution. The question of who actually started the Reichstag fire is still often considered unknown and occasionally debated (while Dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe was convicted of the crime and executed, his conviction is NOT considered credible by many).
Dirty War;
During a 1981 interview whose contents were revealed by documents declassified by the CIA in 2000, former CIA and DINA agent Michael Townley explained that Ignacio Novo Sampol, member of CORU, an anti-Castro organization, had agreed to commit the Cuban Nationalist Movement in the kidnapping, in Buenos Aires, of a president of a Dutch bank. The abduction, organized by civilian SIDE agents, the Argentine intelligence agency, was to obtain a ransom. Townley said that Novo Sampol had provided six thousand dollars from the Cuban Nationalist Movement, forwarded to the civilian SIDE agents to pay for the preparation expenses of the kidnapping. After returning to the US, Novo Sampol sent Townley a stock of paper, used to print pamphlets in the name of "Grupo Rojo" (Red Group), an imaginary Argentine Marxist terrorist organization, which was to claim credit for the kidnapping of the Dutch banker. Townley declared that the pamphlets were distributed in Mendoza and Córdoba in relation with false flag bombings perpetrated by SIDE agents, which had as their aim to accredit the existence of the fake Grupo Rojo. However, the SIDE agents procrastinated too much, and the kidnapping ultimately was not carried out.

For addirional references;
CIA Operation Ajax (USA overthrowing of Mohammed Mossadeq, Prime Minister of Iran, in 1953)
CIA Operation Northwoods was a Plan to blame Cuba for a Terrorist attack in order to get a pretext for 'justified' War of aggression after USA funded and organized failed Terrorist attack known as CIA Operation Mongoose.
CIA PBSUCCESS ([USA]) Operation for overthrowing the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954
CIA Project Cherry (USA non-stop assassination project to kill Norodom Sihanouk, Prince, and later King of Cambodia)
Gleiwitz incident - 3rd Reich Nazis Operation Himmler in order to get pretext for 'justified' war of aggression against

Now tell me that 911 was NOT a False Flag Operation, and that Assaad is murdering his own people to make sure he gets elected again? Just like Sadaam Hussain, and Gadaffi.. Jees people have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see what has and is happening.

Posted on 9 Jun 2012 12:43:47 BDT
You never quite bore of people telling you about all-powerful global conspiracies, overseeing every aspect of human existence...

...which mysteriously fail to stop folk like Simon 'I love Stalin' Boyd telling everyone who'll listen about their plans for global domination.

Work it out.

Posted on 9 Jun 2012 14:34:08 BDT
Wyan.....naughty boy...

Posted on 9 Jun 2012 17:16:55 BDT
Pipkin says:
I originally was going to post this on another thread about MotherTheresa and her Nobel Peace Prize, when I came upon this looking for the criteria.
I realise it is very lengthy, but also that it is extremely interesting and well worth a read for anyone who really WANTS to know ''what is happening.''
We live in strange times. In October 2009, the fledgling President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 'his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples'. He was 'surprised and deeply humbled', accepting it as `a call to action'. Oh good, a call to more `diplomacy and co-operation' then? Not quite!
Under this shining example of all the 'Nobel Peace Prize' now stands for, ''US drones are killing citizens of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia''
Two months later Obama announced that ''killing more Afghans and throwing millions of dollars into doing it was his first priority.'' (He didn't quite put it like that. He told an audience at West Point on 30 September 2009 that the deployment of 30,000 additional troops was a goal vital to 'the common security of the world'. It would 'break the Taliban's momentum and increase Afghanistan's capacity'. Goals would not be set 'beyond our responsibility, our means, or our interests'.)
Six and a half months in to 2010 US deaths from IEDs (improvised explosive devices) alone have reached 188, already exceeding the 152 for the whole of 2008, in Operation Enduring Freedom. Total deaths for 2009 within Afghanistan were 317, this year they are already 231. Youthful dismemberments, disfigurements and deaths, on a hiding to nowhere, are seemingly part of those 'interests'. Enduring freedom indeed, from life and limb, with of course, Afghan killings and casualties ''not productive to count''.
Under this shining example of all the Nobel Peace Prize now stands for - US drones are killing citizens of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Iran is in the cross hairs and Poland has had the dubious honour of hosting US missiles, to protect it in case it is attacked by - Iran.... according to the seemingly ''increasingly delusional US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton'' It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.
Into this Orwellian world, enter `Teflon Tony' Blair, set to collect the latest in a glittering array of Awards for SERVICES TO HUMANITY. His contribution to the ''betterment of humankind'' has included enjoining the US, in the Afghanistan invasion and between 1997 and 2003, in the ''Silent cull of an average of 6,000 Iraqi children a month'' instructing Britain's UN officials to VETO everything from Vaccines to Ventolin, Insulin to Incubators and Intubators, Paper to Pencils, Female Hygiene Appliances, to Aids for children at the schools for the Blind and Deaf. After six years of this decimation under his watch, added to the previous seven under his predecessor, John Major, Blair's officials cooked up a pack of lies. He ignored the advice of his top Law Lord, Lord Goldsmith, and joined his 'little friend' on Capitol Hill, in reducing what remained of the Cradle of Civilization, to an illegally invaded pile of rubble, the destruction of swathes of its ancient history and historical records, and the lynching, `disappearing' and imprisoning of a Legitimate Government, whose Sovereignty was guaranteed by the United Nations.
Recent estimates are that a further million Iraqis have died since the invasion, almost certainly an underestimate, since those in remoter areas are often unrecorded, as are those who died in vast numbers at the sieges of Najav, Tel Afar, the two assaults on Falluja and numerous other mass murders.
Lord Goldsmith, it now transpires, had written in his advice, six weeks before the invasion of Iraq: ''My opinion is that Resolution 1441 does not revive the authorisation to use force ... in the absence of a further decision by the Security Council.'' Barrister Blair scribbled in the margin: ''I just do not understand this.'' Did anyone ask which part of ''No'' he could not grasp? Two weeks later the legal opinion was reiterated in a further note.
Blair of course, walked from this carnage to be ''Middle East Peace Envoy'' telling Parliament on his resignation: ''As I learned ... it is important to be able to bring people together.''
He can undoubtedly do 'delusion' with some of the greats. As William Blum recently pointed out:
General Augusto Pinochet of Chile, mass murderer and torturer: 'I would like to be remembered as a man who served his country.'
PW Botha, former president of apartheid South Africa: 'I am not going to repent. I am not going to ask for favours. What I did, I did for my country.'
Pol Pot, mass murderer of Cambodia: 'I want you to know that everything I did, I did for my country.'
Tony Blair, former British prime minister, defending his role in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis: 'I did what I thought was right for our country.'
Blair certainly did what he ''thought was right for Tony Blair.'' As Peter Oborne pointed out in March : ''We now know that the wretched Blair has multiplied his personal fortune many times over by trading off the connections he made while in Downing Street. SHOCKINGLY, he fought a long battle to conceal the source of his new-found wealth, and only this month did it finally become public that one of his largest clients was a South Korean oil company, the UI Energy Corporation, with extensive interests in Iraq ... he has also made £1million from advising the Kuwaiti royal family. It can be fairly claimed that Blair has ''Profiteered as a result of the Iraq War'' in which so many hundreds of thousands of people died ... in the league of shame, Tony Blair is arguably the WORST of them all.''
And the rewards for being an ALLY in mass starvation and murder, keep rolling in. The latest is the 2010 Liberty Medal, awarded by the US Constitution Centre, plus $100,000 prize money. Small change compared to the estimated $20 million he's raked in since leaving office, but every little helps.
The Liberty Medal, according to the Constitution Center 'reflects the values of the US Constitution - a belief in justice, fairness, self-governance ... a balance between individual rights and communal responsibility, in the power of the people ... and in resolving issues through deliberation, compromise and respect for diverse viewpoints.'
It is to be presented to him by his close friend and fellow Iraqi children tormenter, 'Bomber' Bill Clinton, who says of Blair: 'Tony continues to demonstrate the same leadership, dedication and creativity in promoting economic opportunity in the Middle East and the resolution of conflicts rooted in religion around the world, and is building the capacity of developing nations to govern honestly and effectively. I'm pleased the Constitution Center is awarding him the Liberty Medal in recognition of his work to promote the actions necessary to make peace, reconciliation, and prosperity possible.'
''Economic opportunity'' indeed.
Million dollar baby:
If your head is not yet over a bucket, David Eisner, President and CEO of the National Constitution Center, said: 'Tony Blair has significantly furthered the expansion of freedom, self-governance, equality and peaceful coexistence. This award recognizes both his dedication to and his success in building understanding among nations and creating lasting solutions in areas of conflict.'
'TeflonTony' responded: 'It is an honour to receive the Liberty Medal ... Freedom, liberty and justice are the values by which this medal is struck. Freedom, liberty and justice are the values which I try to apply to my work ... preparing the Palestinians for statehood. They are the values which drive ... as we try to show that people of different faiths can live together constructively, in peace and harmony.'
He will be donating the prize money to two of his charities. He said the same thing when he won a million dollars in February 2009 with the Dan David Award, from the Tel Aviv-based Dan David Foundation, for his 'steadfast determination and morally courageous leadership'. Revolving doors come to mind.
A month earlier he had been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W Bush for being ''a true friend of the United States (who has) at his very centre (belief) in freedom.'' Tell that to the Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians with the ghettoized people of Gaza.
(And the Libyan's and now the Syrians) He was in good company, receiving it with Australia's former Prime Minister John Howard and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, both adherents to Blair and Bush's particularly unique interpretation of freedom.
In July 2009, he pitched up to collect his Fenner Brockway Award, in London (for 'shared vision ... global role in working for justice and security'.) with a black eye.
Had someone finally found a dark night, a dark alley and a baseball bat???
Incidentally, six of those who were awarded the Liberty Medal have gone on to receive the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. It was Tom Lehrer who said: ''Satire became redundant the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.'' No longer.
Blair may already share something with Kissinger: ''Checking with his legal advisers every time he boards a plane, should he be arrested for war crimes on arrival.''

So these are the criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you would like to know something about what's actually going on, rather than what people would like you to think was going on, then you can read the New Internationalist, where this article came from..

Posted on 10 Jun 2012 19:30:40 BDT
Last edited by the author on 10 Jun 2012 19:34:24 BDT
Pipkin says:
Try this one....
From Patrick Seal the Guardian.
(Brackets are mine.)
Last Friday's savage clashes at Houla, a village in the Syrian province of Homs, have aroused international indignation against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

It is the latest grisly episode in what is quickly developing into a sectarian civil war.

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, makes no bones of ''her wish to overthrow the Syrian regime.'' She issued a statement saying: "The US will work with the international community (NATO) to ''intensify'' our pressure on Assad and his cronies, whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end."
(Why would he want to kill his own PEOPLE? When he knows the International Community are looking on? And he wants to stay in power? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!)

The UK government is to seek an urgent meeting of the UN security council.
Engineered by Kofi Annan - the UN and Arab League mediator - the ceasefire of 12 April is now in tatters.

His peace plan called on both sides to put down their guns as a necessary preliminary to '"Syria-led" political negotiations. But the opposition - of which the most formidable element is the Muslim Brothers (ALQuida/CIA) - is waging an urban guerrilla war backed by outside powers (The USA). This wing of the 'opposition' does not want to negotiate with Bashar al-Assad: ''it wants to topple him.''
(So they and Clinton are on the same path)
The Gulf states (could that be Bahrain?) have pledged $100m to the opposition , to enable it to pay its fighters and buy arms. The US has no intention of getting involved in a war in Syria itself, but it is 'said to be co-ordinating the flow of weapons and intelligence to the rebels,' (through NATO?). Although it says it supports the Annan plan, it is unashamedly undermining it by helping to ARM THE REBELS. This is the central contradiction in US policy.

The only way to prevent a full-scale civil war in Syria - which would destroy the country, AS HAPPENED IN IRAQ, and could destabilise the whole Levant - is to demilitarise the conflict and bring maximum pressure on both sides to negotiate. This is what Annan wants, but he is being ''undermined''. He is due in Damascus this weekend in a forlorn bid to save his plan.

UN monitors counted 85 bodies at Houla. The opposition has blamed the ''regime'' for the slaughter, while the regime has put the blame on "terrorists" - that is to say, on its 'armed opponents' (Black Ops), stiffened by Islamist jihadis, some of them linked to al-Qaida, who have been' flowing into Syria from Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.'

These jihadis/(Black Ops) are thought to be responsible for about a dozen terrorist acts, the worst of which, in Damascus on 10 May, killed 55 people and wounded close to 400.

Major-General Robert Mood, the Norwegian head of the UN observer mission, has been cautious in pointing the finger of blame for Friday's Houla killings: "Whatever I learned on the ground in Syria ... is that ''I should not jump to conclusions." Probably, the truth is that the two sides share the responsibility.

For its part, the regime's brutality can be explained, if not condoned, by the fact that it 'believes it is fighting for its life' (wouldn't you?) - not only against local opponents but also against an external conspiracy led by the United States, egged on by Israel, and including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Britain and France. (The Syrian Gov are not as stupid as you would think)

The regime's strategy is to prevent - at all costs - its armed opponents from seizing and holding territory inside the country, as this might give foreign powers (USA) a platform from which to operate. As soon as it identifies pockets of armed opponents, it sends in its troops to crush them. That it often uses disproportionate force is not in doubt: this is all too predictable when a CONVENTIONAL ARMY faces hit-and-run opponents. (Black Ops)

Trapped between opposing forces, civilians inevitably pay the price..

If Syria explodes it will make the euro crisis look like a picnic.
Foreign intervention in Syria will only shed more blood and could set the region on fire
The BBC is helping stoke the fires of War by leaving out the truth..
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