Energy & Lighting Technologies

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs

Wi-Fi light bulbs are the latest development in lighting technology, increasing home connectivity without compromising on light quality:

• Programmable turn-on times and remote switch-on

• Able to change colour to create mood and highlight interior design

• Energy efficient LED light bulbs

Simple apps allow a greater level of control over interior lighting through smartphones and tablets.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer possibilities to improve your home heating. They combine standard features with increased energy efficiency and customisable settings:

• Easily programmed to optimise energy efficiency

• Turn on heating remotely using an app

• 5/2 or 7-day program schedules

Control your heating remotely and see improvements in your energy bills with programmable thermostats.

Power Monitors

Power Monitors

Power monitors allow you to keep a close eye on your exact energy usage, making energy bills predictable and demonstrating ways to reduce them:

• Clear demonstration of energy usage

• Visible in either units or a specified currency

• Allows for multiple energy tariffs

In the Home Automation Store you can find smart solutions for energy and lighting. Automating your home can help you to decrease your energy use, so you can make your home a green home as well a smart home. Wi-Fi light bulbs can be controlled remotely using a tablet or smartphone, and can be pre-programmed to turn on and off at set times. Deter intruders by making your house look occupied, even when you're on holiday, or have a light come on gradually in the morning to help you wake up. Adjustable hues allow you to set the mood in your home, and pre-programmed adjustments can help with your sleep cycles, by having light bulbs move to a warmer tone in the evenings and a bluer, brighter hue in the mornings. With a programmable thermostat you can optimise energy efficiency in your home, so you'll enjoy reductions in your energy bill. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats can be controlled remotely through your tablet or smartphone, so you'll never come home to a cold house again. Program your thermostat on a 7-day schedule, or take the weekend into account with a 5/2 schedule. A power monitor lets you keep track of your energy usage, helping you predict your energy bills so you won't be surprised, and highlighting areas where savings are possible. At you'll find thermostats from well-known brands such as Nest. Automate your home with energy and lighting automation products from the Home Automation Store and turn your home into a smart home, a green home and a healthy home.