Alexa Cast - How to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new feature that is being launched?

The new feature is called Alexa Cast. It will allow you to play (cast) and control music on any of your Alexa devices from your Amazon Music iOS or Android app. You can discover all your Alexa devices from within your music app. Your devices do not need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device. You can target any device from anywhere. Once you pick a target device, music you selected on your app will start playing on the chosen device. You can now follow along on your app. When you tap skip on your app, your device skips to the next track. Your app becomes a remote control for the device.

Where is this feature available today?

Alexa Cast with Amazon Music is available everywhere Alexa and Amazon Music are available today. FireTV devices are not supported.

How do I get started?

First, get the latest version of the Amazon Music app. Next, on the “Now Playing” screen, you will see a casting icon in the bottom right. Tapping the icon will bring up the list of all your available Alexa devices for you to select.

Can I discover and cast music to non-Amazon Alexa devices like my Sonos?

Yes, as long as Alexa has been enabled on the device. You can start casting to devices like Sonos, Bose, and more.

What can I do with the Alexa Cast feature?

Easily find and play music on your devices

Use your music app to cast music onto an Alexa-enabled device. You start by playing music through your app. When you want to cast, you pick an Alexa device from the device list and the music from your app will cast to that device. The device now starts playing music (previously playing through your app). Any content the device was previously playing will be overridden.

Use your music app to control the Alexa enabled device

Once you have started casting, you can use the buttons on your app to control the music playing on the device. For example: When you hit the next button, the song on the device and on your music app will skip to the next track.

Complement your music experience

You open your music app, pull up your device list and select the device that is actively playing music. Your app will now reflect the song that is playing on the device that you have chosen. You can now use your app to control the music on the device and enjoy in-app features like synchronized lyrics, artist info, artist recommendations and more.

More easy control than with Bluetooth

Once you have started casting, you can still use voice to control the music playing on the device. As the music on the device updates as per your voice command, your app will also update to remain in sync with the music on the device. You can switch between using your voice and your app based on your convenience.

Stop casting to an Alexa enabled device

When you want to stop casting to a device and resume playing on your phone, you will have to pull up the device list and tap the disconnect button. This will end casting between your app and the Alexa device.

Can I use this feature if I am an Amazon Music Echo plan only subscriber?

No, if you’re an Echo plan only customer, you cannot use this feature. Echo Plan only customers can play music only on one specific Echo device and not from the app. [Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can use this feature]

What will I see in the Now Playing view for a device in my Alexa companion app when I am casting to it?

The Now Playing view for the device in the Alexa app will show information of the music that is playing on it, irrespective of whether the music was initiated by casting or by voice. You can also control music on the device using the Alexa app.

Can my friends cast music from their Amazon Music app to my Alexa devices?

Not today. As with everything we do, we’ll continue to listen to customer feedback and improve the experience over time.

What happens if I request music from another service by voice while using Alexa cast?

The requested track from the new service will start playing on the device. The now playing view of the Amazon Music (AM) app will show music as paused.

Can I switch my mobile device off after I cast music to my device through Alexa cast?

Yes, you can switch off your mobile device or close your app. Music will continue to play through the device you targeted.

What would happen if my mobile device lost network connectivity while I am casting music onto a device?

Your music experience will not be interrupted. Once connectivity is re-established, the Amazon Music app will update to be in sync with the music playing through the device.

Where else can I cast from Amazon Music?

Amazon Music listeners can also cast to any Chromecast enabled device from Android and any Airplay enabled device from iOS.

Will this feature be available on other music service apps?

Today, Alexa Cast supports Amazon Music. We’ll continue to improve this feature and expand support over time.