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Dawn Of The Dead Review

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Initial post: 15 Nov 2009, 13:00:54 GMT
Stu says:
Here I have posted a review of what someone thought of the George Romero Dawn Of The Dead (which we all know is a classic - and it got me into horror films)


I bought this film under the impression that it was great film, how wrong I was. The acting is wooden, the people seem like they are enjoying being stuck in a mall full of dead caniballs. The zombies make-up is appalling, they look crap, and the film is over 2 hours long, making it unbearable to watch. Avoid this trash at all costs and watch the remake as it is 100 times better.

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 14:34:31 GMT
Well stuart I hate the review as much as you as the original "Dawn of the Dead" is a masterpiece in my opinion but every film has its fans and its enemies and there's nothing we can do about it, it would be a much simpler world if everyone liked the same films but it would destroy the concept of taste and individuality which is a very important part of being a horror fan so if we want to be accepted for liking cult films most people don't give a damn about we also must accept that many people will dislike a film that we may find to be absloutely brilliant. If I were to say one item was particularly misjudged it would be "Suspiria", if you look at the reviews you'll see while some love the film and consider it among the best films ever like me others who don't understand or like the film attack it with unrelenting hate, still as much as it bugs me the truth is no film is going to please everyone so we just have to keep following our own tastes and not let those who disagree with us get us down.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Nov 2009, 14:41:02 GMT
AJ says:
A bit harsh - although there are some dodgy make up FX on some of the undead in truth, and the acting is a bit stiff.
However it's the mall setting that makes the film for me and it's well done action scenes & setpieces. The film has a genuineley apocalyptic feel.

I wonder though if somebody who has never seen either watched them both together - would they be so forgiving of he film's creakier moments. Many of us over say the age of 30 are very sentimental about these movies from the old video rental days.
I think the remake is a very different film - more action orientated but I really liked it. Unfair to compare the two as the 2004 film has a bigger budget, advanced FX capabilities and as a result much better production values. The 1978 movie has it's own charm but for me some of this is down to nostalgia. That's not to say that the above review is not overly critical!!
I do think that Romero's movie made much better use of the mall locale though than Snyder's did.

In reply to an earlier post on 15 Nov 2009, 17:19:04 GMT
Stuart, "Dawn Of The Dead" was also in that group horror movies that I saw first when I was a kid, It's an absolute masterpiece, still say it is. I can't really be bothered to say much about the review, most of the time I just ignore these type of reviews.

A. Walker, you're right that people misjudge the superb "Suspiria" and other horror films sometimes, the original "Last House On The Left" is another example, which despite it's flaws, I think it's incredible especially for when it was made.

Adam, I am sure there is a little bit of nostalgia or being biased by every horror film fan, but there is a hell of lot older horror films that are way, way before my time so it's mostly nothing to do with nostalgia for me anyway. Adam, I just prefer the older ones for and including reasons you mentioned for Romero's "Dawn Of The Dead" plus atmosphere, soundtracks, no CGI, locations, more interesting characters in my opinion etc. etc. I just feel despite a lot of them having flaws, the stuff I do like about the older horror films more than makes up for any flaws.

I do like some modern horror too though, particularly asian and french horror and the odd mainstream horror, it's just in general I prefer older horror for variety and various other reasons.

Just another quick comment on that review, it makes me laugh when these people talk about bad acting in older horror films, what, like all the acting in modern horrors are the perfomances of a lifetime? As an example, What about that lead actor in the film "Wrong Turn" which is modern, in my opinion that was one of the most wooden pieces of acting I've ever seen.

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 18:44:40 GMT
AlanK47 says:
The original Dawn Of The Dead is an out and out classic. Sure its a little hammy but its fun none the less. IMHO its the best of Romero's zombie films. I also really like the remake.

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 20:39:43 GMT
AJ says:
The remake generally seems to have been well received. Not so with the Day Of The Dead remake - although I thought it wasn't as bad as many of the reviews said - I confess I enjoyed it.

Posted on 26 Apr 2013, 15:50:26 BST
Greg Chapman says:
The original creeped me out and still does, but that could from remembering how scared I was when I first saw it. It could be due to the fact that years ago I was attacked in a room which looked very similar to the gang's hideout at the top of the mall.

Posted on 28 Apr 2013, 09:30:28 BST
Last edited by the author on 28 Apr 2013, 09:31:57 BST
I wonder how old the person Bringer of Funerals is talking about is?
It would be interesting to know.
I'd wager s/he is but a callow youth with not much horror film viewing behind him/her.
Perhaps i'm wrong?

Posted on 28 Apr 2013, 21:22:48 BST
Last edited by the author on 28 Apr 2013, 21:27:30 BST
The reviewer seems to have missed the point that Romero was trying to make when he depicted a bunch of people enjoying themselves in a shopping mall during the apocalypse - it was a satirical jab at modern consumerist society.

I disagree that the film has a 'genuinely apocalyptic feel'. It doesnt, you see very little of the actual apocalypse effecting the world - but that was the entire point. What you have is a bunch of people *avoiding* the apocalypse by going to the mall. I think Romeros suggestion was that this is how Western society deals with huge problems - we ignore them and sooth ourselves with the healing balm that is retail therepy.

As for the special effects - it was 1978, and the film was made on a budget of $500,000.

The remake is a very good film, but it seems to have eluded this reviewer that it contains exactly the same themes as the original.

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Apr 2013, 20:25:33 BST
Last edited by the author on 29 Apr 2013, 20:28:56 BST
Stu says:
Im 30. Just thought i'd throw that out there lol. Im guessing he's a teenager

Posted on 3 May 2013, 11:06:03 BST
Modern horror is poor, they keep on missing the key ingredients:

1. The script needs to be flowing, maybe not always the highest quality but it needs to flow.

2. The characters, and this is the most important part- need to feel real and must be likeable. It's usually the opposite

3. Women victims in modern horror always have to say "oh my God", if you looked away when they say this, you would have no idea if they are about to be penetrated big time or be killed. There is no emotion. And really would any of you girls out there really say "oh my God"?

4. Even some of the most cheesiest horror movies of the 1980s, had a soul. These movies apart from the odd foreign exception are devoid of this.

5. This deals with Jason, Freddy and Leatherface. Even if you hated the originals, you know what they had that the remakes don't? They had their individuality. Mr Bay and his Dunes company have morphed the wordls into one- a Jason movie feels like a Halloween one and that feels like a Chainsaw one. Even the typefont for the titles look the same.

Something needs to change. Masters of Horror which is either loved or hated I thought was at least for the most part going in the right direction. But of course they were directed by old school directors.

I don't think anything will change to be honest. But with at least 2,000 horror films for yesteryear to own/watch, well at least we have that to fall back on.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 May 2013, 15:07:47 BST
Stu says:
I like the Masters Of Horror collection, at least they had something going for it and made people want to watch. Unlike modern horror films

Posted on 26 May 2013, 21:43:03 BST
Arch Stanton says:
Yes Mr Funerals, I had a look at the reviewers other reviews. I just think s/he has very different taste to me, so I wouldn't trust her/his opinion as far as I could spit! Doesn't make them an idiot, just unreliable as far as I can trust them with any recommendations. Unless of course it was to watch all the films s/he rated as 3 stars or less!! Black Christmas 3*'s!?! However I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that don't care for my opinion.
Dawn of the Dead is an absolute classic. I've thought this since owning the pre~cert on Intervision!
The remake absolutely destroyed my low expectations when I went to the cinema to see that! Really enjoyed it!
As for you AlanK47.....Romero's best zombie film? Yeah, well maybe....but 'Night' and 'Day' were pretty freakin awesome too.... Night was the scariest and Day was the most fun.........Rhodes is tremendous!! But if you are who I think you are, I'm sure we'll discuss that another time.

In reply to an earlier post on 27 May 2013, 09:12:20 BST
Can I just say that I cannot think of a horror trilogy were I would give 5 stars to all except for Romero's first 3 zombie films. Night for me is pure horror- Dawn is horror but also a reflection of life in America at that time (and perhaps now) and Day is just all out gore. I love them all.

Posted on 27 May 2013, 10:06:58 BST
Arch Stanton says:
You know Decker you could just be right. .
Usually they only last two great movies... Evil Dead, Argento's Mothers trilogy, Return of the Living Dead etc etc. Most horror franchises I can think of only have two out of the first 3 at best that are any good, never mind 5*'s! This is of course completely open to opinion, as there might actually be someone out there that who really enjoyed Hellraiser 3! :D
Though I would also rate some of the Hammer and gothic horror franchises as extremely strong and able to defy that rule. As I have a big soft spot for monsters and nostalgia happily clouding my judgement!

Posted on 27 May 2013, 10:21:30 BST
Arch Stanton says:
GOT IT! Face, Brides and Vengeance of Fu Manchu.....They are all absolute winners! Then Franco came in at the helm..... :D
Also if I ever get a chance to film my story 'The Diabolical Brain Of Dr Phibes' (with Alan Rickman as Phibes!) that will be a 5* trilogy too!

Posted on 29 May 2013, 20:57:33 BST
i love horror films got them on vhs and dvd pretty old ones well in dawn of the dead they made a mistake a young blond hair guy who played a zombie was shown twice in the same clip he was dead then seen againe alive and thiers is two version of it the black guy shot and killed two blond hair kids boy and girl and the other one has the kids been removed from the film so i like to compleat my box sets of horror films ive just got smiley was dissapointed but it said it had extras but the cover lied to me it wasent on loved the mask some horror films out thier arent any good why put names of other great horror films like this on the covers of thier horror films as they arnt in the leauge of the good horror films like the thing i do own all three each one is differnt love some remakes where other remakes has let the film down from jo

Posted on 30 May 2013, 09:08:21 BST
Arch Stanton says:
Miss Turver, thanks for your thoughts*, but any chance you could use some punctuation marks. Full stops, commas, that sort of thing? That was hard reading, I feel dizzy now!
*see also: Brain sick! :D
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