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Expecting our first baby this August. What should we stock up on?

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Posted on 1 Jan 2011 09:13:45 GMT
You might want to research the idea of using re-sable nappies rather than disposable ones. They are SO much nicer than disposables and they will save you a fortune. Modern washables are shaped to go o like disposables, and are very simple to wash - just 2-3 extra washloads a week, no soaking, boiling, folding or pinning required, flushable iners to get rid of the nasties. Many councils offer vouchers or cashback on washable nappies, and they are far cuter and more comfortable for you baby as well. There's a good advisory sire which explains lots more about this

Posted on 1 Jan 2011 12:45:23 GMT
Lansinoh cream if your planning on breast feeding essential when first starting out

In reply to an earlier post on 10 Jan 2011 10:00:06 GMT
xvicx says:
bibs lots of bibs, nappies, wipes and washing powder x

In reply to an earlier post on 26 Jan 2011 17:45:25 GMT
ahiranta says:
My experience was that I was given so much clothes that I did not need to buy anything from more then one year. This depends on how many friends and family you have, but what I found handy was little square cloths, like the old fashioned nappies made of cotton. These are very handy when you wind the baby on your shoulder, it protects you and they are always handy to have close by around feeding time, in case the baby brings the milk back up. I also used them in the cot, under my little babies head, so I did not need to clean the whole sheet, but just the cotton nappy sheet instead. A baby carrier I would buy, because especially in the beginning I loved keeping my baby close to my body, and slowly made her lie on her own more and more. This was a wonderful period without any problems for both of us. I would go for a so called sling in which your little one can lie sideways, just as in the womb. Often it is wonderful for the father to carry his child like this after you have been carrying it for the first 9 month's. And have a look at the Kiddopotamus Swaddleme lots of babies like to be wrapped like that. It has come back into use nowadays, and for a good reason. Most of all ENJOY!

Posted on 1 Feb 2011 19:29:47 GMT
Vicky says:
Congratulations, August will be you can say diaper! My second is due in July, so not much in it. This time around I have most things already. I wouldn't rush into purchasing everything at once - rather just maybe get a few things each month.As stated above i'd stock up on the essentials such as:-
Muslins, wipes, scratch mittens, nappies, bibs and for you things like breast pads. Make sure you don't see this period as a chore, relax and enjoy the buying - and remember, the shops don't shut once you give birth! I purchased lots of books during my first pregnancy, but then found Wellstart. This brilliant program gives daily updates on everything pregnancy related and when the baby is born.I still refer to it on a daily basis. I have found that it is now available on Amazon (I downloaded from the Wellstart website). Wellstart Parenting And Child Development (PC/Mac)
It is a wonderful, and I can use it with my new bump simultaneously.
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy the shopping! Good luck, hope it all goes well. Get stocked up on the nappies - you will need a hundreds of them!

Posted on 2 Feb 2011 13:00:04 GMT
J. Plant says:
We went to John Lewis (in Cheadle) and found their service really good (we didn't buy everything from them but they were great to ask questions). I was also amazed when the lady guiding us through things actually told us not to bother buying a variety of things which are on various lists online/catalogues. The main thing to do is let family/friends know you are expecting (sounds daft I know) but we got an incredible amount of stuff that was just given to us - people had stored up in the loft waiting to give it on to others.

Posted on 3 Feb 2011 13:43:27 GMT
Fiona Dexter says:
I would agree with previous comments about buying nursing bras after the birth if you can, I bought mine 3 weeks before our little boy was born and then had to go and get a different size the first weekend we were home. The nursing sleep bras from places like Mothercare are great though, enough for the hospital just to keep breast pads in place, and in the long term they are invaluable for night feeding and indeed sleeping, especially if you are, like me, a larger lady in the chest area!

If you are going to breastfeed, I'd go for an electric pump rather than the hand one - worth the extra expense as it's so much quicker and less hard work! Relatives gave us Boots vouchers so we splashed out on a Philips Avent one and it's been really handy for those times you want to take a bottle out with you rather than feeding in public.

By all means bath baby in the big bath with you - don't be tempted to lean over the side though, as your back will not thank you in the long run. IKEA do a perfectly adequate baby bath for under a fiver, our little one is just getting a little too tall for it now at 12 weeks, but soon enough he'll be able to sit in it instead.

Baby carrier or sling comes in very handy when they get to the stage of not wanting to sleep in the daytime and making themselves grumpy, as it will usually have them off to sleep within minutes - also means you can take them out for a nice walk and get some exercise yourself while they are asleep.

Most of all - enjoy every second! Good luck, hope all goes well!

Posted on 3 Feb 2011 15:55:58 GMT
Carol Smith says:
Essential items include nappies, cotton wool, muslin clothes, lots of baby vests and sleep suits they are ideal for newborns outfits are too fiddly.
A good travel cup it will keep you tea/coffee warmer for longer, you'll be surprised how many cups will be left to go cold!!

Posted on 3 Feb 2011 16:20:37 GMT
MummyRoo says:
Congratulations one thing I'd say to not bother buying is a moses basket, We bought one for our son 3 months ago when he was born and he out grew it in the first month. As we couldn't fit his cot bed in our room we bought a travel cot and a mattress to go with it. He was much happier than in his moses basket and now can sleep through the night. Good luck.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Feb 2011 14:24:05 GMT
Okidoki says:
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Posted on 5 Feb 2011 15:17:43 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Feb 2011 15:21:06 GMT
I agree with the nappies part and general changing stuff you will definitely need lots of cotton wool balls unless you use wipes which i found was a bit harsh on my babys skin even though they were sensitive wipes! one thing i found i needed was a nasal aspirator and grooming kit with like the baby nail clippers etc, i'd say baby towels, bottles and if you are breastfeeding things like nipple shields and lansinoh cream.
Ah another big thing i find myself buying all the time breast pads! I just get the tesco ones.
Anyways you think of lots of things when your little girl is home.
Congrats and enjoy everyday, its amazing being a mum! :-)

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Feb 2011 15:22:56 GMT
Last edited by the author on 5 Feb 2011 15:23:42 GMT
talk about rain on a parade! That didnt need to be said by okidoki !! :-(

Posted on 5 Feb 2011 16:33:27 GMT
Nic says:
1. muslin squares
2. cheap pillow cases - as they do for sheets in the moses basket!!!
3. moses basket
4. bottles
5. feeds- just in case you are not/ cant breast feed
6. comfort toy- nothing too expensive but something you can keep around him/ her
8. wipes
9. cotton wool
10. clothes- primark or tesco cheap and cheerful!
11. car seat
12. pram


Posted on 8 Feb 2011 22:27:44 GMT
Bluedog says:
My baby girl is now 6 months and like you I wondered what to get. The most usefull things I purchased were a room thermometer, the egg one it will save you wondering all the time if baby is too hot cold etc. I used blankets for first 3 months and then sleeping bag after which are fabulous . Dont use wipes until baby is 3 months so plenty of cotton wool. lots of vests and sleepsuits/babygrows for first 3 months. A small steam microwave steamer and a larger one (for bottles) I breastfed and bottlefed combined. some black and white books, babies love black and white, any lamaze toys these are really excellant you can get the tiny ones for moses baskets which clip onto the handle, my baby still loves hers. a breast pump swing is excellant. aqueous cream for dry skin etc you can also put on babies face , my baby was a bit spotty when she was tiny and it was excellant . hope thats usefull

Posted on 9 Feb 2011 21:17:18 GMT
C. Summerson says:
I had my son in May. you get lots of clothes from people for the first few months but after that you have nothing cheap baby grows from Asda are a life saver if your at home no one knows and you will sometimes need to change baby's clothes 4 times in one day even when they are older. Muslim squares in the milk stage are a must you use lots of them. I tried breast feeding and had an awful time as I did not get any milk for about a week. So the best advice I could give is always do what you think is best. If things are getting too much don't worry. If you have to stop breast feeding or wean at 4 months or you disagree with the mother in law. You will always make the right choice. If don't look after yourself and keep you sane you can't look after a wonderful but very very demanding (breast fed every 20min day and night for 2 weeks whilst syringe feeding 10ml in the corner of his mouth) baby. Get some help for a few days after the birth you don't know what tired is until you have been through labour. But the rewards and never ending every second of every day he makes me proud.

Posted on 10 Feb 2011 09:31:58 GMT
I think okidoki is mistaken, the original post was years ago.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Feb 2011 20:57:30 GMT
You can never have enough muslin squares and babygro's for the first few months. Having plenty to hand will prevent you from doing a frantic late night wash because you've run out ! Buy different sizes too, from newborn up to 3 months. I was amazed how quickly my Daughter grew. What fits one week might not fit the next so be prepared. Make sure you have bottles and teats at the ready, even if you are breast feeding .......... they come in very handy. Extra towels for bathtime, PLENTY of nappies and wipes. Lastly, accept any help offered and sleep when baby sleeps or when anyone offers to look after little one for you. It's soooooooooo important to rest when you can. Dont even think about housework when baby takes a nap ........ SLEEP ! Good luck !!


In reply to an earlier post on 18 Feb 2011 17:19:03 GMT
I. D. Oliver says:
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Posted on 19 Feb 2011 22:24:53 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 19 Feb 2011 22:27:28 GMT]

Posted on 19 Feb 2011 22:26:51 GMT
Last edited by the author on 19 Feb 2011 22:27:59 GMT
Lambchop says:
Seems like you have plenty to read while you wait for your baby to come! :) I would recommend muslin cloths, baby wipes, nappies & nappy bags, sudocream - forget about really expensive stuff as everything gets washed, chucked or lost in the chaos. Wear stuff you won't have to iron - unless you have a very domesticated husband as the last thing you'll want to do is ironing clothes when you're knackered! Also, two piece items for your baby are ideal, so you're not always changing her entire outfit if she throws up on it i.e. soft jersey tops and trousers. Baby socks are better than scratch mits - longer and slim so stay on! And last but not least read up on Jo Frost's book birth to one year, it's all common sense in the end, don't panic, stay calm and your baby will feed off your energy. Enjoy it all, all of the 'firsts' will never end and it gets better and better. Congrats :)

Posted on 20 Feb 2011 19:34:12 GMT
C. Wignell says:
Well apart from the basics dont rush out spending loads.
I bought ONE shampoo and bubble bath (Infacare) and they have lasted ages.
Cotton wool, but i bought some lovely little wash clothes from TKMax and they have been ideal.
Nappies/vests/baby gros and some sheets/blankets for the cot/moses basket (swaddling is not recommended these days)
If your going to be breastfeeding get some Kamilosan ointment for your nips, its a bit expensive but it works a treat.
And make a sign for your front door 'new parents sleeping' so you dont feel rude asking folk to come back when you dont want them rushing in!
Baby monitor
Bottles/teats /tomytippee hot water flask for when your out and about / formula containers (i like the tommytipee range)Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easi-vent 260ml BPA-free Feeding Bottles (3-Pack)
Changing mat

And the rest you can buy once you have found what you need/what people buy as gifts.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011 17:56:37 GMT
D. Cryer says:
hi i am a new first time dad and am struggling a bit with everything and am very anxious. constantly concerned about my 9 day old baby girl who was 3 weeks early and only 4lbs 10 oz. my main worry is about dressing her appropriately and i know its probably a common sense thing but night times and going out im confused! i tend to have the heating on during the day as its cold and she has a long and short sleeve grow on, often with her blanket! at night she has the same on in her cot! have a gro egg which says the rooms too warm. any help would be greatly appreciated as i really dont want her over heating or getting dehydrated! any ideas feel free to email me at thanks, dan

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Feb 2011 11:13:19 GMT
V. Swift says:
Hi there,
It is so exciting waitin for the wee one to come isn't it? My wee boy is now a year old and not so wee any more but here is what I would recemmend you get:

Nappies, get some disposable ones even if you are going for re-useable. In the first few eeks the reusable tend to slip off and you often are not in a fit state to be washing lots of nappies every 1-2days!
If going for disposable then get nappy sacs, or even better a Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus Nappy Bin [Baby Product] - these are brilliant! Easy to use for everyone including grandparents they keep the smell right down and mean you dont have to go out to the bin after every nappy change.
Wipes / cotton wool for wiping little bottoms also essential.
A changing mat. I just used a waterproof one covered with a towel on the floor - you can get the raised changing stations but by month 3 my little one was so wriggly he would have fallen off it and they are expensive so i would just change her on the floor if you can manage it.
Cot - either cot or cot ed depending on your preference.
Fitted sheets to fit you cot mattress
Sleeping bags / grow bags, great from a few months old onwards - really brilliant idea, get a few in different tog values (1 or 2.5tog is the usual)
Blanket if your house is likely to get cold at night - also good for use in the car, in the pram etc etc
Moses basket - we used until he was 6 weeks old and can be great for the first month or so but unlikely to be used much after that so I would say get a cheap one if you want one, but you can easily do without.
baby bath - again great for the first 3 months or so for us, they are cheap and save you water so a good idea
Towels - you can get hooded ones that look v cute and are quite practical but if money if tight then your normal towels will do the job as well!
Clothes - little outfits look really cute on a hanger but much less so after you have fought a screaming child into them and have then fought with the buttons for 10 minutes! I would suggest babygrows and vests for the first 4-6 weeks or more will be your main things needed. try and get the babygrows with the turn over cuffs so you dont need scratch mits (which NEVER stay on!).
A few hats and cardigan or too in 0-3months sizes are also useful.
Lots of folk will give you clothes so I would wait and see what you are given beyond this.
A way of acrrying your baby is also good - a pram or puchchair, lots to choose from, make sure you try them out and think about their use. We have a Quinny Buzz which is great as we live in the countryside and it is great on all terraines - it does not fold into 1 piece however so getting it on and off buses etc is a nightmare. If you have a car make sure it fits in it too!
Carrier - I have a wrap sling which I think is brilliant but they do not suit everyone so try and find a shop which will let you try them on. Sling Meets are also arranged in many cities - look up on line, where you can try lots of different baby carriers - well worth a visit if you can. A baby bjorn is a great carrier when young, up to 1 year, and we have a backpack carrier we have used masses since he was a bout 5 months old but again try them on as they all have a slightly different shape and you want to be comfy - equally if you live in a city and dont think you will use it much wait and see before spending a lot on them!
A car seat is essential to get home from hospital and if you have a car, or think you may get a lift in other folks cars so get one asap!
Toys - wait and see what you get but Lamaze do brilliant stuff for youngsters so try some of their things.
A play gym is also a great idea - lots of choice, pick one you like but dont be fooled into thinking the more expensive ones are always better - if it is colouyrful and has things to grab they will love it!
Finally a cot mobile can be great - we have one that plays classical music but some also do light shows etc - pick one you can bear hearing over and over again!

Hope this helps - have fun!

Posted on 1 Mar 2011 12:11:44 GMT
Nicki says:
I used Gap hidden support vests for the first couple of weeks instead of a breastfeeding bra, they hold breast pads in place and are very comfortable. Also Gap baby bundlers, they are like nighties with elasticated bottoms. Makes nappy changing so much easier. I recommend Mothercares smart nappies if you are considering washable nappies. I never bothered with a changing mat, I change my daughter on a towel on my lap which meant that on the couple of occasions where I have had to change her in a public toilet without a baby changing area that I was able to cope. My daughter loved being in her sling, the type that baby can lie down in or sit up (once older) on the front , hip or back. It meant that I could still do dishes etc even when she wouldn't settle in her moses basket. It's a New Native organic baby carrier that I got second hand from e bay.
They are tiny for such a short time, make the most of it - don't get hung up on house work and don't rush to make tea for all the visitors. If they know you well enough to visit then they know where the kettle is! When the baby sleeps you should sleep too, even if it's the middle of the day, grab it while you can.

Posted on 3 Mar 2011 19:39:41 GMT
Madeleine79 says:
I remember washing drying about 40 muslin cloths - you don't need that many! About 10-15 is more than enough and they are great as they get older for cleaning up any messy hands but if you can find smaller squares, I think they would be useful. We found the swaddling blankets you can get invaluable for a brand new baby as the main reason brad new babies wake up is that they jerk in their sleep.

Everyone told me to not go crazy buying things and generally they were right but I am glad I got a good pram with a car seat that fits in it was really handy - but I like walking so it depends on your lifestyle.

Don't buy as many nipple shields as they advise - wait until you see if breast feeding takes off first.

You probably won't need any baby clothes for the first 6 months - and babies grow fast so they will probably be out of new born stuff really quickly!

A friend of mine who has just had a baby swears by the nursing chairs that are on sale as it rocks and means you can be well supported.

A V shaped pillow was a great buy as I used it to support my bump as I slept and later used for helping feed baby and then to prop baby up.

For the first month or so they recommend babies have bums wiped with cotton wool and warmish water - so the cotton pads might be handy.

Oh!The pregnancy balls are great for later on and for labour as well.

Best of luck xx
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