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Initial post: 1 Apr 2014, 10:25:36 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 11:10:43 BST
No April fool!

Timeline of the Middle Ages
A clear and concise timeline of the major events that occurred during the Middle Ages, from the death of Charlemagne in 814 to the burning of Grand Master Jacques de Molay in 1314. Completely loaded with illustrations, the Timeline of the Middle Ages is a must have for anyone seeking to understand this great period of history.

The invasion of Denmark and the Danish Resistance during World War II
The invasion of Denmark (and Norway) was the second one after Poland. It was prepared by Hitler since 1939 as a necessary step to control the Baltic Sea and the North Sea against British and allies' armies. This essay summarizes how the invasion was planned and the main successes of the resistance. Finally, it is suitable to point out how the Danes judge that period today.

Captured in Hatten
"I recall a fellow grabbed machine gunner Sloan's morsel of cheese and swallowed it quickly before we were aware of what happened," Jack Nickell wrote in a letter to fellow ex-prisoner of war Glenn Schmidt. "I recall that court-martial. They found the thief guilty and he was given his choice - to man the honey bucket until we were liberated or be put to death."
Nickell and Schmidt were POWs in Stalag IXB at Bad Orb after being captured in the French village of Hatten during the Germans' Operation North Wind.
This is a rare firsthand account of the battle of Hatten from three members of the 242nd Regiment of the 42nd "Rainbow" Infantry Division.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 10:30:20 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 10:40:02 BST
Cossacks In Paris: a Napoleonic era novel
Rebellious engineer Breutier Armande is drafted into the Grande Armeé on the eve of Napoleon's 1812 Russian war campaign. On a spying mission to St. Petersburg he meets Kaarina, daughter of the counselor to Tsar Alexander I.

Discord in Harmonia (A Clayton Leonard Mystery Book 1)
The first installment of the Clayton Leonard Mystery Series. The stories take place at the beginning of the 20th century in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan. Follow Clayton as he comes to terms with caring for a demented parent, copes with the loss of another, and discovers romance, all while being thrown into a mix of murder, mayhem, ghosts, and séances.

Destinies Divided: A World War One romance of the Chinese Diaspora
China is on the brink of civil war. The Boxers, after cruelly murdering many missionaries around north China, are finally defeated in their fifty-five day siege of Beijing. The triumphant foreign Eight Nations exact crippling penalties, stripping China of all her sovereign rights, bringing her to her knees. The ruling Qing Dynasty is doomed to end when the Dowager Empress Cixi dies in 1908 and the eleven year old Puyi, the Last Emperor, succeeds to the throne. But on October 10th 1911, the Republic is declared.

Kilimanjaro a Colonial Novel
In the small seaside tropical town of Tanga social life revolves around the Africa Hotel. There, an illegal backroom gambling den is to play a decisive role after Emmanuel meets Andrea, the stunning blonde daughter of an impoverished German count and countess.

Sley the Reed
A first person account of Luther Stockton, a young Confederate soldier who finds himself doubting the justice of "The Cause" and whose war-weariness is compounded by events in his personal life. The story opens at Gettysburg, and follows the actions of Ewell's Second Corps during those fateful days in July of 1863. An already seasoned veteran, Luther's first-person account describes in vivid detail a soldier's "boots on the ground" version of the battle as he witnesses the deaths of his companions and the near-destruction of his army.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 11:00:39 BST
Beyond Walden: The Transcendental Romance of Ellen Devereaux (Sewall) Osgood and Henry David Thoreau
TWO BROTHERS compete for the hand of a woman and one of them ends up dying. Sounds like the making of a juicy romance novel, doesn't it? Only this story is not a work of fiction. It actually happened to one of America's greatest writers, and not just to any writer mind you. This was the author of Walden, "Civil Disobedience," and "A Plea for Captain John Brown," a writer famous for his stoic manner, his grave and serious prose, his intellectual curiosity (some say snobbery) and a man known to his closest friends and neighbors as a "confirmed bachelor of thought and nature." Henry David Thoreau never got married, and this may very well be the reason why.

Stars Upside Down: a memoir of travel, grief, and an incandescent God
At seventeen, Jennie Goutet has a dream that she will one day marry a French man and sets off to Avignon in search of him. Though her dream eludes her, she lives boldly-teaching in Asia, studying in Paris, working and traveling for an advertising firm in New York. When God calls her, she answers reluctantly, and must first come to grips with depression, crippling loss, and addiction before being restored. Serendipity takes her by the hand as she marries her French husband, works with him in a humanitarian effort in East Africa, before settling down in France and building a family.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 11:07:04 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 11:10:00 BST
Meeting Mr Write: Mr Write Trilogy Book One
Rosetta Alvez is a romance novelist....The problem is she's a little short on romance of late.
Ten months ago, Rosie was dumped in spectacular fashion when she turned up to her own wedding minus a groom. A bad case of writer's block leaves Rosie heartbroken and humiliated with her publishers bearing down on her and she has to get out. She's needs inspiration and decides to look for it on the other side of the world.

Red Skies (Tales of the Scavenger's Daughter, Book 4)
"I feel empty, as though I'm leaving behind a piece of myself." As the daughter of the town scavenger, Mari grew up knowing hardship, but she could have never anticipated the struggles facing her as an adult. Feeling alone and isolated, she dreams of a better life. On the other side of town, a little girl is forced to live on the streets, but silently she longs for the one thing she's never known--a family. Max, a struggling American photojournalist, arrives in China with only one goal in mind; to face his demons and put an end to his own unbearable suffering. In Red Skies, the fate of three people who've never met will converge in profound and unexpected ways.

A Forgotten Man
It's a story of one father's heroic struggle to provide for his family, of one mother's heartbreaking sacrifices, and the tragic unraveling of a young girl's once-promising future. The novel captures the unseen impact of the Great Recession on American families and explores the changing relationships between citizens and their government.

Half of a Life - A Collection of Drawings
A collection of illustrator Gary Parkin's work, ranging from celebrity portraits to vast cityscapes, to highly detailed comic strips and beyond.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 11:11:55 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 11:24:36 BST
Autism - A Practical Guide for Parents
Think of this book as a collection of sparks. Real sparks ignite fires. The sparks in this book will ignite ideas in your head about how to teach your child with autism.

Mind Maps: Quicker Notes, Better Memory, and Improved Learning 3.0
Includes links to numerous free mind mapping software - no need to buy, subscribe, or submit proof of purchase. Plus a bonus section that will triple your current reading speed and comprehension in a matter of minutes.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 11:25:29 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 11:26:59 BST
With so many siblings, my younger children quickly learned to know just how many M&Ms everyone should get when you open a package. I think that may be why they're so good at maths.

Raising Math Wizards and Witches
Suggested strategies for helping your children learn mathematics.
This book is written for the mom or dad who wants to set their child up for success learning math in school, and is willing to put in the time and effort to make that happen.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 11:31:30 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 11:36:53 BST
The King of Terrors (a psychological thriller combining mystery, crime and suspense)
It begins in the year 1929. DCI Thomas Rayne discovers the decomposed body of an unknown man in a Suffolk barn, a strange black symbol painted on the barn wall. More than eighty years later in 2011, guilt-ridden Gareth Davies seeks a quiet life in rural Wales. But his self-enforced solitude is soon to be violently shattered.

Dracula Rekindled: Part 1 of 2
'Not until he cannot lose will he make his move! His preparation will be slow and thorough. Never again will he meet defeat by the same ends...'
A young couple find their plans delayed by unforeseen events. A student's PhD research digs up more than she bargained for, and a renowned Haematologist discovers his ancestor, Van Helsing, was master of more than just medicine. Amidst a series of strange events and horrific discoveries, lands are being bought up in Scotland; renovation work begins in a quaint coastal village to restore a medieval castle ruin. Does the prestigious restoration, and its new owner, hold any connection to the dark events unfolding?

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 16:39:19 BST
Little Egret says:
Raising Math Wizards and Witches by Matthew P. Collins FCAS

Crocodiles - Sandie Lee Books (children's animal books age 4-6, wildlife photography, animal books nonfiction)

Jaguars - Sandie Lee Books (children's animal books age 4-6, wildlife photography, animal books nonfiction)

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 16:42:42 BST
Little Egret says:
Flat Breads and Pizza (Delicious Recipes Book 21) by June Kessler

Pressure Cooker Recipe Book: Fast Cooking Under Extreme Pressure by Maria Holmes

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 17:04:56 BST
Little Egret says:
Clean eating for foodies: 25 amazing clean eating recipes under 250 calories! by Julie Porterlandish

50 Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Recipes - Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Muffins and More (The Ultimate Pumpkin Desserts Cookbook - The Delicious ... Desserts and Pumpkin Recipes Collection 1) by Pamela Kazmierczak

Delectable Cake Recipes from Scratch: For Those Who Never Knew Baking Could Be So Easy! by Martha Stone

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 17:06:08 BST
Little Egret says:
Half of a Life - A Collection of Drawings by Gary Parkin
Half of a Life is a collection of illustrator Gary Parkin's work, ranging from celebrity portraits to vast cityscapes, to highly detailed comic strips and beyond.

Presented in full colour, ideal for the Kindle Fire or to view on your computer, this book also looks great in black and white on your regular Kindle and is highly recommended if you're a fan of good, old-fashioned drawing.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 17:16:25 BST
Last edited by the author on 1 Apr 2014, 17:23:40 BST
Thanks for reposting two of my earlier posts LE! (Maths Wizards and Witches and Half of a life) Nice to know someone enjoys them x

SpunOut.ie Survival Guide to Life
The book is a compilation of tips and advice to help you deal with lots of different issues including; peer pressure, mental health problems, exam stress, moving to college, finding a job, sexual health, bullying and much more. SpunOut.ie is a youth led website which provides relevant, reliable, and non-judgemental information to assist young people aged 16-25 to lead happy and healthy lives.

Horn (The Trouble Trilogy Book 1)
It's Brassed Off meets The Inbetweeners... He's a sarcastic 16-year-old virgin. She's a gorgeous 21-year-old journalist. They have nothing in common, apart from their hobby... and a relationship they really shouldn't be having. This is the story of how a boy tried to grow up, learning about love, lust and loss along the way.

Randy (The Trouble Trilogy Book 2)
It's three years later and Trouble is trying his best to be an adult at university. Jules is still the love of his life - and still gorgeous. Of course. He works in a (different) corner shop, plays horn in a (different) band and is still a cheeky and sarcastic little bugger who is far too clever for his own good. Trouble has found his happily ever after. Sort of. But then there's the fact it was his fault that his best friend killed himself. And then there's the fact there's a rapist on the loose. And then there's Vicki, his best mate's missus...

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 18:42:29 BST
Couple of Endeavour Press titles that are currently free.

A Midwinter Murder (An Elizabethan Murder Mystery)

Spy story The Virgin and the Fool

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 19:40:41 BST
Joo says:
Last free day for A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy) by Andrew Barrett

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 20:16:05 BST
brenda says:
Thank all of you for posting the free book,s xxx

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 21:00:00 BST
Puzzler says:
The House of the Wicked (a psychological thriller combining mystery, murder, crime and suspense)
"If you are not of a squeamish disposition, Mr Denning, I should like you to look at my collected images of the dead..."

1880: Stephen Denning is an artist arriving in Porthgarrow. It is an isolated Cornish fishing community, largely untouched by the modern, developing Victorian world, hanging onto its old traditions, superstitions and beliefs - a community that lives with a disturbing secret. So too does Denning.

He is a reluctant visitor, and though he is supposedly joining his one-time artist friend Terrance Wilkinson to form an artists' colony it is circumstances that force him there. Denning is still haunted by the brutal death of a young woman in Brittany, and shouldering guilt for the fact that he covered up for Wilkinson when he suspects the man of having been been involved with the murder.

But Porthgarrow is haunted by its own demons and secrets. He learns about the savage murder of a woman by her husband Jowan Connoch thirteen years previously, and of Jowan's son who has returned to Porthgarrow to uncover the truth and to clear his father's name.

Yet it is far from over. Before long three more people are destined to die in Porthgarrow before the village gives up its sinister secrets, and Stephen Denning will learn of his own family's mysterious involvement.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 21:02:59 BST
Puzzler says:
The King of Terrors (a psychological thriller combining mystery, crime and suspense)
It begins in the year 1929. DCI Thomas Rayne discovers the decomposed body of an unknown man in a Suffolk barn, a strange black symbol painted on the barn wall. A crime that Inspector Rayne never solved. A case he would go to his death calling his Curse.

More than eighty years later in 2011, guilt-ridden Gareth Davies seeks a quiet life in rural Wales. But his self-enforced solitude is soon to be violently shattered. Driving home one night in a snowstorm he knocks down and nearly kills a mysterious young woman in a country lane.

He doesn't know it but his life will never be the same again. The woman claims to be his twin sister Erica - a sister he never knew he had, because his unknown mother abandoned him in 1976 as a baby at Cardiff Central railway station. But his newfound sister brings with her a dire warning: his life is in great danger. When she disappears unexpectedly, he decides he must find her. That's when his nightmare truly begins.

Police find false ID papers in a Manchester flat, bearing Davies' photo; a flat in which a woman has been murdered. Moreover, the details of the gruesome murder mirror those exactly of the man found in the barn by DCI Rayne in 1929.

Why is Davies being followed by a strange Canadian man? Why is ninety-year-old Sir David Lambert-Chide, wealthy pharmaceutical giant, desperate to find Davies' sister too? Who is the attractive but mysterious red-haired woman who warns him he is being hunted by the deadly Doradus? And who or what exactly is Doradus?

What becomes clear is that someone wants him dead, whilst others want him very much alive. His life in the balance, he finds he's being hunted for reasons he cannot fathom, with no one to turn to, not knowing who to trust and caught up in dark forces many hundreds of years old.

Entering Dean Koontz territory, The King of Terrors is a breathtaking rollercoaster of a thriller that never lets up from its gripping and mystifying beginning to its shocking conclusion. With an array of well-drawn, memorable characters, its many delicious twists and turns and its complex, intelligently written, multi-stranded plot, this is D. M. Mitchell at his most ingenious, dark and profound.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 21:07:04 BST
Puzzler says:
Only the Truth
Harkening back to the writing styles and small town settings of earlier American authors - John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers - "Only the Truth" is a psychological mystery with as many twists as the country road leading to the humble home of Billy Ray Hutchins, a lonely uneducated man living in the hills of Arkansas. Life changes little for him from day to day until he brings home a young drifter he meets at the railroad tracks, the mysterious Charlene, whose last name he never asks. He becomes her Sweet Billy Ray and his love for Charlene is steady and uncomplicated until the sheriff shows up to take her away in handcuffs. With the only woman he has ever loved behind bars for the coldblooded murder of the old man across the road, a confused and devastated Billy Ray sets out on a quest to find the truth, only the truth, whether it leads him to be able to save his Charlene from a death sentence or it frees him from her spell.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 21:09:38 BST
Puzzler says:
Poisoned Arrows (The Golden Aces Trilogy)
Rob Thomas has spent the last ten years trying to forget all the terrible things he's done. But when notorious gangster Stephen McSharry is released from prison, determined to reclaim his place at the pinnacle of the Liverpool underworld, Rob is forced to return to a life he's tried to bury, and kill one last time.

Caught between an ambitious brother and a cop determined to salvage a career making case, Rob finds himself thrust into the midst of a gang war that threatens to rip the entire city apart.

Drawn deeper and deeper into the chaos, they will each have to sacrifice the life they know to satisfy their ambition. But in a world where murder and betrayal are the only currency that count, it might not be enough to see them succeed, or even survive.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 21:42:35 BST
Many thanks for reposting the King of Terrors, puzzler x

The Emerald Talisman (Talisman Series Book 1)
Julia Parker would trade her secret gift to feel others emotions in a heartbeat, especially half the horny guys in school. Gross. After running out of gas and having no choice but to walk through the woods home, she feels something no one should feel: blood-lust. And when she tries to escape, she ends up dangling off a cliff. Who comes to her rescue? None other than a hot guy with super human strength. Only problem is, he's there when you need him and gone when you want him. Typical guy. Julia tries to forget him, but as the vampire problem grows and friends fall prey to the growing coven, she has no where else to turn. She ends up seeking the advice of a psychic, only to find out she alone is the key to stopping the madness, problem is it'll require her rescuer's life. Great.

Posted on 1 Apr 2014, 21:47:59 BST
For the Sake of Love
When magazine journalist Amanda Derry corners the handsome French tennis star Sacha Manon after a match, she's only thinking of the best way to get her story. But when Sacha agrees to a date, Amanda falls for him - hard. The feeling's definitely mutual - but only because Sacha has no idea that Amanda works for one of the celebrity magazines that make his life a misery.
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