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The Avengers Assemble Movie - well ?

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Initial post: 27 Apr 2012, 07:53:32 BST
they've done it - I thought it would be poor : I think it is excellent. A really good, funny movie.....come on then, theres always one who says yeah but....

Posted on 27 Apr 2012, 09:05:44 BST
EW99 says:
Yeah but... it doesn't pass the Bechdel test.

But it's a Marvel superhero film so that was to be expected. Great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it. Smart, funny script. CGI reined in enough to make it watchable. Lovely performances from the actors especially Ruffalo and Downey. Meat and potatoes plot - but it's a Marvel superhero film etc...

Posted on 28 Apr 2012, 09:18:20 BST
whats the Bechdel test ? (I loved it - the humour was crucial)

Posted on 28 Apr 2012, 17:41:48 BST
JJG says:
Liked it a lot. I think it delivered on the promise of the best of the individual films and everyone got their moments (though thought Thor didn't really). Mark Ruffalo was great as Dr Banner, and The Hulk was the biggest surprise of the film and easily the best on screen version for me.

Obviously not going to win any awards and I'd hardly describe it as masterpiece, but very enjoyable all the same.

Posted on 28 Apr 2012, 18:29:41 BST
This movie was amazing, watched it in 3D, though want to watch it again in 2D. Banner/Hulk was brilliant in it and the camaraderie between him and Iron Man sensational, had me laughing, crying and cheering, I just wished that Miss Johnason gorgeous as she is had used a Russian accent.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Apr 2012, 18:35:14 BST
May win a special effects award? The rolling shot during the whole team fight scene was incredible!

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Apr 2012, 08:47:05 BST
EW99 says:
Bechdel test: http://bechdeltest.com/

1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

Just the first thing I thought of when I wanted to do a "yes but", I didn't really expect it to pass.

Posted on 29 Apr 2012, 11:27:50 BST
The Reader says:
Highly enjoyed, wasn't expecting to. I love the Avengers, I just had my doubts as to if they could pull it off. Think all the cast got sufficient screen time. Ruffalos Banner/Hulk was amazing and I hope they keep him in the role.
The villain reveal in the after credits clip was quite a surprise, I just hope they can pull off a decent story with that character in the next one!

Posted on 29 Apr 2012, 17:23:51 BST
Adam Jemmett says:
I thought it was amazing, a great culmination of nearly five years of build up. Just a great movie to watch and so happy that it worked and glad that no one person dominated the movie. And loved the secret ending :o)

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Apr 2012, 22:00:38 BST
JJG says:
I think you know what I meant. It's a summer blockbuster, not American Beauty.

Posted on 29 Apr 2012, 22:42:27 BST
Cerberus says:
Good to hear positive stuff about Avengers as this could have been a poisoned chalice for old Joss Whedon what with all the characters and actors to contend with but I'm glad he delivered, now I'll have to see it.

Posted on 29 Apr 2012, 23:43:15 BST
Thought they pretty much nailed the movie and if I complained about anything I would just be nitpicking.

The only upsetting thing about the movie is that Marvel are now trying to shoe-horn movie versions of the characters into the mainstream comic universe at the expense of established marvel universe characters, stating that they want movie fans who decide to pick up a comic to see characters they recognise and apparantly completely ignoring existing comic fans.

As much as I loved the film comics are my first love and I dont really want the films to start directly influencing the reading material availible to me.

Posted on 30 Apr 2012, 19:06:56 BST
I agree - nice to see all the positive comments - I was expecting a mild disappointment, but loved it. More more - when are they going to fight the X-men ? how about that for a crowded movie..

Posted on 30 Apr 2012, 20:22:24 BST
absolutely nailed the characters, funny lines, exciting, violent - loved it!
now let's have Avengers V X Men with Fantastic Four trying to mediate - and where is Dr Strange?

"clench up , Legolas!"

Posted on 30 Apr 2012, 23:15:17 BST
Simon Hall says:
I watched this yesterday and...absolutely loved it. Its a long film (as all films are these days), but it really filled its running time with no flab. I think the thing I liked most about the film - and this struck me about a third of the way in- it very much feels like the first proper comic book film insomuch that its not the literal translation of Snyder's Watchmen, but rather it shows how comic book storytelling can be successfully realised in film whilst knowing how to deal with the language of film. Basically, it does what Watchmen failed to do and married the two worlds successfully together. A big part of that is down to Wheddon himself. Irritating, slightly pleased with himself ginger goblin (Hobgoblin?) he may be, but he's nailed it. So he is allowed to be pleased with himself. I know i would be.

Other random thoughts :

I was worried that both Hawkeye and Black Widow would be rather overshadowed, but no, they get as much screen time as everyone else (hooray!) and are as important to the unfolding drama as everyone else. Best of all, we get to know Black Widow better and she works much better here than in Iron Man 2. And we get to see how effective she is as a spy type person too (bigger hooray!). And Hawkeye is cool. I like that here they are shown as part of SHEILD, rather than being super-types as in the comics. The helicarrier was goofy fun - although it did come VERY close breaking the 'buy in' to this world (part of what I've liked about the Marvel films is that they've not gone too far into the fanciful technological whimsy the comic book characters live in and this came very close to spoiling that - it did take me out of the film for a few minutes as I thought '...that's silly..')

I really liked Hulk too. Not a character I care overmuch for, but Mark Ruffalo's lovely understated, restrained performance as Banner made the inevitable bursting into Hulk much more satisfying and believable too - his features are retained for the CGI creature, and the fx bods have clearly learnt a thing or two from ILM's Transformers CG on how to give things that don't exist weight and presence. And no rubbishy bendy body CGI either. I hope he stays on to play Hulk again.

Robert Downey Jr pretty much dominates the film, so I liked that Wheddon used his charisma wisely and didn't make Stark the first 'go to' when Fury starts putting the team together - although there was a palpable expectation in the showing I went to waiting for him to show up. No one's ever going to be able to play that role except Downry Jr, are they?

Some excellent gags in the film too, 'Shakespeare in the forest', and the Hulk er, responding to Loki's taunts got the big laughs and the dialogue was Wheddon's usual bouncy, rhythmic stuff. The technobabble/ exposition did struggle to be naturalistic, but a neat line about 'talking english' stopped that getting too carried away with itself.

Having only one eye (and thus seeing the world in slightly more unique ways),i went for the 2D showing I couldn't tell you if the 3D was anything to get excited about. Bloody 3D its died twice on its arse in the '50s and '80s - you'd think two failed attempts previous to that would mean folk'd give it a rest, but no..we now have Sky 3D. Unlike other films what have been done in 3D and then get a 2D release, this film covered the joins in the two formats better - I hate it when the effects seem obvious (Transformers : Dark Of The Moon suffers in its 2D form as all the bits shot for 3D look very much grafted on - a bit like the fuzziness you used to get around the old blue-screen effects used on TV).

The post credits bit - sensibly this hasn't been held back until the 8 minutes of credits have rolled so everyone stayed in the cinema to see this bit (nice how the public are now acclimatised to these last page 'to be continueds') - which I did get a bit excited about, despite knowing sweet f.a. about *SPOILER* and those big crossovers he was in years ago. I hope that *SPOILER* is held over for a third film, as it would be a bit repetitious having another outer space bad guy turn up. Be a good foe for a Thor sequel though - especially given the threats made against Loki.

Overall : Brilliant!
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In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012, 06:32:45 BST
I watched the 3d and found it slightly distracting, can't wait to watch the 2d version at home and rewind my favourite scenes. Your review sums it up nicely but you have to admit the Russian accent should have featured throughout and they kinda skipped Bruce/Hulk internal conflict. When.Why did the Hulk accept orders from Cap?

Posted on 1 May 2012, 13:14:47 BST
They tried to do the whole Bruce/Hulk internal conflict in Ang Lees Hulk movie and it just didnt work - just left us with two hours of doors slamming and opening in Bruces mind, meanwhile we get to see the Hulk fight giant poodles.

Whilst the Incdredible Hulk film and the Avengers give us a much more straight forward 'Hulk Smash!' type character I think thats what people want to see from a movie and a film just doesnt have enough time for the kind of internal monologue and exposition youre looking for, especially when youre sharing the screen with five other big characters.

As it is I think they did a good job of balancing the quiet restraint of Banner with the rage of the Hulk.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012, 13:55:51 BST
The Reader says:
Yes, I think he should appear in the Thor Sequel especially as (SPOILER) the infinity gauntlet is supposed to have been briefly shown in the first Thor film. I missed it, but apparently it was there, need to pick up the DVD and re-watch it.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012, 19:29:07 BST
You don't get it, since when does the Hulk take orders?

I'm not saying they did a bad job, I'm not praising the Ang Lee film, I love to watch Hulk smash, in the Avengers comics he is uncontrollable. It's not a Hulk film but under any scrutiny it isn't an acuarate portrayal.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012, 20:42:12 BST
Craig Ashman says:
He didn't take orders. He transformed and dealt with the larger threat, that of the the GIGANTIC ALIEN ARMADA! Plus, he's not uncontrollable. He's known to protect innocents and actually be a rather caring guy (Betty Ross being the biggest example). He didn't like certain members of the team very much (as evident in punching Thor in the face whilst they were in the midst of a team up) but knew that the Chitauri were the bigger threat.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 May 2012, 20:52:26 BST
He took orders, Cap. Hulk?
Hulk? ....?
Cap. Smash!
Hulk. :)

It was fun I liked that part,

but in the comic after Hulk has finished taking down the Amarda, he turns on the Avengers, they have to take Hulk out!
if he's such a dependable peace loving Hulk who only deals with big threats why did Black Widow take an army with her to request Banner's help and why did Hulk go schiz prior?

You're missing the point which the writer himelf accepts, Whedon just didn't have enough time to develop individual character story arcs, but hell, he still did a great job!

Posted on 1 May 2012, 21:21:48 BST
It wasnt so much an order, more Cap telling Hulk to go do what he loves and what he would have done anyway.

Posted on 2 May 2012, 09:00:24 BST
JJG says:
Tbh never liked Hulk and I've never seen him take orders. But who cares? If I wanted the film to be identical to the comics I love I'd stick to the comics. This version was fun and fit in with the rest of the film. I complained a lot about the marvel film Cap as being too jokey. However that's what they needed to do to fit in with constraints placed on them, the same goes for Hulk, only it worked better.

Posted on 7 May 2012, 08:03:00 BST
Simon Hall says:
Hmm...I always thought that Hulk being more, er, receptive was due to Iron Man trying to influence Banner into trying to keep a modicom of control over his suited up state. There are a good few moments when that's what Stark seems to be getting at, it is just hinted at rather than stated outright and i may be reading more into that than is actually there, but that's what I got from the film.

Posted on 7 May 2012, 11:27:49 BST
I think youre on the mark about the Banner/Stark interactions. Banner is clearly terrified of the Hulk but there is a scene when they are in the lab together where Stark is essentially trying to convince Banner that the Hulk might be a good thing. What we have is a Hulk who is a little more willing to play as part of a team - probably because Banner himself is a welcome part of the team and they accept him for his genius and ability rather than ignore all of that out of fear for his alter-ego.
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