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Clothing for Tall Women

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Initial post: 16 Feb 2012, 21:08:24 GMT
Dear All,
I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and find it so hard to buy nice clothes. Alot of shops have brought in tall ranges but here in Ireland Topshop, for example, might have 5 items in their tall section; So very little selection. Long Tall Sally are about the only real tall shop, however I find alot of their clothes old fashioned. Im 30 and my Mam who is 60 thinks their cloths are a bit old fashioned.

Take dresses; If you search any of the high street shops, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, ASOS etc they have loads of beautiful dresses. However look at their tall section and they might have 3 and they are never any of the nice ones from the 'normal' range.

My bug bear is why cant clothes be made for tall girls that are fashionable and are just 'longer' versions of the stylist ones. I have bought and tried on dresses many times that are too short not only in the length above the knee but the proportions of the sleeves, the length between the shoulder to waist etc.

Can we not have more tall clothes and literally tall versions of all the hundreds of regular ones.

I give you Dorothy Perkins as an example. They have 751 dresses. 4 Tall ones and lets face it they are all gic. I dread have events and parties and weddings as maxi dresses are about all we can wear!!
I have been lucky to stumble across a accidently long dress and have a few but I have a couple of weddings coming up and it is just a nightmare!!

Help any advice??

Peaches and Cream

Come on industry, get real. People are taller.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Feb 2012, 19:43:30 GMT
K. Hopkinson says:
Sorry, no advice as im in the same boat. 6ft tall and i do buy LTS but agree that its not on trend. Next do quite a good tall range and Oasis do 34 length jeans but thats all i can think of. Coats, shirts and tops are all half mast on my arms or look like crop tops on me!! so annoying!

Posted on 17 Feb 2012, 21:43:58 GMT
janet t says:
Yes me too I am struggling to find clothes to fit me I'm 5.11 a size 18/20ish and 59 years old only work part-time so don't have a massive budget as I find LTS quite pricey and have not bought anything from there for ages. Models are usually pretty tall though skinny of course but surely us mortals should be able to find something to wear? Janet T.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2012, 14:03:29 GMT
martha says:
I agree. I'm 6'0 and 19 but I do find that Next's tall range is quite good. But the option I normally do is going to Amersterdam on long weekends and buying clothes there. The Dutch are a tall bunch judging by their average clothing standards.

Posted on 21 Feb 2012, 13:12:40 GMT
Shell says:
Hi I am 5'11 and totally agree. Dorothy Perkins used to do a 'tall range' in their shops a few years ago and stopped. Just recently New Look have stopped their 'tall range' in the shops (still online I think) it's so frustrating cos I can't afford to buy from LTS and find that I need a 35" leg whereas places like Next and Oasis only go up to 34" and are still expensive! There are so many tall girls out there I don't understand why they don't cater for us..........

In reply to an earlier post on 22 Feb 2012, 12:18:04 GMT
Yeah it seems like we all have the same problems. It is just so unacceptable and unbelievable in this day and age that a company can't do all their clothes in longer versions. I find it so frustrating. All my friends are smaller than me and can never understand why Im wearing the old jeans and top on a night out when I want to scream that Ive spent years looking for clothes!! If I could find a nice dress Id get it. Id love shorter people to be tall for a day to see how they would get on trying to stretch sleeves to their wrists, get a dress to the knee and not mini skirts and get trousers that arent half mast!!!
Thanks for your replies!
Peaches and Cream

Posted on 22 Feb 2012, 14:35:46 GMT
S. White says:
Have you tried `Very` catalog i have had a few things from them now and am happy with them, the brand they use is South have had a few pairs of jeans, they do 34" and 36" length, lots of tops cardigans a coat and a couple of dresses. I am 5`11 size 14/16 36" leg and 47yrs so not over the hill just yet hahaha.
Like the rest of you LTS i find expensive and old fashioned, DP and Next available only online!!!! so frustrating.
Ebay are very good as well had lots of things from them used and new x

Posted on 22 Feb 2012, 20:08:40 GMT
M. Wer says:
I'm 6'1 (187cm) and it's so hard to find nice things....
Have you tried G-Star for Jeans & trousers? They do length 36", but are a bit expensive! Only and Vero Moda also have some jeans in 36".
Another try is tallgirls.co.uk. A lot of great stuff!!
Good luck girls!!

Posted on 26 Feb 2012, 14:55:10 GMT
Jen71 says:
Know the feeling guys - I come in at 6ft and struggle to find anything fashionable that is affordable, the options available are virtually non-existent, they have ranges for petite and only a few items in tall - just because we are tall doesn't mean we want to be boring.... help us out here!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Feb 2012, 15:47:08 GMT
Moonstar says:
Hi, In reply to your comments, have sent similar to customer service at River Island as was looking for coloured skinny jeans 35" inside leg, without success, and becomming increasingly frustrated at not being able to find any. Like you I find LTS not that great. Dare I admit it I'm a5'11" 12/14 fairly slim 61years and still like to dress in reasonably fashionable clothes. Even New Looks Tall range deteriated last year, when it began they had some good colours and trendy clothes, jeans 36" inside leg, Miss Selfridge were also good (what happened there?) I despair, and agree with all you said. maybe we should get in touch with Mary Portas and see what she can do. Long Legged Janie

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Feb 2012, 16:41:11 GMT
Isnt it ironic that the fashion catwalk industry is based on tall models?! It's all tall. What do they do then, shrink all the designs for the high street.
I think my sister complained to Debenhams. They do a petit range but not tall?! I dont think they had any answer either.
We would need a fashion manufacturer to take on a range of clothes that are up to date/fashionable with a range of prices. LTS; a basic vest is €18 and then add postage and packaging. It is no sustainable.
Must google Mary Portas!!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Feb 2012, 20:24:36 GMT
janet t says:
How nice to read your thought's on clothes shopping for us non standard size people I do think there are a quite a few Petite ranges though as I appreciate it's difficult at both end of the scales. You sound like a dream customer for Mary Portas as you are tall and slim and still want to dress "in fashion". Until I loose more weight I am a bit of a lost cause in the fashion stakes at the moment and don't want those very low cut v-neck tops that Trinny, Gok etc. think are a good idea they look awful on me. So the shopping trip ends up going for a coffee and you get a fantastic range of choices of sizes flavours etc. and compound the problem further hey ho!!

Posted on 29 Feb 2012, 20:14:08 GMT
I have the same problem but from the men's side - my son (18) is 6ft 4 and although he has managed to stay within the long of leg length (34) he needs tops that are 31 in from neck to just past his waist (most tops are 25-27"). I complained to Next and M&S as although both do a tall and "big" range the shirts get wider but not any longer so an M size and an XXXL size top is still the same length!! Can't work that one out although see it in the high street when men's tops dont stretch over their extended bellies!! I have actually stopped tall men in the street and asked them where they get their tops and most say "America" so as we have both hit significant birthdays we are going to New York at Easter and spending at least 2 days shopping for clothes - mainly for him but I am sure a few will slip in for me!!

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 10:19:12 GMT
A.Jansson says:
Really, if you're tall, the Netherlands are the best place to be. I live in Sweden so you'd think considering we rank in the top five tallest populations it would be easy, but tall just isn't in fashion it would seem. To be fair though it's not just the fashion industry. I have a couple of friends who moved to the Amsterdam recently because they're the only country that have updated the building codes to make doors taller. I know quite a few people who are constantly hunched over to avoid knocking their heads on things, mainly doors, lamps, and signs.
Jeans are usually not a problem here most models come in 36" (they never stock enough of them though), but tops with proper sleeves are hopeless most of the time so I tend to stock up when it suddenly becomes fashionable to have sleeves that go past your fingertips.
The clothing industry is problematic for pretty much everyone in my experience though. My mother is petite, but by no means tiny (5'4" I think) and with wide hips so dresses are pretty much out of the question, I'm 5'11" which is average for a guy here, unfortunately I'm not a guy, my dad is 6'6" and can't buy a standard shirt because the length just doesn't work and the shoulders are far too narrow.
The thing is, not a lot of people are average. Certainly none of the people I know.

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 14:22:12 GMT
SLBL says:
I'm 6ft and size 32 - nothing fits and what does is old fashioned!!!

Posted on 2 Mar 2012, 22:16:28 GMT
janet t says:
What have you started Peaches and Cream with your post? It would seem there are quite a lot of us not the average chain store size.

Posted on 4 Mar 2012, 01:38:39 GMT
J. P. Clarke says:
I'm 49 years old and 5ft 8ins tall and really understand the pitfalls in buying clothes if you are tall. My son is 6ft 2ins and very slim and complains regularly that he can't clothes to fit him. His main problem areas is the inside leg, back length and sleeves. He has to go up another size so that he gets a better sleeve length but the shoulder length are a bit long.

I personally cannot buy coats and jackets if they are fitted because the back length is too short. On average, from size 16 upwards the back length is 17ins, that's the measurement from the base of your neck to your waist. My back length is 18 to 19ins and its a common problem with tall women and young men. I have to buy straight cut coats/ jackets and tops. When I was younger, some of the cardigans were men's. I would buy them to get the sleeve length fit and men's jeans for better inside leg fit.
Marks and Spencers used to cater for tall women in terms of skirts, trousers and some tops and coats. That was back in the early 1990's but I don't know what they do now.

I have one solution but some of you may not like this, is to find a good dressmaker/ tailor to make your clothes, because that's the only way you will get clothes to fit you properly. However, this requires a 'good' budget!
I have made my own clothes and its saves me a lot of money. I don't buy many tops unless its t-shirts and I don't buy coats and skirts either. Recently I've bought handkerchief hem cardigans from Primark and Marks and Spencers and they were fine with the sleeve length. So far, very good.....
I don't understand why the fashion industry are not taking note of the body changes of us and the next generation because there is more taller people than more. Even with footwear there is problem for women with bigger feet. The styles for size 9 upwards in a few shops are awful!
Long Tall Sally was popular in the 80's and 90's but their styles are conservative. Hobbs is a nice brand and they emphasize on tailoring for a good fit and good quality fabrics.
I would advise to seek a good and reasonable priced fabric shop and start learning to make your own clothes if possible or find a good dressmaker/tailor until the fashion industry get their act together.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 Mar 2012, 12:51:42 GMT
Hi I am also 6ft tall and I find Zara is quite good and I can't say I have found the stores too big of a problem for clothes. Top shop is good for jeans and so is next for trousers. I do think stores are much better now

Posted on 5 Mar 2012, 23:01:25 GMT
I have the same problem being 5ft11. I found New Look and Dorothy Perkins the best for reasonable prices, but now, as said earlier, their range had deteriorated. I also find Zara fairly good, but not in everything. The 'long' trousers in normal ranges are no good to me unless I want to walk about bare footed, and even then it wouldnt be great! M&S 'Long' trousers seem shorter than the regular lengths in most shops. I complained to Matalan once as I got excited seeing a tall range, and then found that it was only in their 'plus' size range!!
There are a lot of us tall women out there, why are they reducing the range available to us?! I'm lucky that I dont have trouble getting tops (except occasionally arm lengths in jackets and coats) - having disproportionate body and legs has its advantages I suppose - but I can imagine that would be doubly annoying!!

Posted on 6 Mar 2012, 09:28:19 GMT
We can just be lucky in some places. And would you believe I was searching for a dress for a wedding. And I was on ASOS. Saw a beautiful red dress on a model and it gives the models height, 5'10". (Which is a great idea that all retailers should do). So I ordered the dress. It arrived yesterday and it is perfect and goes to my KNEE!!! Yipee!! So for the first time in my life I have a red dress! (That didn't cost the earth!)

Miss Caroline I feel your pain. I have often been admiring clothes in the....maternity section!!! Thinking ooh these look long. Only to notice the label and for some reason feel really embarrassed and get out of the section fast!!

I was just after reading over the posts and I got home from work and changed. I grabbed a pair of old Pennys tracksuit bottoms. They were never long to begin with but had shrunk! So they were literally at my shin. I tucked them into my socks so it looked deliberate!! I told my husband that it was chilly!!!!!! HAHA!

Posted on 11 Mar 2012, 14:48:46 GMT
I found something interesing, a site in the US that ship world wide called www.makeyourownjeans.com, they do different types of trousers, before major size differences and delivery costs approx £30 -£40 a pair.

In reply to an earlier post on 11 Mar 2012, 16:32:16 GMT
Have you heard of outdoor clothes in long length? I've looked at Craghoppers and all the other major brands, but the longest I have found is a 33" inside leg, but I need a 36".


Posted on 11 Mar 2012, 22:48:59 GMT
My Daughter is 6'1/4" (oh the 1/4 counts) and buying clothes is a nightmare as she is still growing and at 14 very fashion conscious. Next do a tall section which is ok for jeans...but the Pj's are just too grown up...she wears the pants but with a t-shirt instead of the top. She has 36 inside leg and incredibly long arms... She has to wear everything with the sleeves shoved up. Thankfully her legs are to die for so she can get away with shorter skirts...but come on shops help us out here!

Jess. Oldham

Posted on 13 Mar 2012, 11:50:24 GMT
Have you tried Tallgirls.co.uk, the owner is 6ft3 - they only sell tall clothing and footwear from UK size 9-UK size 12 (Euro 43-46). Visit their online store, one of their London Pop Up shops or their showrrom in Hampshire (where you get 10% off just for visiting) Ta-da! Problems solved!

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Mar 2012, 11:58:24 GMT
It would be problem solved if I had £39 to spend on a pair of pj's or £60-70 for a pair of jeans for a 14 year old who is still growing ;(
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