Gurhan Logo

Gurhan, the international award–winning jewellery designer, is renowned for pioneering the revival of pure 24 carat gold jewellery. Before Gurhan, pure gold jewellery had not been made since ancient times. Today, there is only one original GURHAN. Whether his unique designs are wrought solely in pure gold or “kissed” with it in his popular tri-tonal sterling silver line, there is no mistaking a GURHAN piece. Women around the world, celebrities and collectors alike, seek out his jewellery for its distinctive design, versatility, and artisanal quality.

But most of all, it is the signature GURHAN aesthetic that draws a woman to his creations. Gurhan’s “fingerprints” on his jewellery are the essence of the brand - hand-hammering and natural imperfections, evidence that every piece is painstakingly crafted by hand. This highly personal dimension resonates with the woman who owns it - a woman whose life is as rich and varied as the GURHAN jewellery she chooses to wear.