Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Smart TVs give you access to online interactive media, Internet TV, on-demand streaming media and home networking access:

• Watch web content and stream your favourite programmes and movies.

• High image quality and low energy consumption.

• Choose from 3D technology, plasma, LED and more.

If you want an immersive, fully interactive, big-screen experience for you and your family and friends, choose a smart TV from Amazon.co.uk.

Wi-Fi Audio Speaker Systems

Wi-Fi Audio Speaker Systems

Wi-Fi audio speaker systems from Amazon.co.uk allow you to enjoy your music, favourite Internet radio station or music streaming subscription wirelessly:

• No re-wiring required. Connect a Wi-Fi speaker to your home network and begin streaming your music without the need for cables.

• Start with one speaker and then expand throughout your house. Multi-room technology from selected brands allows you to connect several speakers to your home Wi-Fi network and play different songs in each room or the same song everywhere.

• Stream music via your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

• Control speakers individually via manufacturer-specific apps.

Media Streaming Devices

Media Streaming Devices

Media streaming devices: set-top box, media box, smart stick, media streamer, digital media device--these are all names for a device you use to stream audio and video content to your TV:

• Access a variety of online apps.

• Stream your favorite on-demand content through your TV.