Electronic Keyboards

Ready to find your sound? Buy an electronic keyboard and the possibilities are infinite, with drum tracks, voices, backing styles, pre-recording and more for you to experiment with. Electronic keyboards are conveniently portable--great for gigs and outdoor performances--and are small enough to fit in most bedrooms. As with most electronic instruments, headphones allow silent practice on an electronic keyboard, which means you or your children can enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun and creativity without disturbing the neighbours. We’ve got some great electronic keyboards to choose from, both portable and full-size, from brands such as M-Audio, Casio, Yamaha and many more. Electronic keyboards with weighted keys, touch sensitivity and hammer action are designed to simulate as closely as possible the feel of a real piano, giving a more authentic playing experience and allowing players more expression and nuance. Many electronic keyboards come with USB interface, so you can connect up to your computer and play back digital music files. Many of our electronic keyboards come with full-sized keys too, which makes switching to piano and back a whole lot easier. Find the electronic keyboard that’s right for you at Amazon.co.uk. We’ve got electronic keyboards to suit every budget and ability, from entry-level beginners’ keyboards to high-tech marvels with all the bells and whistles.

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