Questions & Answers

1) I’m experiencing streaming issues, what can I do?

First, check your device bandwidth speeds. For the best live streaming experience, Prime Video recommends a minimum download speed of 1 Mbps for SD & 5 Mbps for HD. Prime Video will serve the highest quality streaming experience possible based on the bandwidth speed available. If you’re experiencing any issues with video juddering/motion, we recommend turning the Motion setting on your TV to Off. This setting might have a different name depending on your TV manufacturer. Some examples of the Motion setting include Auto Motion Plus, Tru Motion, MotionFlow, Cinemotion, and Motion Picture. If you still experience issues, please contact us.

2) Which devices do you support & why can I no longer see live sports on my iOS or Android mobile device?

For general guidance, please reference this page .Live sport is supported on web browsers and on more than 650 connected devices via the Prime Video app, including compatible games consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox One), set top boxes and media players (such as Google Chromecast, BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Virgin TV, Roku and Apple TV), smart TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets and mobile phones running iOS or Android. Amazon devices such as the Fire TV and Fire tablet also support live sport streaming.

If you cannot see live sport on your device, please update your app to the latest version. Android Users: Open the Google Play Store app, Search "Prime Video", Tap "Update". iOS Users: Open the App Store, Search "Prime Video", Tap "Update".

3) I’m receiving a location error when attempting to watch.

Prime Video on is available to customers based in the UK. If you are in Ireland, and trying to access live events via web browser, you will need to go to Prime Video doesn’t support streaming content through Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy connections. To watch Prime Video, you must disable these services on your device or try switching to another available connection.

4) Which matches will have commentary for live and replay coverage?

Commentary will always be available on the “Main coverage” and full-day replays episodes. At selected tournaments, individual matches may also have commentary.

5) Can I record matches?

No. There is no need as Replays of all matches from all tournaments will be available 15 minutes after a match has ended.

6) How can I find live matches on my Prime Video app for ATP Tour and Laver Cup tennis tournaments?

From the Prime Video homepage, tap the “Sports” menu at the top right. Here you will see all live and on demand matches for each tournament.

7) I can’t see all upcoming matches for the day ahead, when will this be visible?

Matches appear within the next 8 hours in the ‘Live and Upcoming’ row. As matches end, they are removed from the row.

8) How can I switch Subtitles on or off?

On the “Main Coverage” you can turn Subtitles on or off by selecting the "CC" icon in your playback controls. For some devices, the Subtitles icon looks like a dialogue box, or it may be listed as a menu option under "Subtitles" on the video's detail page.

9) Why did the “Main Coverage” switch to another tennis match?

“Main Coverage” focuses on popular matches throughout the day and offers expert analysis in between the action — this could result in your coverage switching from one match to another. If you would like to stay with a match for its duration, you can select specific players you want to watch.

10) Can I rewind, pause and fast forward on my device?

Rewind, pause and fast forward are available on Android/iOS Mobile, Web (Chrome, FireFox, Edge), Fire TV, Apple TV (Gen 3) & selected Smart TVs. Watch live or Watch from beginning play buttons are also available on the majority of devices.

11) How can I update my FireTV Stick apps?

You can update your apps automatically by following these instructions: 1. Go to Settings, and select Applications. 2. Go to Appstore. 3. Set the option to YES to have applications updated automatically. if this is set to no, then you will see individual update options for each app icon in your app library. To sync the compatible apps on your Amazon Fire TV device with your Cloud: Go to Settings>My Account>Sync Amazon Content.

12) Why aren’t you broadcasting all doubles, qualifying or women’s matches at ATP tournaments?

We cover all televised courts available for ATP tournaments that we broadcast. Unfortunately, not all doubles matches are covered by TV cameras, so we’re unable to show these matches. Prime Video does not currently have the rights to show Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tournaments. However, from 2020, Prime members in the UK and Ireland will be able to watch a minimum of 49 WTA tournaments on Prime Video.

13) Which other sporting events are available on Prime Video throughout the year?

Amazon Prime members based in the UK and Ireland have access to 37 ATP Tennis tournaments, the U.S. Open Tennis, the Laver Cup, NFL Thursday Night Football games and 8 AVP Volleyball tournaments. Starting from the 2019/20 season, UK Prime members will have exclusive access to 20 Premier League matches per season.