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How many unread books do you own?

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Posted on 30 Apr 2012 19:50:23 BDT
I always keep at least ten or so titles yet to be read. I can't think of anything worse than running out of something you'd like to read.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012 11:36:08 BDT
G. Boyle says:
Every time I go into a book shop...I have to leave with something.You always find something in the bargain bin or there is always one you must have.I have 8 unread books at the moment that will get read,but I will always have unread books at home.I would worry for the day that I didnt have any.....
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Posted on 1 May 2012 13:04:48 BDT
I think there's something rather comforting about a bookcase filled with books waiting to be read - like a kitchen store cupboard filled with inviting ingredients!

Posted on 1 May 2012 14:52:56 BDT
I have just counted 111 books still to be read (including the 2 I have on the go just now). Blimey. I keep a list of what I have read, and what I have to read (split into 'Must Read' and 'Bookshelf' lists) and I revisit it every week to reassess the books still to read and decide if I actually will read them or not. I have to do this as I cannot stop myself from buying more books, and I have limited shelf space. It is an addiction! I must confess that I have bought many that are cheap so that I will have the pleasure of reading them to my kids... although I don't have any yet! The Princess Bride, The Sword in The Stone, The Neverending Story... I couldn't resist!

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012 16:51:28 BDT
I've got about 12 books waiting to be read at the moment, which I thought was a lot until I saw this thread!

Posted on 1 May 2012 16:54:58 BDT
I have over 100 books to read, I read on average a book a week. I have cut right back on my book buying I have only bought 5 in 2012. I love looking at my books on my shelves and also I really enjoy picking a new book to read.
If I was rich I would buy a big house and have one room just for books. I mostly pick my books up from charity shopps, or discount book sellers.

Posted on 2 May 2012 13:18:07 BDT
Oldbiker says:
I thought it just me!
Currently got about 50,I read between 2 and 4 books a week and as soon as I've finished one it goes to charity shops or friends.At one time I was up to 100 "to read" books but by being a lot more selective in my buying it is finally "heading south".
I'm determined to get down to "buy a book,read it,pass it one them buy another one" but in the 10 years or so since that vow Kindles have come out so that's probably where I'm headed,"real books" pile will have to be down to single figures before that happens though.

Posted on 2 May 2012 17:23:10 BDT
M. Dowden says:
My confession. I probably have a hundred treebooks on the floor to read, and looking at my kindle, another 1700 books on that. On the kindle you end up downloading loads of freebies, both those on promo, or those in the kindle popular classics store. With treebooks, you go somewhere like 'The Works' and come out with a bag full for under a tenner. I will have to go through everything, to see what are replacements for books that I have that have fallen apart, and what are entirely new to me.

In reply to an earlier post on 2 May 2012 17:25:37 BDT
M. Dowden says:
Derek Griffin, I love those shops that you find sometimes, that are selling off cheap books that are no longer in print. As for charity shops, you can get some real bargains on books that are no longer in print, especially hardbacks. A good place to look as well is in libraries, as they often have a pile of books that they are selling off cheap.

Posted on 3 May 2012 00:24:28 BDT
Oh, God! I own thousands of books, so I guess about 500 are maybe unread? I have this unquenchable addiction to second hand book shops, and very rarely leave empty handed. I love books, and will buy them just for the sake of owning them, I hope to read them all one day, but I will have to stop buying so many. That said, now I have a Kindle, it's changed the way I read. But I guess that's for a different thread!

Posted on 3 May 2012 11:05:23 BDT
M. Lugg says:
Phew! I'm not the only one then. I have probably about 150 to 200 unread books in paperback and then another 200 or so on my Kindle to read!!!! I just LOVE books. I read the back and want to know more about that story so end up buying it.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 May 2012 00:24:38 BDT
reader says:
I have about 3,000 books in my spare room,and my husband goes mad.Cant read fast enough.

Posted on 4 May 2012 11:44:55 BDT
Jay Kahy says:
Not many. I try to read as much as I can before buying the next bunch of books. I suppose around 5 or so is the most I have unread.

Posted on 4 May 2012 13:03:46 BDT
J. Fraser says:
I have 20 pages of unread books on my kindle... :-0

In reply to an earlier post on 4 May 2012 15:23:38 BDT
C. J. Mason says:
How lovely to know that I'm not the only person in the world who can't resist second handbook shops, normal book shops or any chance to buy books (I was force due to personal circumstances to remove 3000 from my collection last year...they went to a charity (sob). However I also was given my kindle in 2011 and now I can indulge my passion for having as many books as like ;0) I still have a large number of books at home (for me I don't feel a house is a home with our them). I probably have 300-500 unread h/c and 200+ unread e-books...on the plus side I read 150-200 pages an hour so logically I will get through them all but by then I will probably have bought/downloaded more ....LOL ;0)

Posted on 4 May 2012 16:15:34 BDT
Mine stands at about 35 to 40, the pile never gets smaller because I just keep adding to it!!!

In reply to an earlier post on 4 May 2012 20:05:00 BDT
I have approx 1,000 unread books, must crack on with them and stop being tempted to buy others, but cannot force myself to just browse in a book shop, there is always another book i feel compelled to add to my collection.

Posted on 5 May 2012 14:14:31 BDT
Jays4 says:
82books waiting to be read can not resist buying

Posted on 7 May 2012 14:24:08 BDT
I can't understand why anyone would want to have so many unread books. Why do you buy them if you don't want to read them? Are they just for decoration or to impress friends? Isn't it depressing to think you may never get round to reading them?

We have over 2500 books in this house but I am certain that the only ones unread are those bought by friends and family as gifts which we would never have read anyway. I read on average one book a week and have about four spare at any one time. Amazon's delivery time is usually no more than a week so no need for more.

Posted on 7 May 2012 17:39:55 BDT
M. Dowden says:
Philip, it isn't about impressing people or even wanting piles of books. We pick up books that are going cheap, say something catches your eye in the charity shop, it may be something that you want but isn't in print anymore. I got a book like that for a couple of pounds a month or so ago, a hardback edition. I could get it off gutenberg for free, but their edition doesn't contain the original illustrations, which is one of the things that really makes the book. Some shops sell books that are no longer in print, you may be lucky to find a secondhand copy on here, for instance, but otherwise you are stuffed.

There are of course those irresistable bargains that you see, and on kindle those freebie promos where you can end up downloading a few hundred books in a month. The list just goes on. Perhaps it also a bit of an addiction, but it beats mugging old grannies so you can have your next drug fix.

Posted on 7 May 2012 18:48:22 BDT
Booktigger says:
Now, the majority of books i download are because they are either deal of the day or they are a freebie and you don't know how long for. With paperbacks, it is mainly because someone has given it to me. I have never thought about not being able to read them all, but at least i know that whatever mood i am in, i will have a book to suit

In reply to an earlier post on 7 May 2012 21:00:04 BDT
monica says:
Good heavens, P. Burrell. You can't for a moment believe that one thinks 'Oh, this looks like a book I shall never read; I must buy it'. Your second question is just silly, but I must answer the third with a 'yes' that is somehow both hearty and regretful.

I'd never buy a book that I didn't want to read, but it doesn't follow from that that I'll read it between now and doomsday, or my death--it's all the same to me. Allieviating the despair I feel knowing that I'll never get 'round to reading all my books is the pleasure of knowing that no matter what sort of book I'm in the mood to read I'll have one close to hand. (Do bear in mind that relatively few people live within borrowing distance of a first-class library.) (Bear in mind as well that amazon is not the only, nor cheapest, nor most reliable source of books online.)

Posted on 8 May 2012 16:16:59 BDT
M. Dowden says:
monica, sometimes I am shocked when I look at prices for some things on here, because I have got them a lot cheaper. As for my nearest library I am not joking when I say it isn't much bigger than my living room, I have to walk or get a bus to a normal sized one.

Booktigger, do you end up reading everything you download? Sometimes I download a freebie which according to the product desciption looks like something I will enjoy, and with this thing where you can see US reviews, it looks good. But when you start to read it it is rubbish, or just full of typos.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 May 2012 20:40:40 BDT
monica says:
Interesting. One part of problem w/prices on amazon is that postage charges outside UK too high. I always compare before putting in an order, and it's almost always cheaper to buy fr. Book Depository. And sometimes cheaper to order from Strand in US. It's the bargain books ( and attempts to support village bookshop) that I'm least like to get around to reading, though: I'm too tempted to buy books of less than usual interest if they're of at least some interest and dirt cheap. (I'm talking to you, Bibliophile Books.)

Might as well mention here, MD, that University of Nebraska has terrific sales--stuff marked down from $50 to $10, e.g. There are at least a few novels of the sort you might like by modern Europeans on sale there . . .

Posted on 9 May 2012 13:25:19 BDT
M. Dowden says:
monica, thanks for that, I will have to look at their website. We have The Works over here, I think they have a website, but you can often pick up some great bargains in the stores.
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