Discover some of 2019’s best books, as selected by the Amazon Books team

Whether you're looking for your next read or a stocking filler, the Amazon Books Editors are here to help. Below you'll find some of our favourite books of the year with a review from a member of our team, or an Amazon customer who loved it just as much as we did.


The Testaments

Margaret Atwood

“I’ve long been a Margaret Atwood fan and I was nervous and excited about the publication of The Testaments. I have not been disappointed; the novel reads like a thriller whilst skilfully interweaving new and old - settings and characters from both The Handmaid’s Tale novel and TV series. And, of course, The Testaments is full of those Atwood-punch-in-the-gut moments of literary genius and insight I’ve so relished whenever I read one of her novels" – Victoria, Amazon Editor

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Little Darlings

Melanie Golding

"The best stories are the ones that find you burdened by a heavy emotional attachment to the characters, and thoroughly invested in their ensuing trajectory. Little Darlings plays on some of our darkest fears, with artful prose and an uncanny understanding of the human condition. I’d been patiently (ok, a little impatiently) waiting for this one and it did not disappoint! Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more from this talented author - I truly hope so anyway!"S.Bailey, Amazon customer

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Autobiographies and True Stories

Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion

Jia Tolentino

"New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino has penned the best essay collection of the year. Her wit will disarm you and her analysis of modern life, feminism, and the internet is unflinching." – Catherine, Amazon Editor

"If my colleague – who has the most exceptional taste in books – hadn’t recommended this book to me, I may never have read Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self Delusion. An insightful, scathing, witty collection of essays from the terrifyingly accomplished New Yorker staff writer. Tolentino’s collection of essays on the self should, frankly, compulsory reading for everyone." – Victoria, Amazon Editor

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Crime, Thriller and Mystery

Blood Orange

Harriet Tyce

"There are some tense moments as the story races towards its denouement but the hard truth at the end is what really hit and shocked me, and again I can’t say anything more, only to say that it was done so very well and it is so, so chilling. I can’t recommend this novel highly enough. If you enjoy a mix of legal and psychological drama, then I would definitely recommend Blood Orange." - Jacob, Amazon customer

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Twas the Nightshift before Christmas

Adam Kay

“I’m looking forwards to gifting stocking-filler 'Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam Kay'. This is Going to Hurt elicited public-train-laughter from me which, being a typical traveller in London, is utterly taboo. I can’t wait for my family members to enjoy Adam Kay just as much as I have. This is going to be one of those books you read out loud in the living room after Christmas dinner because you just can’t keep it to yourself, consequently shocking some of your more ‘buttoned-up’ relatives." – Victoria, Amazon Editor

"This was as funny if not even funnier than the last one. I had many involuntary laugh out loud moments much to the annoyance of my husband, M. He had to leave the room at one point as I was driving him mad laughing and gasping every five seconds. Amongst the hilarity of this book, there are some more sombre events that really make you stop and think. They are handled with such delicacy, Adam Kay really is a brilliant writer (and comedian)." - H.Leecy, Amazon customer

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So Lucky

Dawn O'Porter

'Bloody marvellous! First book I’ve read of Dawn O’Porters, wasn’t and hopefully won’t be, the last! It’s a refreshing and different approach to writing that I adored and I had my nose glued to each page for pretty much a full day and a half until I reluctantly had to turn to the last.Humour and emotion in bundles. Every character relatable and someone you can sympathise and empathise with. Dawn O’Porter has a style about her that is addictive, she pulls you in with her slightly immature (which I love!) Instagram stories and I can’t stop watching. Her writing is no different, yet so different. It’s like every page gives you a new fix of oxytocin.' - Vanessa Holford, Amazon customer

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The Man Who Didn't Call

Rosie Walsh

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I was so eager to see what the final outcome would be that I couldn’t put it down. This is more than just a straightforward romance; it is a mystery story, and also an exploration of how people can be affected by both bereavement, and the responsibilities of being a long-term carer. There were also a couple of completely unexpected twists to the story. A roller-coaster ride for the emotions and a thoroughly satisfying read." - Speedwriter, Amazon customer

"Stunning read from an author who clearly knows nature, people and plot. I fell in love with these characters immediately, experiencing their highs and lows, and rooting them on their journeys. Read in one day, and highly recommended. Even burnt dinner and forgot I had a family towards the end." - E L Jordan, Amazon customer

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Chastise: The Dambusters Story

Max Hastings

"I already ‘gifted’ this title to my dad. He used to fly helicopters in the navy and I knew he was interested in the dambusters story/military history in general. He finished it in 3 three days!" - Gordon, Amazon Editor

"A truly fresh approach to a well known story, but with a focus on the personalities behind the air crew and the impact to the civil population following the floods - many of whom were German slave workers from occupied European territories, not commonly known. Recommended read for those who want to learn more behind this famous military victory which gave hope to the British population during the dark days of struggle against the evils of Nazi power." - Stephen Griffiths, Amazon customer

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Food and Drink

Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter

Nigel Slater

"I loved the Spring Summer edition of this vegetarian recipe book, this is the companion for the colder months, where he brings together a few ingredients with simple preparation to make delicious quick dinners" – Lisa, Amazon Editor

"This truly is autumnal full of earthy, warming, comforting flavours, quite different from the style of its twin. Imagine lots of warm (not hot) spice, squash, mushrooms, cheese etc. All the lovely things about eating as the weather turns. Mouth-wateringly enticing recipes, the true passion and the gentle writing style. These are the things that make me I love this book already, having owned it only 24 hours." - J.Hutch, Amazon customer

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Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers

Edited by Anthony Doerr

"Another one for the foodies—this collection of essays gathers some of my favourite writers and asks them, ‘what power does comfort food have to heal?"– Catherine, Amazon Editor

"I ordered four copies of Eat Joy; I'll probably order more. It's a collection of heartfelt literary essays about making it through the hard times, and each comes with a delicious recipe. Some will make you laugh, many will make you cry, most will make you hungry. Ultimately it's a cathartic, healing book—plus it has stunning full-colour illustrations throughout. Plan to order at least two copies: one for you, one to give to someone you love. I plan to order one for every reader and/or cook on my holiday gift list!"Stacey, Amazon Customer

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Children's Books

The Beast of Buckingham Palace

David Walliams

"This book is wonderful! David Walliams has really outdone himself with The Beast of Buckingham Palace; it is filled with mystery, adventure, heroes and villains, brilliant characters (poor Octobut!), gorgeous illustrations throughout and the setting is fantastic - aren't we all just a little bit intrigued by Buckingham Palace? There are some beautiful lessons about friendship, loyalty and bravery, with an enjoyable sprinkling of real history which I particularly loved. I cannot imagine anybody not enjoying this story, it's suitable for all!" - Michelle, Amazon customer

"The book was amazing, a tale of friendship, bravery and loyalty. A truly heart-warming story, though it does not give us very high hopes for the future. Highly recommended for children of all ages" - Zuber, Amazon customer

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The Taylor Turbochaser

David Baddiel

"The book is funny, adventurous but also inspiring, realistically portraying the issues of being in a wheelchair but also showing how Amy and her friend overcome her disability to succeed in her goal. It is unusual to see many children's books that portrays a person with disability, not to mention one that can be moving and stirring at the same time. My son said that he enjoyed this book thoroughly which, given that he rejects about half of what we give him to read, means that the book comes highly commended. I can only hope that other children's authors follow the example of Mr Baddiel and produce literature that is both sympathetic and inspiring." - Susan Random, Amazon customer

"I have a Learning Disability and I love the book because it not just entertaining, it’s also getting more audiences and changing public's attitudes towards people with a Disability and to promote inclusion. It makes me feel good that David Baddiel is also encouraging inclusion to bigger wide audience and this will also benefit children at school to end stigma." - Harry Roche, Amazon customer

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