Street Surfing

Welcome to the Street Surfing store, the home of the original caster board. Find a great selection of caster boards and scooters, including the popular Wave board along with new models for 2012.

About Street Surfing

Street Surfing is a combination of Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Surfing and is now one of the fastest growing board sports world wide.

Street Surfing is the newest board sport to hit the UK. The boards are inline action boards with two wheels that rotate 360 degrees, giving the rider true feeling and flexibility and allowing propulsion by using core movements of the body. On top of this, Street Surfing promotes skills such as balance, kinetic abilities and dexterity. The boards also exercise many body muscles, making for an excellent fitness regime. Born from the skate and surf mecca of Laguna Beach California, Street Surfing blends the anatomy of all three action sports in one distinctive ride. It is also a great introduction to all board sports.

Street Surfing is the best dry-land alternative to surfing or snowboarding and has been used by the British Surf Team and the British Snowboarding team as a dry-land training aid.

Street Surfing UK is committed to educating young people about the physical benefits of alternative sports and runs an extensive schools PE programme in the UK and Ireland. Six million children worldwide have now been taught how to Street Surf with 300,000 taught in the UK alone. Last summer Street Surfing toured the country and visited over 40 major cities and towns offering a free “Surf Anywhere” experience to encourage kids to Get Up and Get Active.