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If you're thinking about updating your work wardrobe and taking a more relaxed approach to workplace clothing, that's great. Nobody should feel restricted to stuffy old professional looks, and there are plenty of sharp alternatives. Combining jeans with blazers, suit jackets, and shirts is one contemporary approach. However, it's easy to get the look wrong. So here are some tips about how to wear jeans in an office-appropriate way, so you can feel comfortable and look professional at the same time.
The first thing to remember when creating a denim-based professional look is that dark jeans are the only way to go. Reliable staples like darker blues or even black tones create a sharp look, where light denim can feel too casual for office situations. Something like these Levi's 501 Original Fit jeans will do the trick. Sure, they have a relaxed fit, but the rich navy blue colour is not too far away from dark suit trousers, and that's the middle ground you're shooting for.
If you're matching up a blazer and jeans combination, opting for skinny jeans can be the ideal choice. The skinny fit adds a little more class to your outfit than baggier cuts, and harmonises well with streamlined tailored blazers or suit jackets. These jeans are a great example of what we're talking about. Skinny jeans can also show off your footwear style, too. So, if you have an impressive collection of designer brogues, you should be able to pair them with blazers and skinny jeans to complete your look.
When choosing the right pair of jeans for work, you may need to add some shirts or jackets to your wardrobe as well. The trick here is to pick tops which complement the colour of your jeans. It's generally best to avoid clashing colours or tones that are exactly the same. And think about making your jacket slightly darker then the jeans below. If you're shooting for a smart casual office look, something like this BiSHE Men's Corduroy Blazer Coat is a versatile inclusion, but experiment and match up colours to find a blend that works.
If you're planning to dispense with the jacket entirely, that's absolutely fine. Sometimes, offices can be pretty hot places to spend time, and you can achieve a professional look without a blazer or jacket. However, there are some things to remember when matching shirts and jeans for work. For one thing, pick high-quality dress shirts with restrained patterns and colours and pick a relatively close fit. This striped VPASS shirt is a good example of the right kind of thing. It's smart, attractive, but not too distracting.
Finally, accessories can make the difference between an overly casual office look and one which manages to be impressive and laid-back. Belts are an essential accessory to add to your collection, as they can instantly add a touch of class where it can't be missed. There are plenty of options here, but this black belt from Hugo is in the right ballpark. Combined with a designer watch, cufflinks, and the right shoes, belts can adapt your outfit and complete your contemporary office look.