Nicola Gewirtz

Lola Rose is one of the most stylish and successful accessories brands in the UK today. Specialising in bold and colourful jewellery, hand-made from the finest semi-precious stones, Lola Rose is worn regularly by Hollywood film stars and fashionistas.

Designer Nicola Gewirtz’s philosophy of affordable luxury is quite simple. She makes her customers feel wonderful, bringing colour, glamour and a smile with every purchase--an unbeatable combination.

"I love to shop. My burning desire for a funky handbag or a girly bracelet knows no bounds. Throughout my life I have been on a constant quest to find the most beautiful fashion accessories. I created Lola Rose in September 2000 and it has been a journey that has outstripped my wildest expectations. Born in London, I followed a solid, if unfulfilling career as a personal assistant (a terrible one at that) until a birthday gift changed my life."

"I think it is so important for women to occasionally spoil themselves without feeling guilty. If a piece of Lola Rose jewellery can do this, then my dream has come true."

Nicola Gewirtz, Founder of Lola Rose.

Lola Rose