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Advertising ebooks for £3 or less!

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Posted on 13 Feb 2013, 08:53:43 GMT
Frontier Wife

Hi everyone,
This novel is cheap, but not nasty.
Can a beautiful English Rose tame a rugged frontier man?

Tommy Lindsay arrives in colonial Australia to claim the rundown farm she and her brothers have inherited from their Uncle Henry.

Hidden behind her fragile English rose beauty, beats the heart of a courageous young woman. She will need all this strength to survive the unforgiving heat, and the dangers lurking around every corner. Lost in the bush, capture by a feral mountain family, raging bushfires are nothing, compared to the danger she faces if she gives her heart to Adam Munro.

Adam Munro, a rugged frontier man, has no room in his heart to love a woman. All he ever wanted was a presentable wife who would provide him with heirs. He didn't need passion in his life, not until he met the beautiful English rose living next door to him.


Posted on 13 Feb 2013, 09:42:05 GMT
Nina says:
Try these exciting adventure books for children from 6 years old and upwards:
Jess and the Ghost of Black Rock Castle (The 'Jess' series)
Jess and the Magic Wishing Well (The 'Jess' series)

Posted on 13 Feb 2013, 14:02:28 GMT
Ron A Sewell says:
We've known The Professionals, The Avengers and The Persuaders.

Petros Kyriades and Bear Morris, two ex soldiers from different backgrounds combine their talents to become the Collectors.
Light-hearted action/adventure tales relying on the interaction between the two main characters.

The Collectors

The Collectors - Book Two


When your world collapses you run but none can hide forever.

You Can't Hide Forever

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Feb 2013, 14:53:50 GMT
Please download and enjoy these new top-selling Amazon bargain £.77 short stories/anthologies today!

The Cries Of Vampira Saga Complete Collection
Just Like You, I Just Wanted To Be Loved:The Love Story of Cass & Drake (SERIES COLLECTION 1) (THE GREAT LAKE STATE SERIES)
No Panties Fridays (Collection 1) (The Law Firm Of Flipper & Mounter Series)
The Possession Of Jessica Kind, Teen Cheerleader (Collection 1) (The Great Lake State Series)

Posted on 14 Feb 2013, 15:32:39 GMT
Ron A Sewell says:
Nothing is mission impossible for Petros Kyriades and Bear Morris, two ex soldiers from different backgrounds who combine their talents and become the Collectors.

The Collectors

The Collectors - Book Two


When your world collapses you run but none can hide forever.

You Can't Hide Forever

Posted on 19 Feb 2013, 10:14:01 GMT
Please allow me to introduce my NEW thriller.

Hidden In Plain View
When Sir Adrian Gold, shadow Minister of Defence, offered Gabriel Horn £40,000 to assassinate the British Prime Minister and his deputy Horn thought he was joking.
"I'll do it for a million pounds," he laughed.
"Done," said Sir Adrian.
Horn stared at him. There had to be a catch

This story hits the floor running and doesn't stop.

Posted on 19 Feb 2013, 10:46:02 GMT
The Girl on the Swing - general/literary fiction

Do you believe you've lived before? Julia does. Since she was a child she's had dreams, memories and visions of what she believes are previous lives. For the first time, she meets someone whom she recognises from a previous existence. She is drawn to get to know him. But while, in the past, he was her teenage sweetheart, in this life he's a murderer. Present and past entwine, culminating in a dramatic conclusion.

Cave - general/adventure fiction

Marty is trapped down a cave beneath the Welsh mountains. Will his life begin at forty - or will it end?
Newly single and reunited with old friends from university, he is persuaded to resume his hobby of caving. While twisted relationships play out on the surface, he descends into the strange and beautiful world of caverns and stalactites, where ghosts from the past are waiting to haunt him. But the others have secrets too - and as they are revealed, Marty unknowingly walks into danger.

Bloody Scared - short fiction/humorous

A spoof. Belief in vampires not required!

Edward Jessop is a vampire with an embarrassing problem - he faints at the sight of blood.

Editing a Better Book - non-fiction/informative

A comprehensive guide to editing, aimed primarily at authors self-editing novels prior to publication or submission to agents and editors. Much of the book also applies to non-fiction and to editing for others.

Posted on 21 Feb 2013, 22:04:04 GMT
Roger Cave says:
Why not try one of the Alec Fincham novels, they`re pure action adventure thrillers.
Each one is available for only £1.03.

All nine books are military, espionage, action thrillers and feature Commander Alec Fincham, of her Majesty's Special Boat Service. Because of his military training, he is seconded to the Special Operations Department of M.I.6. Every difficult job that comes along, he and his team have to face head on.

The Barcza Gambit (The Alec Fincham Novels)
Someone wants to keep the American military in Iraq, and possibly escalate the war. Fincham, in his first outing, finds himself in Miami, trying to figure out what's really going on.

Sicilian Defence (Alec Fincham #2)
Fincham and his team are after a Middle Eastern terrorist, but the Italian Mafia stand in their way. Can he and his team outfox the Mafia, and still catch the man they're after.

White King (Alec Fincham #3)
British anti-drug patrols in the Caribbean are dealt a blow by a Venezuelan drug lord. Fincham and his team are sent in to deliver a message. However, the message turns out to be more dangerous to deliver than they could have possibly imagined.

Zugzwang (Alec Fincham #4)
A man wants revenge for his son's death. If successful, he'll kill hundreds of thousands. Fincham and his team find themselves in the Iraqi Western Desert, alone and outnumbered, and in a worse position than when they started. Can they survive?

Octopus Knight (Alec Fincham #5)
A death in London sets Fincham on to the trail of a Russian drugs smuggler. He will have to face death in the frozen Chernobyl ghost towns, if he is to succeed.

Medusa Defence (Alec Fincham #6)
The murder of a politician sends Fincham on a chase to find Medusa, a world famous model. He has to find out what she knows, and protect her from those who want the information she has.

Deep Blue (Alec Fincham #7)
Somali pirates kidnap a South African diamond miner. Fincham is engaged to get him out, no matter the cost. To fail will deepen the world's financial crisis, and strengthen foreign terrorist cells.

Grand Prix Variation (Alec Fincham #8)
Fincham is tasked with providing protection to a Formula 1 Racing Team. The team's owner is also a supplier of military technology to the Armed Forces. One man wants that relationship terminated, permanently.

Queen's Knight (Alec Fincham #9)
The love of Anastasia Hunt's life goes missing, but nothing is at it first appears. Alec Fincham is brought in to resolve the case, but can he get to the bottom of what's going on without paying the ultimate price?

Snake Variation (Alec Fincham #10)
In this one Alec Fincham travels to the Middle East during the Arab Spring, but he's not involved in a way you would expect. Nevertheless, it is no less dangerous for him and his team as everyone they encounter will be a threat to their lives.

Posted on 21 Feb 2013, 23:31:58 GMT
Minijax says:
If you enjoy genealogical novels, Tainted Tree may be the book for you. Good value, at under £2 for the Kindle; 25 reviews, average 4.5 stars; 115,000 words, (or 367 pages in print.)

Winner of the second prize at the Winchester Writers' Conference, Tainted Tree tells the story of Addie Russell, an adopted American girl, who comes to England to investigate her family history, leaving behind a failed love affair. It's set in the 1990s, when Addie is left a house in the UK, and arrives from Boston with a view to learning all she can about her blood family. Her research takes her back to the early part of the 20th century and to Surrey and the West Country. A new romance awaits her, but family secrets both shock and thrill her.

Posted on 22 Feb 2013, 08:35:46 GMT
N S Cooke says:
Hi everyone,

take a look at Bandwidth - The Ghost of Devlin Mallard newly released by Accent Press.

Ouija boards to cream-teas to circuit boards, a twisted, murderous, rogue, threads his way through three generations; battling the RAF, the Metropolitan Police ... and a local OAP seance circle.

Have a good weekend's reading,


Posted on 22 Feb 2013, 17:26:32 GMT
Minijax says:
This is the latest review of my novella, A Bottle of Plonk. It's not a very big book, but might while away Saturday afternoon, while the rugby's on.

"The wine had quite a journey. Very enjoyable. Made me giggle and smile quite a few times. Very good read."

Posted on 22 Feb 2013, 19:21:12 GMT
KJ Mansfield says:
In a lay-by beside a dual carriageway fifty miles north of London on a freezing cold night just before Christmas, a heavily built man drags a bulging black bin bag out of the back of a battered old transit van and throws the bag down a steep incline towards a large moonlit pond.
Just before the bag is about to plunge into the pond, it splits asunder and out cascade five dazed puppies.

When the bin bag, weighed down by two house bricks, sinks below the surface of the pond, without its intended live cargo, the man curses before jumping back into his van and driving off into the night leaving the puppies to face their fate.
Will they survive? What happens next?
Find out in THE FLYBALL 5: The adventures of 5 abandoned puppies for just £1.90.

Posted on 22 Feb 2013, 19:41:48 GMT
Jackie says:
Do you enjoy adversity and adventure? Then my full-length Regency mystery romance, Vidal's Honor, Vidal's Honor , published by Atraea press, is still available for only .49p
Reviewer's comment --
Unusual story but quite gripping. Historical facts were explicit and unnerving. Characters were alive and leapt to from the page.

Posted on 22 Feb 2013, 20:01:04 GMT
max says:
1923: A Memoir Lies and Testaments 77p

Come celebrate my 90th birthday by reading my memoir about my early days.
To say that Harry Smith was born under an unlucky star would be an understatement. Born in England in 1923, Smith chronicles the tragic story of his early life in this first volume of his memoirs. He presents his family's early history-their misfortunes and their experiences of enduring betrayal, inhumane poverty, infidelity, and abandonment.

1923: A Memoir presents the story of a life lyrically described, capturing a time both before and during World War II when personal survival was dependent upon luck and guile. During this time, failure insured either a trip to the workhouse or burial in a common grave. Brutally honest, Smith's story plummets to the depths of tragedy and flies up to the summit of mirth and wonder, portraying real people in an uncompromising, unflinching voice.

1923: A Memoir tells of a time and place when life, full of raw emotion, was never so real.

Posted on 23 Feb 2013, 01:07:29 GMT
Daring Masquerade

Good morning all,

Hope everyone is well.
Can I tempt your reading tastebuds with a story set during the turmoil and tragedy of the Great War?

By the time Ross Calvert discovers Harry Martin is in fact Harriet Martin she has fallen in love with him. Realizing she has failed in her final effort to protect her shell-shocked brother, she puts a desperate proposition to Ross. Marry her and she will give him an heir.

Ross accepts. However, he is tormented by the betrayal of his former fiancée Virginia. On his honeymoon he meets her again and is still infatuated. With the army recalling him to the trenches of France, he faces a terrible dilemma. Taste Virginia's passion before he marches off to war, or keep his marriage vows to Harry.

Many thanks


Posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:45:38 GMT
Ignite says:
If you haven't caught up with Andrew Barrett's The Third Rule trilogy yet, you can now get all 3 books in one volume for a mere £2.99. I've just bought it! I've read the separate books several times and I know I shall again and it's so convenient to have them all under one heading.
The Third Rule - The Complete Story

This story is phenomenal - and I'm not the only reader who thinks so! It speaks of a new, supposedly fool-proof justice system in which the innocent can be sacrificed by those with power and ambition. A down-at-heel newspaper man and a grieving and drunken Scenes of Crime officer are determined to see true justice. It's a thriller and an absolute gem of a story. I've never read better.

Posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:52:28 GMT
Please allow me to introduce my new thriller.

Hidden In Plain View
Gabriel Horn loved to kill. It felt like a lovers kiss, sweet and satisfying in its embrace. But when Sir Adrian Gold, the shadow Minister for Defence offered him £40,000 to kill the British PM and his deputy he thought he was joking.
"No chance, cost you a cool million pounds," he laughed.
Sir Adrian never hesitated. "Agreed."
Horn stared at him. He was deadly serious.

A gripping story that hits the floor running and never lets up.

Posted on 23 Feb 2013, 12:47:20 GMT
Isabella says:
Follow the Dove

Still selling well - what more can i say?

Posted on 24 Feb 2013, 01:23:30 GMT
Happy Accident-Fate Not Fatal

Recognised magazine review below


Posted on 24 Feb 2013, 09:12:37 GMT

Tripping the Night Fantastic (Charlie Deavon 1) is a totally original murder mystery. A blend of sleuth detective fiction and psychedelic cop-chase. It is humorous and entertaining.

Charlie Deavon, the drunken connoisseur of stupidity, is trying to solve a murder. He was not designed to solve murders. He was designed to dislike people and sit alone in his dark apartment drinking whisky and writing. Upon his agents arrest for a murder he probably didn't commit he is forced into the carelessly sunny world outside and half heartedly prove his friends innocence.

It hasn't been on sale long but it is already gaining good reviews. Give it a try.

Posted on 18 Sep 2013, 20:00:38 BST
Kyle Jones says:

Need to promote your FREE or discounted books to thousands of book lovers? Or just like the current updates of bargain books?

www.ebooksgrowontrees.com can help!

Please consider liking our facebook page:

and following us on twitter:

Thanks! :)

Posted on 18 Sep 2013, 21:15:42 BST
Mary Bale says:
writing as Pamela St Abbs:
Smoke Shadows (Inspector Campbell Mysteries)
Water Weal (Inspector Campbell Mysteries)
Twisting Tide (Inspector Campbell Mysteries)

The Edinburgh detective plies his trade in East Anglia.

Also an e-book of 8 short mystery stories:
A Short Journey to St Abbs

If you like Ruth Rendell or PD James you might like these.

Posted on 18 Sep 2013, 21:42:05 BST
Roger Weston says:
1945-A shipwreck of epic proportions leaves a young boy in possession of one of the darkest secrets of the Third Reich.

2012-A billionaire, obsessed with revenge, prepares at a long-lost science facility near Cape Horn for a diabolical and unimaginable event that will shock the world.

Long Beach, California-The famous cruise ship, the Queen Mary, prepares for her final voyage-but nothing is as it seems.

At the ship's farewell gathering, maritime historian Jake Sands spots a face from his past, and it could only mean one thing-a catastrophe at sea.

Fatal Return
A thrilling adventure with amazing ties to history.

$2.99 on Kindle!
Free with Amazon Prime

Posted on 9 Oct 2013, 17:06:37 BST
[Deleted by Amazon on 10 Oct 2013, 08:57:48 BST]

Posted on 9 Oct 2013, 18:18:06 BST
Barca_10 says:
The Fanatic - a spy thriller from author R J Dillon

Britain it seems, has more enemies than friends...

When a radical group of extremists launch a terror campaign on the streets of Britain, a frantic hunt begins to find those responsible. But what seems a simple case of terrorism quickly reveals other, more sinister forces at work. As Nick Torr follows a dangerous trail that stretches from the hostile streets of Cairo to Paris, London, Kenya, Somalia and finally Washington, it becomes clear that this is no straightforward dirty war.

Nick's investigation into brutal murders, double deals and illegal black operations, leads him to a startling discovery of a conspiracy that has its dark roots in the heart of Moscow and personal treachery.

`...The Fanatic' is a book that I couldn't put down and would recommend to both friends and family.... (Amazon UK Review)

For other books and trailers by the same author, check out rjdillon.com
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