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Directors who need reeling in a bit from their "vision"

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Posted on 24 Feb 2014, 16:40:35 GMT
Lars von trier

Why doesn't he make a nice feel good romcom starring katherine heigl:)

Posted on 29 Apr 2012, 22:57:26 BST
Bourne1886 says:
Tim Burton- Weird Films every time!

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Apr 2012, 09:21:00 BST
Tetrominoe. You made me cry !
"No! You be quiet now." Funny, funny, funny.

Posted on 28 Apr 2012, 05:06:42 BST
[Deleted by Amazon on 28 Apr 2012, 17:48:12 BST]

Posted on 28 Apr 2012, 04:16:54 BST
mister joe says:
Micheal Bay is genius.His movies take moronic dumbness to profound levels.His films give me glorious headaches.Bay is like King Jock.....your comment Tetro did make me laugh and he is definetley a director whose "vision" you could say needs reigning in.
I think Dark Knight was awesome and i am excited about the new one.Oddly i find Nolan an almost understated,refined director....i would not say at all he needs any reigning in,in fact i would say the opposite.Why someone is focusing on how a gut bomb got placed in a film as visually brilliant and thematically intricate as Dark Knight is really missing a great film.

In reply to an earlier post on 28 Apr 2012, 04:15:35 BST
Last edited by the author on 28 Apr 2012, 04:17:14 BST
Blastronaut says:
Tet - call it turning a blind eye, call it what ya want, but despite what Kubrick did in relation to the book, he still managed (imo obviously) to make a good film.
I'll give ya another example - if you've read The Mist, then watched the film, you'll see that Darabont turned the ending on it's head; as far away from the original ending as you can get!
For my money tho, he still made a bloody good film out of it. Ok, it píssed me off a tad that the ending had been so drastically altered, but it STILL worked, and worked pretty well, I'd say.

Posted on 28 Apr 2012, 00:26:32 BST
Last edited by the author on 28 Apr 2012, 01:47:11 BST
@Blastronaut: I'm a little confused because you bring up and forgive Kubrick and yet I'd argue he's the worst culprit. The Shining (book) is a pretty average length unlike IT, Tommyknockers and the mammoth size of The Stand. Kubrick strips the book away of all it's subtext, development and the history of the Overlook and throws in a nonsensical ending. I think trying to make films from IT, and The Stand you can't remain loyal to the novels, they're just way too long. I would love to see a really good modern tv series adaptation of The Stand though.

This probably won't go down well but my number one culprit is James Cameron. For me he's like George Lucas and has become more enamoured with the Pandora's box that's CGI and forgotten what's made them famous in the first place and that's good storytelling. He says in documentaries he had to wait to make Avatar because he needed technology to catch up. I'm going to call bollox on that one. He could have made Avatar years ago. It wouldn't look so nice but he could have made it. Or maybe he could have used that time to MAKE THE STORY BETTER!!!!!!! Rather than go diving for the millionth time to look at The Titanic.

Somebody mentioned Michael Bay (has he got a vision???), he doesn't need reeling in he needs to sit in a small badly ventilated room with no windows and think long and hard about what he's done with his life. The moment he says, "I got an idea" somebody should slaps him around the head and say, "No! You be quiet now."

Posted on 25 Apr 2012, 07:58:30 BST
What about that one, maybe two, scenes that it just shouldn't have been put in to a film that you otherwise love, such as, the whole KING KONG, T-Rexs' hanging from vines, trepeze act.

In reply to an earlier post on 25 Apr 2012, 02:52:28 BST
Last edited by the author on 25 Apr 2012, 02:54:04 BST
Blastronaut says:
Stand By Me was ok I suppose (I just KNEW someone'd collar me with a film that I'd forgotten about!) but I wuz thinking more on the lines of Dreamcatcher, Tommyknockers, IT (please don't try to tell me that came even close to the quality of the book), and that terrible mess that was made of the short story - 1408!
Wasn't too taken with the celluloid versions of The Stand or Pet Sematary either tho no doubt I'm in the minority there.
In some of those I mentioned, it's maybe not the case of the director taking off on a tangent (tho that's certainly the case with 1408) and more a case of the films being cr@p representations of the book imo.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Apr 2012, 21:22:14 BST
Stand By Me (Reinder 1986) was pretty good in my opinion and didn't need "reeling in"; it certainly didn't give me the impression of an auteur let loose.

Posted on 24 Apr 2012, 21:20:39 BST
McRonson says:
As odd as it may seem, I'd add Chris Nolan to this list. I suffered through the Prestige, having also suffered his two (so far) dreadful Batman films, and the Prestige was equally unconvincing. Watching Memento or Inception might just finish me off for good....

Nolan's batfilms - for a start, The Dark Knight had absolutely none of the previous Gothic atmosphere of even Batman Begins ie., no Batcave, a Batmobile that's military issue with no scalloped 'Bat' design aspects and a Gotham city that looks more like Milton Keynes on a sunny day. No 'creature of the night' in evidence at all. This is Batman, not Genericman!

The Dark Knight should have been called The Joker Rises; Nolan's interpretation of the Joker is strong - an amoral psychopathic anarchist, more of a terrorist than a super villain but casting Heath Ledger in the role? Epic fail.

Then there's the embarrassing plot and stupid set pieces like the guy with the mobile phone bomb in his gut - how did it get in there? How can you actually see it so clearly? Was it shoved up his ???? (and up through the colon and digestive system?) or what? And the bomb contains enough explosive to destroy the police station??? Not even the Batman comic books have scenes that dumb in them!

I shudder to think what The Dark Knight Rises is going to be like. Chris Nolan is awful - on the other hand, Bryan Singer USED to be good. As did James Cameron.

Posted on 24 Apr 2012, 19:10:56 BST
Blastronaut says:
...oh, and everyone apart from De Palma, Kubrick and Darabont, that 'adapted' a Stephen King book.

Posted on 24 Apr 2012, 19:06:04 BST
Blastronaut says:
Much as I love some of Brian De Palma's stuff (and he's behind some of my all time faves) with some of his flicks I just wanna shout "Brian!... No!!... Yer laying it on a bit thick, dude!!!"

Posted on 27 Mar 2012, 02:17:01 BST
mister joe says:
James Cameron
Harmony Korine
Terry Gilliam
Gus Van Sant
Quentin Tarantino
Larry Clark
Gasper Noe

Posted on 26 Mar 2012, 15:49:45 BST
RABB says:
I was just about to say Michael Bay. One day he will actually succeed in his goal of blowing the planet up.

Posted on 26 Mar 2012, 15:47:40 BST
? says:
Bryan singer for me.

Why oh why do Hollywood think he's such a good director. His x-men films were very average and his superman film was terrible. He seems to think he can make superhero films appeal to non-superhero fanboys but he can't. He wasted massive opportunities with these two franchises and both have had to be re booted in recent times. Take a leaf out of Chris nolans book and stick to the source material and you can make a faithfull comic book film and make it sucessful.

Oh and michael bay is another one. His vision of the transformers sucks. Why change so much stuff, bloody muppet.

Posted on 25 Mar 2012, 23:03:00 BST
Think the most obvious one would be George Lucas and his constant 'improvements' of the star wars trilogy,to screw with empire and Jedi is sacrilege as they were not even directed by George so ultimately undermine kershner and Marquand as directors.You could also point to blade runner but at least every version is freely out there to pick up in DVD and blu ray unlike the original star wars that George seems intent on erasing from existence,sham on George for making so many loyal fans unhappy!

Initial post: 25 Mar 2012, 20:56:17 BST
To start this off, Peter Jackson. Now I loved King Kong, even the New York city stuff. the battle with the two Tyrannasorus Rex was cool but he spoilt it when they and Kong fell of the cliff and it turned into a silly trapeze act with them swinging back and forth. Someone should have stepped up and said "Peter, Peter, Peter, no, no ,no. Reel it in. Too much, you're getting carried away" And as much as I love his stuff don't even get me started on Spielberg. So we are talking about films that are good but have that little over indulgence by the director.
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