You can now use Virtual Dash Buttons online to instantly reorder your favorite products, just like you do with the Dash Button devices in your home. Exclusively for Prime members, Virtual Dash Buttons are shortcuts to quickly find and reorder your favourite products on Amazon’s mobile app and website. Virtual Dash Buttons are available for millions of products that are eligible for Prime delivery. And Virtual Dash Buttons are free, so you can add as many as you want.


Always Accessible

Find Virtual Dash Buttons on the Amazon home page, or at Your Dash Buttons, where you can sort, label, or delete your buttons. If you've purchased a product on Amazon that is typically reordered, we will automatically create a Virtual Dash Button for you. You can add new Virtual Dash Buttons from the product details page of any product that is eligible for Prime delivery.


Fast and Easy Ordering

Just press the white Buy button once to view the price and press again to order. All orders are dispatched for no additional cost with Prime. You can always cancel an order within 15 minutes if you make a mistake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Virtual Dash Buttons work?

Each Virtual Dash Button maps to a specific product you choose, so you can quickly order your favourite products with the press of a button. All Dash Button orders are dispatched for no additional cost with Prime. Each Dash Button features the brand logo or brand name of the product. If you have more than one button from the same brand, we’ll automatically add a label for each one so you can identify the product it orders. When you click the brand logo, you’ll see information about the product, such as the price, as well as the option to label or delete the button.

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Where can I find my Dash Buttons?

You can get to your Dash Buttons from the Accounts & Lists menu on the Amazon website or through the navigation menu on the Amazon mobile app. We’ll also show you a set of your Dash Buttons when you sign into the Amazon mobile app.

How do I add new Virtual Dash Buttons?

To add a new Virtual Dash Button, search for the product you want, go to the product page to confirm it is eligible for Prime delivery, and then click "Add to your Dash Buttons" (under "Add to Basket"). Learn more about adding Virtual Dash Buttons.

If a product is not eligible for Prime delivery, you won’t be able to add a Dash Button for it at this time.

I already have Virtual Dash Buttons for products I’ve previously purchased. How were these selected?

We want to make it easy for you to have Dash Buttons for the products you’re likely to repurchase over time, so we’ll automatically add a Virtual Dash Button after you purchase a product that is regularly reordered by customers.

How do I delete a Virtual Dash Button?

To delete a button, click the brand name or logo on the button, and then click “Delete your Dash Button.” On the mobile app, you can also swipe left on a button to delete it. You’ll have the option to undo this if you accidentally delete a Virtual Dash Button you want to keep.

Can I organise my Virtual Dash Buttons the way I want?

You can customise your Virtual Dash Buttons by clicking “Organise buttons” in Your Dash Buttons, and then dragging and dropping buttons into the order you want. To see your customised Dash Buttons view, choose “Your preference” in the “Sort by” menu.

How can I sort my Virtual Dash Buttons?

You can sort your buttons by "Relevance," "Brand name," "Date added," or "Your preference." Sort by "Relevance" surfaces the products we think you'll need next. Sorting by "Brand name" displays your buttons in alphabetical order. Sorting by "Date added" displays your most recently added buttons. Sorting by "Your preference" displays your customised view if you set one up through the “Organise buttons” link in Your Dash Buttons.

Why do some Virtual Dash Buttons have labels? Can I add my own?

If you have Virtual Dash Buttons with the same brand or logo, we’ll automatically label each button to help identify the product it orders. To change a label, click the brand name or logo, and then click “Change Label.” To give your button its own label, click the brand name or logo, and then click “Label Your Dash Button.”

How are these Virtual Dash Buttons related to Dash Button devices?

Dash Button devices are physical buttons connected to Wi-Fi that you can stick in your home or office. When you register a Dash Button device, we’ll automatically create a virtual Dash Button for the same product in Your Dash Buttons on the Amazon website and mobile app. If you later decide to pair your Dash Button device to a different product, we will create a new virtual Dash Button for you. You can keep both or choose to delete the older one.