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How long has the Fiction forum been dominated by Kindle threads?

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Initial post: 23 Apr 2011 23:12:15 BDT
gille liath says:
Is the battle lost already? Who wants to start a campaign for real books? We could call it CARBs...oh no, better not call it that, seeing as ladies don't like carbs.

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2011 23:50:00 BDT
LEP says:
About 12 months, Gille. Everything is dominated by Kindle threads now and authors pushing their books.

My poor deluded husband autually bought me a Kindle for Christmas 2010 (and that was after I'd actually said it was the last thing I'd ever want - just shows how much he listens to me doesn't it, in one ear and straight out the other!)

I haven't used it yet. I like BOOKS - yes the paper sort. I know that the house if full of them, but I LIKE them.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 00:11:09 BDT
Florence43 says:
Gille the problem has been that readers have been lacking on the fiction board of late. A lot of the s.p. authors hanging around on the fiction board are harmless and fun but the 'dumpers' who advertise in the middle of a thread and all the promo threads are not so welcome. The answer is to join in and post threads that are relevant to you and complain when you feel the threads are inappropriate or do as I do - ignore them. No replies I think is a stronger statement than 10 complaints. And bump the books threads you are interested in to keep them on the front page.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 00:17:54 BDT
Last edited by the author on 24 Apr 2011 00:18:58 BDT
LEP says:
Don't you think Flo43, that readers have been lacking on the Fiction forum because it's been taken over? Unfortunately, it seems to be happening on every discussion forum on Amazon now.

If the Kindle authors and readers would stick to the Kindle forum it might help.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 00:27:41 BDT
Florence43 says:
LEP you have to concede there is some overlap! I read both in paper and kindle forms - they are the same books. I think the readers have allowed the authors to take over. The problem is that the kindle forum thinks threads about writing and books belongs in fiction and they are bigger b*****s over there so scare people away. I think tagging belongs on the kindle forum and kindle only promo threads, but I am just one voice. I am forever dragging the mostly harmless authors away from s.p. talk and redirecting them to food so feel I am proof that you can drag the authors away from their navel gazing. (none meant mostly harmless!)

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 00:39:50 BDT
Florence43 says:
I think the kindle also launched whilst we were having troll issues here.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 01:05:33 BDT
Last edited by the author on 24 Apr 2011 01:06:54 BDT
Edgar Self says:
Too long, and the odd thing is that there are many purely Kindle threads available, mostly dominated by writers flogging their wares. I too like real books and still buy them.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 01:56:12 BDT
Marion Stein says:
Kindle allows for less expensive pricing for "independently published" books, so it's a bargain all around (if the books are good). Kindle users get inexpensive books and writers can publish independently for free and keep their (meager) earnings. Readers are more likely to take a chance on new authors when the Kindle price is usually under two pounds, and often less than a pound. The same books are usually available as paperbooks but because they're not put out by large publishers deep discounts aren't always possible.

Case in point: I have a novel selling on kindle for 71 pence, but I can't control the paperback price which even discounted is over 5 pounds. Kindle users have been open to the inexpensive content. Otherwise the writers wouldn't be flogging their books. Paperback readers would rather spend their money on books by people they've heard of and find the flogging annoying. Of course, they could take advantage of it and try downloading samples to see if the books are any good. Might even convert some of them.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 02:07:13 BDT
Marion Stein says:
Nothing stopping you from starting a thread on a "real book" you read or one looking for recommendation specifically of books available in PRINT.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 09:37:58 BDT
Florence43 says:
Marion that doesn't really address where kindle authors belong forum wise though.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 09:42:30 BDT
Since the store opened. At the time, I tried to encourage threads for print books only. Why not start one now?

The Girl on the Swing

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 10:10:31 BDT
Ethereal says:
I don't see the "kindle" vs paper aspect as any different from complaints about self-published authors taking over the fiction forum, and that's nothing new.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 11:21:39 BDT
monica says:
There actually is such a thing. Called CAMBO, though, and it's campaigning for indie booksellers as well as real books. (And offers discounts if you buy from them.)

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 11:51:42 BDT
davem says:
I gave in & bought a Kindle a few months back & got caught up with the novelty of the thing - however, after reading a few 'books' (ie locked down text files) on it I started to notice distinct feelings of dissatisfaction with the experience (unfortunately by that time I was out of the 30 day return period). I've gone back to real books now - I like the variety of real books - different sizes, weight, fonts, paper. I find it so much easier to navigate around a real book, & that when I've finished it I can find a nice spot on a shelf for it, where it can sit as a reminder of the experience, I can lend it - or even donate it to charity if I like.

A Kindle just holds a bunch of files, needs power to work, & like all technology has a tendency to pack up when you most need it.

I was reading a blog the other day on the subject where the writer made the point that Kindle owners had a tendency to collect ebooks rather than actually read them - & from some of the posts on the Kindle forum you get the sense that's true - the number of owners who go on about how many books they've downloaded ('Oooh! I've just gone mad & downloaded a years worth of books', or 'I've got so many books on my Kindle I can't decide which to read first'). Don't get me wrong - if people want to blow their cash downloading text files to their Kindle good luck to them, but I do think that for a lot of kindle owners its about filling the device up rather than actually using it to read books on. What bothers me is that this is pushing ebook sales to such an extent that the production of real books may reduced & more of us may be forced to adopt readers.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 11:57:40 BDT
Ethereal says:
And perhaps the idea of getting "bargain-price books" too!

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 12:06:25 BDT
Hippocratia says:
Surely the fiction forum is for people to discuss fiction, regardless of whether they have read the book (or want to read it) in hardback, paperback or ebook format? I thought that the fiction forum was about reading fiction?

The kindle forum is for people to discuss the kindle as a gadget and what to read on it, but there is also some discussion about reading in general.

I love real books and have lots of them, but space in my house is at a premium, so I cannot buy as many as I would like. I have a kindle, and it allows me to buy books that I would not buy if I had to get the paper version. I have enjoyed a wider range of reading material since I got a kindle at Christmas, but this is in addition to my interest in paper books rather than as a replacement for it. Many other kindle owners have expressed a similar opinion.

So am I debarred from the fiction forum for owning a kindle and using it to read books? I would like to use the fiction forum to see if there are any books that I would like to read, and maybe to add my voice to any threads about books that I have enjoyed. However, if I am not welcome, then I will stick to the kindle forum, bookshops and word of mouth recommendations.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 12:21:10 BDT
davem says:
@Hippocratia: "I would like to use the fiction forum to see if there are any books that I would like to read, and maybe to add my voice to any threads about books that I have enjoyed. However, if I am not welcome, then I will stick to the kindle forum, bookshops and word of mouth recommendations."

I don't think its about not being welcome. Its more about a reaction against the constant hyping up of ebooks as the 'future of literature'. That said...

Try going onto the Kindle forum & saying anything other than 'The Kindle is the greatest invention in the whole history of the world ever & anyone who doesn't agree is a luddite who wants to drag us all back living in caves' & you'll find out what being 'unwelcome' really means :-)

Personally, I really dislike reading on the Kindle - I find it a genuinely unpleasant way of experiencing books - & speaking as someone who has spent £111 on the device & £25 on a case for it I don't say that with any joy. I wanted to love the Kindle but I just honestly don't. I'm keeping it because having looked at Project Gutenberg I know there are lots of books available as text files which are not only out of copyright but also long out of print & unavailable in any other format & which I may want to access at some time, but honestly I'll always choose a real book over a text file wherever there's a choice.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 12:21:21 BDT
The fiction forum will necessarily include Kindle users but should be in roughly the proportion that represents the relative sales of ebooks a DTBs. However, both forums seem to be hijacked by self-publishers whose dreary offerings are apparently a bargain at 79p or whatever on Kindle. They are 79p for a reason - they are generally rubbish and about 79p overpriced!

I use both forums but agree that the persistent infiltration of the Fiction forum by vanity authors trying to push their shoddy wares is becoming intolerable. At least in the Kindle forum you can almost understand it and realise that any book you've never heard of that is recommended as some great new literary masterpiece will almost always be a self-published shocker!

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 12:26:30 BDT
davem says:
Kindle fans: 'Dead Tree Books' & 'ebooks'.
Non Kindle fans: 'Real books' & 'Text files'

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 15:11:01 BDT
Marion Stein says:
God, I hate the term "kindle author." Kindle is a format. I have two kindle books available both are fiction. One is a novella only available as an e-book (in ALL e-book formats). The other is a full length novel available in ALL e-book formats AND as a paperback. Many readers will choose the kindle format because it's much less expensive than the paperback. But my interest as a writer and a reader is FICTION. Kindle is just a format. Some of the books I buy are in Kindle format. Some are paperback.

I think the issue is people are getting annoyed by authors flogging their books. Some Amazon customers want to keep the "fiction forum" free of this. For most of us (not just authors), we'll go to where the interesting conversations are. If people want more interesting conversations about "fiction" in the fiction forum, they need to start and participate in those conversations. You're probably not going to stop someone from interrupting with a poorly placed promo for his or her book, but if the conversation is going, it should be easy to keep it from getting derailed.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 15:19:18 BDT
Florence43 says:
Well said Marion, I am not seeing a big upsurge in new general fiction threads or contiributors on the forum.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 15:28:15 BDT
Ethereal says:
I see the term differentiating between those authors who have books published in paper as well as kindle format, or indeed between kindle and other ebook format which I understand aren't transferable without a lot of hassle.
Incidentally, I didn't read the OP as criticising ebook readers (the people), but self-plugging (kindle, sorry!) authors.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2011 16:17:28 BDT
Last edited by the author on 24 Apr 2011 16:19:42 BDT
Marion Stein says:
So am I to assume Mr. or Ms.Smyth that you've actually read the books you are dismissing as "rubbish"? All of them? Or are you just making a broad and general statement? There are some truly awful self-published books -- books that are not only badly written in terms of pacing, plot, and structure, but filled with typos and grammatical errors as well. There are also some gems. No one is forcing anyone to read anything, much less buy.

There are many changes going on in the publishing industry, including the emergence of micro-presses, independent small presses, previously traditionally published writers who've gone "inide" etc. The place to talk about these changes IS in a fiction forum, not a kindle-gadget forum. There have been threads in fiction ABOUT this. You may not be interested in reading them, but no one is forcing you onto every thread.

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 16:23:27 BDT
Marion Stein says:
I'll also concede that many of the Kindle books selling well are "shockers" -- by that I'm assuming you mean, twisty thrillers often featuring serial killers and surprise endings. Not my preferred reading (or writing) either, but that's what sells, not only for self-published books, but for all book lists. There are many books self-published, published by small presses and published by large presses that are not "shockers." No one is stopping you from writing about your best finds in the fiction forum and encouraging other like-minded readers from reading those books.

What I don't understand is why people spend so much time complaining about "some people."

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 16:54:12 BDT
Hippocratia says:
There are ways to ignore threads or people who have posted in threads:

1. Don't open the thread.
2. Close the thread if you don't like it.
3. Ignore the posts that you disagree with in an otherwise enjoyable thread.
4. Vote "no" if the post does not add to the discussion. If enough people do this, the post will be hidden.
5. Click on "Ignore this customer" if you find a particular person annoying.

I don't think it is possible to keep the fiction forum or the kindle forum free of any particular type of thread, unless Amazon steps in to moderate.
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