Meccaniche Veloci Meccaniche Veloci

Meccaniche Veloci is a creative time lab that has managed to successfully combine motor engineering with the highest quality watch craftsmanship since 2006.

This allows all of the adrenalin of high speed to be relived in wristwatches, that stand out for their state of the art design and strong sports and technological imprinting.

The symbol of the brand is the piston with the four subdials representing the intake and exhaust valves which are reproduced and engineered to house the four independent movements of the watch, for four different time zones.

Hence the name Quattro Valvole, which today identifies Meccaniche Veloci’s best known model and the focus of their main collections.

Sporting, elegant and precious in the Classic, Luxury and Limited Edition lines, the models all have precise, bold and elegant styles, as in the best of Italian design.

Manufactured, assembled and controlled in Switzerland, Meccaniche Veloci watches proudly bear the wording “Swiss Made”.