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Amazon Prime - Has the level of service intentionally dropped ?

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Posted on 7 Feb 2011 13:38:43 GMT
A. Elliott says:
Well I finally got sick of waiting on deliveries and arranging people to be home for couriers not to turn up so I e-mailed Customer Services and asked them to cancel my Prime membership and refund me the money - which they did without question. It's a little sad tbh because at one time this was truly a service worth paying for and up until December last year I'd had fantastic service with absolutely no cause for complaint. I'll still order from Amazon of course, but now I'll be more selective in what I buy and probably stick to larger electrical items due to their refund policy, but for smaller items, things you buy more frequently like games and accessories - then I'll go elsewhere as they're not always the cheapest or alone in offering free postage.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Feb 2011 21:15:30 GMT
debbiebuzz says:
Hi guys I know I am late in this discussion, but I completely agree i order tons of stuff for Amazon, I have been a prime member since the very beginning, but now there seems no next day delivery. I had several items lost during xmas which is a lot, a couple turned up 4 weeks later, but the main of them still have not turned up. I have also had couriers leaving parcels on my door step and then reporting they have been signed for! When I phoned up amazon said they had been signed for by myself, i sent emails stating this was impossible, they then said they had been left in the front porch, which would be great but i don't have one!
I am not going to renew membership as its now much less that you have to spend to get free delivery and at the end of the day, several days is not acceptable, I get my stuff from royal mail and an eclectic bunch of couriers, just no consistency these days.

Posted on 7 Feb 2011 21:45:01 GMT
foxcylady says:
We have been trying to get a refund on our prime subscription since the beginning of January. The level of service is so poor now. Amazon flatly refuse to refund, and in the end we have sent our complaint through to BBC "Watchdog". Maybe if everyone here was to do the same we might be lucky either the improvement of our service or a refund. I have never before had parcels go missing, left in front of my door and signed for in my absence. When you complain to Amazon you get blah blah blah our service has not dropped it is still wonderful and we never ever promised next day delivery. They do not care that we are unhappy and they dont give a fiddlers that we are receiving parcels weeks after we order. So much for customer service.

Posted on 18 Feb 2011 09:46:13 GMT
pwnut says:
Well, things appear to have turned a corner.

6 orders, all delivered next day, using either HDNL or Citylink.

I think I'll stop complaining now!

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2011 13:01:06 GMT
M S says:
After also complaining, it is only fair to say that my service has dramatically improved. Keep up the good work Amazon!

Posted on 18 Feb 2011 13:16:40 GMT
G. Gibb says:
I cancelled prime because you had to sign for all items delivered and if your not it you have to go collect at your local post office

Its only bloody cds drop them in the door without a signiture

Posted on 18 Feb 2011 13:20:05 GMT
Mel M says:
Like pwnut and Mark, I've also seen a dramatic improvement. I've had two deliveries this week and both have arrived next day via HDNL. Fingers crossed they steer clear of Royal Mail.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2011 14:06:08 GMT
Ian Wantling says:
As the person who started this discussion, I too am pleased to be able to report that things appear to be back to normal.
Well done Amazon. Nice to have Prime back to it's normal level.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2011 23:34:58 GMT
Trino v says:
My last 3 orders using 'prime' took 9 days, 11 days and non delivery.. I will not renew it is a waste of money

Posted on 19 Feb 2011 11:51:52 GMT
K. Jowett says:
yes prime delivery not the same ive cancelled my prime renewal ordered cds for next day delivery for a party arrived 3 days late so listened to silent night instead

Posted on 19 Feb 2011 19:00:32 GMT
Cherub says:
I'm so angry with Amazon - I bought two DVDs (worth about £7), and as a Prime customer assumed they would arrive within two days. Two weeks later, no delivery. Complained twice, they resent the discs, using royal mail. They sent them special delivery, so I had to sign for them, and as I wasn't in, I had to go down to the postal depot this morning, requiring a bus journey, a half hour wait in the rain. All this for two DVDs that cost a lot less than £10. They've mysteriously extended my Prime membership until June. I've asked them to rescind my Prime membership - honestly I'd rather just have supersaver delivery, so I can get stuff through the letterbox. I just won't buy anything from them that is bigger than my postbox - I can't be bothered with it anymore!

Posted on 20 Feb 2011 12:12:37 GMT
To be fair I've never been on Prime, nor do I care too much about it.
However, I see no real difference between the delivery options save the possibility of one or two days. It isn't a tragedy to have a parcell arrive a day late, though it may be a breach of the contract. The again I have only ever used the Free Super Saver option (with one exception) and nine times out of ten it arrives within two or three days anyway, I don't see a problem, if you have to complain about service just look at instead, one of Amazon's greatest rivals.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Feb 2011 12:19:23 GMT
Chunk says:
I have only noticed a service level drop when amazon use City Link - I was calling City Link everyday last week as the driver refused to leave it with a neighbour and insisted it had to be signed for - which the city link head office , amazon department said it didnt need to be. they kept promising it would be on the next day delivery (3 times) and it wasnt. MAIDSTONE CITY INK YOU ARE RUDE, USELESS AND SHOULDN'T BE IN CUSTOMER CONTACT IF YOU CNA BE BOTHERED TO DO YOUR JOB!

Rant over. But in saying that Royal Mail have been fine.

Posted on 20 Feb 2011 12:56:45 GMT
TAB says:
I agree that general levels of PRIME service decreased hugely, however I have found my royal mail items more likely to arrive than city link. My nearest citylink is 50mins drive away, I dont drive, and the cost of petrol for a friend to do so would make amazon items exceedingly expensive. also this week, 2 of 3 'delivery attempts' by city link, I was home and my doorbell wasn't rung. Response from Amazon: a copy and pasted email which didnt address my concerns and even stated an incorrect delivery attempt day. Citylink/Amazon combination also cost me £15 phone call (I had to call from mobile as no landline access at the time) before christmas, in which case neither amazon or citylink would take responsibility for my having lost 5 days work waiting at home for next day delivery which had not arrived. I would also point out, there was no snow during those 5 days or the week before! Shoddy service.

Posted on 20 Feb 2011 14:19:08 GMT
T Higham says:
Amazon Prime has been a pain with me as well. I did a "free trial" last year, and used it a couple of times. Never actually agreed to sign up for it. Then alas last month, they take over £50 off me for the service without my consent. And its been a royal pain getting my money back. I think they need to buck their ideas up a bit.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Feb 2011 14:35:16 GMT
Mrs FT says:
Yes, I also had this experience with Citylink - several times. Having been repeatedly told they were on their way, and not only waiting near the door my self, but my dogs, too, who let me know if somebody is outside . . they failed to come & put no card through the letterbox either. They claimed they had not been able to deliver, which was total nonsense. The following day the driver would knock, and guess what? He claimed to have come the previous day and put a card through - and hey presto, suddenly there was one in my (emptied of mail that morning!) mail box dated the previous day . . They insult their customers intelligence - do they really think we were born yesterday? By contrast, Hermes have been totally consistent and reliable in this area . . . I too declined to renew my prime, and whilst continuing to use Amazon, I have been enjoying using and others when they've been cheaper . . so sad to see such a previously excellent service go down the pan like this . . . it was SO good when they guaranteed, RELIABLY, that purchases would be delivered next day . . now THAT was what i was paying for.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Mar 2011 22:04:07 GMT
You say you have never been a 'Prime' customer, so you do;t really appreciate the issue here, people have paid almost £50 for a service that they are/were not receiving! Also, I would point out, that if you are buying something as a gift for a CHILD a few days late makes ALL the damn difference, it is not a problem for the average 'adult' who can surely wait an extra couple of days for things ... Except, at CHRISTMAS, because that is when most of these issues occurred, and funnily enough, Christmas occurs whether your gifts have arrived or not, so it makes a HECK of a difference thank you very much!
You mention, who do not offer different levels of service, you take their free service and that is at your own risk, I rarely shop with them because of this, but they have never charged me £50 for a service they don't actually provide. Also, I refer again to the fact that you state you have 'never been on Prime' so I would say that you really have no clue what people are complaining about anyway!

Posted on 10 Mar 2011 21:39:05 GMT
M. Norton says:
I have never used this until today... infact I had no idea what it was but I'm sure I must have signed up to it at some point???
Went to order a book and was given the Prime option so clicked on it... was given the option to view what I had done and was prompted that I had bought the item!!!
Subtle difference between viewing and buying isn't there?
Happily I would have purchased it but I felt I was given no option

Posted on 10 Mar 2011 21:44:01 GMT
M. Norton says:
WOW WOW WOW have just read through the posts and there is no way on Gods good earth I would pay -+ £50 for a service when I shop a few times a year.... Does that mean that when I clicked on Prime I did?
Please get this female down off the ceiling

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Mar 2011 21:50:24 GMT
Stephen says:
you need to check in your account settings you may have joined prime by selecting it as your delivery option then you have to cancel it and they deduct the price of the deliveries you have had and refund the difference

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Mar 2011 12:28:10 GMT
Nick says:
I signed up for the free trial, you have to then go and click - don;t upgrade or else 30 days later you will automatically upgrade to prime and be charged £49. I probably would have upgraded it included EVERYTHING that you order - but it does not - in fact of the 10 items I ordered since Christmas only 4 were eligible for prime - i.e even if i had paid the £49 I would still have had to pay for delivery as many of the goods don't come from Amazon but from suppliers who use the Amazon website !!

Posted on 4 May 2011 09:00:52 BDT
Last edited by the author on 4 May 2011 09:02:43 BDT
Mr. F. Rich says:
There seems to have been a month and a half lull in this thread now, which may suggest that service has generally improved? I would like to add that my experience of Amazon Prime deliveries has, if anything, been getting worse. During the snow at Christmas I had one Amazon order, which arrived before Christmas, albeit a couple of days late via City Link. With the snow, and the horror stories I was reading, I was ok about that. However, since Christmas I have probably ordered 5 or 6 items through my Amazon Prime membership. Half have arrived next day, which is great, but the other ones have not. I have complained twice, and received rather pathetic responses about leaving it a few more days etc.

The latest item, a book, I ordered last thing on Sunday evening as an in-stock item. I was hoping to perhaps get it Tuesday, except that it had not been dispatched! The original estimate was Wednesday, which with the Bank Holiday, I could perhaps understand. However, it has now been updated to Thursday delivery, and has gone via City Link.

Posted on 4 May 2011 09:03:36 BDT
Mr. F. Rich says:
(continued) I have already turned off auto-renewal for Prime but am seriously considering asking for a partial refund as they are clearly not doing their bit at Amazon to ensure I receive the service promised by the original terms and conditions of the contract! Anyone got any advise as to what buttons to press with customer services to get the refund? Any help would be much appreciated.

In reply to an earlier post on 4 May 2011 09:32:16 BDT
Ian Wantling says:
You'll be lucky to get anything back from them. My auto-renewal was for Dec 19th. I gave them the benefit of doubt and went ahead. When it was clear the service levels weren't going to improve by the end of December I requested a refund. They told me I'd ordered using the Prime membership and was therefore not entitled to any refund. I'd only ordered two items....! ! I badgered them with daily emails and was eventually given a full refund. Since I've been a non-Prime member things I order take anywhere between two and four days to arrive; something I've now got used to - as this was the best case scenario towards the end of my Prime membership.....

In reply to an earlier post on 4 May 2011 10:32:41 BDT
Your post is very interesting, I am sorry that you have received this bad service but it is good that you have posted on here to let other people know just how bad the service still is. I cancelled my membership back in January, luckily I had only used it once since renewal, due to the appalling service I had been purchasing elsewhere. I have returned to purchasing from Amazon but now only use their free economy service which has been delivering faster than Prime was doing back in November and December. I had considered going back to Prime (thinking it would have improved) but your post has saved me from that. Thank you :)
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