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Festival Memories

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Initial post: 27 Mar 2009 13:04:14 GMT
Liffy says:
Following on from the gig thread I started, what about memories of the festivals we've been to.

Stand out ones for me were the WEELEY festival just outside of Clacton in 1971 I think. 72 hours of non-stop music was the plan if my memory serves me right and it was organised by the local Womens Institute as a fund-raiser and expecting a couple of thousand people to turn up.
How wrong they were.
My memories - WALLY has anyone seen WALLY
Hells Angels & Security Guards fighting outside the arena and the Angels getting their bikes trashed.
Camping Gaz bottles screaming through the air as Straw Bale 'tents' were set alight by those in them.
Going to sleep on night one as Edgar Broughton Band played Out Demons Out. Waking up and hearing Out Demons Out, going to sleep again and then waking up again to the sound of Out Demons Out. Were Edgar Broughton Band on all night?
Marc Bolan being booed as he walked on stage and cheered as he left.
Rod Stewart being cheered as he walked on stage and booed as he left.
and finally.
The Toilets - A trench dug in the ground with a tree stump suspended above the trench to sit on and some poor b****r falling in.

Then there was BICKERSHAW with the Grateful Dead headlining.
My outstanding memory of that one was watching Brinsley Schwarz on the Sunday morning standing almost knee deep in mud and there was probably only a few hundred of us in the arena at that time.

And finally CROPREDY. Been to a few of these and what a well organised and pleasant place to go.
Outstanding memories of these were the 25th anniversary one with Robert Plant up on stage with the Fairports who did a 4 hour set. And Richard Thompson' s set on the Friday night.
And finally the huge variety of food and drink and general facilities available in contrast to those at the earlier festivals

Posted on 28 Mar 2009 05:17:11 GMT
S. Cook says:
Reading...Bonnie Tyler being hit on the head with an apple...laughed so much a bit of wee came out

Posted on 28 Mar 2009 07:03:54 GMT
Gerard says:
Yeah, Reading '87 - Bonnie Tyler said " If you don't watch out, I'll get my friend MeatLoaf onto You!". So when he came out - he got bottled like nothing I've seen before or since. The Ramones were amazing. The last rock festival - it went indie after that.
Waiting for Madder Rose at Glastonbury one year ('95?), John Peel was the DJ between sets. Much as I love Billy Cote & Mary Lorson - JP had obviously had enough of the melancholy - so played "Steve Threw Up" by Beck - the best bit of timing and the funniest thing I have ever ever heard. JP we miss you.
Madder Rose made Reading '94 - though my favourite bit was the guitarist from dEUS ending up in the crowd after making so many mistakes.
It's easier to remember the worst thing ever at a festival - Skunk Anansie at Glastonbury.

Posted on 28 Mar 2009 08:55:04 GMT
Sparky says:
IOW 1969 - I was well into Dylan at the time and hitch hiked from South Wales with my mate Ron specifically to see him. Looking back seems like we walked most of it - except for the watery bit starting at Southampton - quite a pilgrimage. Great festival to cut your teeth on, but funnily enough I haven't been to one since ! Thing was, I was so looking forward to seeing and hearing the great man but his set got delayed and delayed and............. yeah, woke up just in time to see him leave the stage ! You'd think one of those damned hipppies camped out in Desolation Row would have given me a nudge wouldn't you??

Posted on 28 Mar 2009 09:34:37 GMT
MC Zaptone says:
Reading 73 ?

Acid..acid...mandrax..acid...freezing cold...mandrax....wheres Wally?....acid....undercover cops.....acid...

Bands? idea !!!!!!

Posted on 28 Mar 2009 16:17:01 GMT
telly addict says:
Rock Over Germany 1994
me and hubby took 12 yr old daughter 2 this, it was great, Rod Stewart & Tina Turner, Prince, Chris De Burgh(why?) Jon Secada (again, why?) and Foreigner, who were great, and a good german band called Per, couldn't understand the words but the music was good,
Got to the first night later than expected and thought we'd missed Thunder, turned out they were delayed and were on the 2nd night to which I shouted, F*CK Me it F*uckin THUNDER!!! daughter and hubby surprised, still gets a laugh now!
Also Joe Cocker absolutely stormin, other surprises, OMD and Duran Duran who did a crackin version of White Lines. Could go on, but you get the idea. Toilets etc crap as usual, but hey, what the hell, listen 2 the music. Also Timmy (saxophonist in Tina Turner's Band waved at my daughter, she has never forgotten it)

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Mar 2009 20:03:35 GMT
TheTimeBeing says:
Treworgy Tree Fair anyone ?

Dead sheep in the Water supply, helping The Seers load their gear onto the back of the stage, for some reason they thought I had some authority,while I didn't even know I was backstage !

A mobile stage and sound system complete with Ozrics, whichj seemed to appear from nowhere, amazing.

Not the best festival I've ever been to - 20 years of Glastonbury sort of takes the edge fof the others - but certainly one of the most memorable.

Posted on 28 Mar 2009 21:36:28 GMT
For me IOW 69 followed a few one-day blues festivals but was memorable. Basic 2-man tent shared beween 4. Short on sleep but few acts worth sleeping through. The Who (by helicopter?) doing Tommy tracks, Dylan in white, Joe Cocker, Keith Emerson murdering another keyboard, and and and. Shaken awake to see naked girl dancing around near stage. Avoid the loos with their mile-long queues. Festival theme-tune Amazing Grace by The Great Awakening broadcast umpteen times. Boarding the ferry back to Portsmouth seconds before it left.

Posted on 29 Mar 2009 17:59:51 BDT
jowcol says:
Free festival in early 70s not too far from London (Runnymead?), a band taking an eternity to set-up with someone saying "one two, one two" into a mic every 30 seconds or so. They (can't remember their name) finally started and, after one not terribly long number, the singer announced "we're gonna do one more and then we've gotta go".

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Mar 2009 18:29:07 BDT
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2009 16:31:37 BDT
hypergod says:
Does anyone remember the Windsor Free Festivals, in particular the first one which was really just a bunch of approximately 50 or so hippies (me included) camping in a grove of trees in the Great Park? There were police at all (at least I assume they were at all) of the entrances to the park telling everyone who 'looked the type' that the festival was cancelled. Gods know how many took the bastards at their words and turned back, I seem to remember seeing people do this. My friend (Grant Showbiz, if anyone knows of him?) and I were not so stupid, though the police really tried to persuade us not to continue but of course they couldn't stop us entering a public park. I loved every minute of it. Was anyone else there? The next couple of years it got much bigger, with thousands of people and a stage and actual bands and stuff, but my favourite memories are from that first one.
ps Mrs Anne Culpin, every post of yours that I've read is so in tune with my own tastes (apart from the poker!) it's uncanny. Shame about that 'Mrs'!

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Mar 2009 19:38:58 BDT
Leftin says:
Liffy - I have a tape of Mott the Hoople at Weeley in '71. Must be the same festival. They apparently came on at 6am, completely sleepless, and all wearing shades, except... Ian Hunter. He greets the people with - "Wake up, yer lazy bastards!"

At first hand:

Knebworth '85... UFO's Atomik Tommy M dodged a flying bottle, then pointed and cackled at the thrower. Hilarious!

Reading '82... Krokus attracted bottle throwing too, but they fell back on the screens, screaming, as the bottles arrived! And Michael Schenker played an absolute blinder, with Gary Barden rather than the expected Graham Bonnet.

Posted on 30 Mar 2009 12:45:17 BDT
jowcol says:
Hypergod - you should take up poker - you might get lucky!

Posted on 30 Mar 2009 16:58:17 BDT
amzing line up
I remember brewers droop ( Mark Knopfler) Edgar Broughton and wishbone Ash who played at the natural amphitheatre and played too long for my liking as I was more interested in the band following.
Also Keef Hartley.
Then it was 4am before i knew it, absolutely freezing, siuttting around in the glass houses waiting to go home.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 Apr 2009 16:34:33 BDT
Last edited by the author on 3 Apr 2009 18:29:38 BDT
hypergod says:
Mrs Anne Culpin (may I call you Anne or AC, it's much less cumbersome?). The amount of sub-text I can read into that one sentence is unbelievable!

Posted on 1 Mar 2014 19:57:20 GMT
Just coming down from acid at wheeley and heard amazing grace, anyone know where I can get that band and track???

In reply to an earlier post on 1 Mar 2014 20:12:56 GMT
Lez Lee says:
Ian, someone on this site might be able to help you.

Posted on 1 Mar 2014 20:20:20 GMT
[Deleted by Amazon on 3 Mar 2014 11:59:20 GMT]

Posted on 1 Mar 2014 20:37:02 GMT
A. bailey says:
Gosh Ian where did you find this thread,I was scrolling through and saw good old Hypergod and thought someone had taken his name now..went a little bit shivery.We mentioned Hyper at the PPU.

Posted on 1 Mar 2014 20:39:08 GMT
Last edited by the author on 1 Mar 2014 20:53:55 GMT
K.J.S. says:
Ian, is it this one?

Amazing Grace - The Great Awakening

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Mar 2014 12:52:49 GMT
Sorry to take so long in replying, I have been a traveling. Just like in the good old days. Yes, thanks so much, can't tell you how many memories have come back listening to that, almost had a flash back. Have moved into folk and Morris dancing these days but it was soo good to have an evening remembering being young, high, very few worries and lots of girls with the same attitudes. Ahhhhh!

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Mar 2014 14:34:23 GMT
Wharf Rat says:
...also the theme toon for the IOW 70 fest as well Ian,also
'Pictures In The Sky' by Medicine Head.....oooh fond memories!!!!

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Mar 2014 11:15:45 GMT
You know, maybe it was something I ate ;) but I don't remember it as the theme for IOW.

It and BJH Mocking Bird are my huge memories of Weeley, Hendrix was my memory of IOW, and, so sadly, at work the next week reading he had died. Bummer!! As we used to say.

Posted on 23 Mar 2014 11:37:01 GMT
T. Franklin says:
Had to laugh at the comment about Meat Loaf getting bottled. The same thing happened at Knebworth when Deep Purple played there in 1985 (frightening to think that'll be 30 years ago next year!). To be honest it was probably the highlight of a rather dull day.

Posted on 23 Mar 2014 11:37:29 GMT
easytiger says:
Zep and Stones at Knebworth. Slade at Reading. Jam and UK Subs at Loch Lomond. The festival of mud at Reading, was it 73 0r 74? No amount of substances could keep the chill of freezedried mud away after 2 days.

Posted on 25 Mar 2014 13:46:48 GMT
James Warner says:
I went to the Ben & Jerry's Sundae two-day festival at Clapham Common a few years ago. Free ice cream and sorbets, with just enough time between acts to queue up for one, lots of side entertainments and food vendors and you could bring in your own water and refill at a stand pipe rather than pay a quid a bottle from some rip-off vendor. The music was good too!
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