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4K Ultra HD Blu-ray store

##So believable, it's unbelievable

Welcome to the world of 4K Ultra HD - the new standard in high-definition viewing. With more vivid colours, intense contrast, and life-like detail than standard high-definition, 4K UHD offers the highest possible audio and picture quality, ideal for movies, sport, gaming and more.

##What is 4K Ultra HD? 4K UHD viewing offers images that are four times sharper than a standard high-definition picture. That equals four times as much detail for a crisper image, smoother lines and richer colour. Think darker darks, brighter brights and perfect contrast.

##How can I watch 4K Ultra HD? To watch 4K UHD at home, you must have a 4K capable television. Once you have this key piece of equipment, you can choose to stream immediately via Prime Video (note you will need super-fast broadband with at least 25Mbps to do this). Otherwise you can purchase a standalone player and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs.

Wider colour spectrum
Colour bit depth
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