Amazon Home Services UK Frequently Asked Questions

About Amazon Home Services

1. What is Amazon Home Services? Amazon is now offering you a new, simple way to get all of your home service projects done. From furniture assembly to TV wall mounting, you can buy, schedule and complete service bookings directly on Amazon. We handpicked only the highest rated providers in your area and show you reviews from verified customers. All service providers are required to be background checked, insured, and licensed if applicable. You enjoy peace of mind with pre-packaged services, upfront pricing, and our Happiness Guarantee which ensures your job is done right.

2. What types of services are available and where? Our site offers professional services from a variety of service providers including plumbers, electricians, assemblers, handymen, and home cinema specialists. Currently, these providers are concentrated around large, metropolitan areas. When buying a service, ensure your Postcode is accurate in order to validate that the service you desire is available in your area. More locations and providers are being added all the time, so be sure to check back frequently for any updates.

3. How do I buy a service through Amazon? You can buy a service in one of two ways: (1) by adding a service option from a related product page, or (2) by going directly to a service page and adding it to your basket. Each service will come with a pre-defined scope of work and upfront pricing. In checkout, you’ll select an appointment arrival window for your service (separate from any product delivery). You’ll then receive an email confirming your appointment along with a reminder as the date approaches. Only after your provider completes your service will Amazon charge you.

4. How does Amazon vet service providers? All service providers on Amazon have been handpicked and invited to participate. Each provider is required to carry necessary insurance, licenses, and certifications as applicable by law. Additionally, we require any technicians traveling to your home to pass a criminal background check. Learn more about this check.

5. Will I need to purchase any parts for the service? This depends on the service you purchase. You should read the scope of work details on each service which will instruct you on what you need. A typical service has several variations you can choose from which may also influence the parts you need. If not otherwise listed, you should assume your provider will bring all necessary equipment, tools, and supplies.

6. What happens after I buy a service? You’ll receive order and appointment confirmation emails from Amazon. During checkout, you’ll have the option to allow your provider to call you prior to your appointment to discuss the details. You’ll receive an appointment reminder email within 48 hours of your appointment. From Your Orders within your Amazon account, you can reschedule or cancel a pending service, contact your provider or Amazon Customer Service with any questions.

7. What should I expect on the day of the service? You will receive a reminder email 48 hours in advance. Your provider will arrive during the arrival window communicated in your email. An adult must be present at the time of service. Once onsite, the provider will go over the scope of work prior to completing the service. Upon service completion, the provider will ask you to sign a Proof of Appointment. You will automatically pay through Amazon and will only be charged after your service is complete.

8. How long will the appointment take? The length of the service will vary based on type of service and your project. In your appointment confirmation and reminder emails, an approximate appointment length will be provided. This duration is different from the arrival window you selected which indicates when you should expect your provider to begin work.

Paying for a service

1. How do I pay for my service? Amazon will charge the card or debit account you have on file in your Amazon account either when the service is completed or within 5 days after you placed your service order, whichever comes first . You should not be asked by your provider to offer any other form of payment.

2. What if my project is more complex than what is listed or I want to make changes to the scope? In consultation with your provider, you may optimally choose to modify your scope of work (and service price) if your needs require it. You should agree on any changes, and any additional cost, prior to work being completed. In these cases, your provider will issue a change order to your Amazon service which you will be able to review when you verify service completion. Your final Amazon payment will then include any such change.

3. What if the service provider wants me to pay them directly? You should not be asked to pay a provider directly. If this occurs, please decline and let Amazon know by contacting Customer Service. If additional parts or labour warrant a change in the scope or price of an order, your provider will issue a change order to your Amazon service and you will have a chance to verify the final amount prior to job completion. If you pay the provider directly, or by any means other than your Amazon account, your service will no longer be covered by our Happiness Guarantee.

4. Can a service provider charge me for travel or other non-service expenses? No, there should be no surprise charges from the service provider. Your upfront service price is inclusive of travel, parts, labour, and all other expenses they incur.

5. Should I only verify job completion if I am satisfied with the service? No. You should always verify job completion as a record of the work that’s been performed. This does not in any way prevent you from filing a Happiness Guarantee Claim with Amazon if you are dissatisfied with your service. For more details, see our Happiness Guarantee process.

Rescheduling or cancelling a service

1. How do I schedule a service appointment? After you add a service to your basket, you'll be able to select an arrival window for you service appointment in checkout. An arrival window lets you know when to expect your provider to start working. In addition, you’ll be given an indication of how long a duration to expect for your full appointment. A service appointment is distinct from any related product delivery. Therefore, please ensure you select a service appointment that occurs after such a product delivery.

2. How do I reschedule or cancel my service appointment? You can reschedule or cancel a pending service by navigating to Your Orders within your Amazon account at anytime. You’ll receive confirmations of these changes by email. In the event that you want to you want to cancel the service less than 24 hours prior to your appointment, you’ll need to contact your service provider for assistance. You can find your provider’s phone number within the Appointment Reminder email we send you 48 hours before the appointment. Please review our Cancellation Policy for more details.

3. What if my service provider doesn't show up for my appointment? We hope you don't have to deal with this inconvenience, but if you do, contact your service provider by going to Your Orders within your Amazon account, and clicking Contact Seller. If you don't hear back from your provider within two business days, contact Amazon Customer Service. If the service has been charged prior to cancellation of the service, you will get a refund on your original payment method .

Contacting your provider and reviewing your service

1.How do I contact my service provider? You may email your service provider by going to Your Orders within your Amazon account, and clicking Contact Seller. Amazon will monitor these communications to help ensure a timely response.

2. What if my service provider is not responding to my emails? Please allow the service provider two business days to get back to you. If you're unable to get in touch with your service provider after two business days, contact Amazon Customer Service ,and we'll attempt to contact the service provider for you.

3. Will my service provider contact me? Your service provider may contact you prior to your service appointment. During checkout, you’ll have the option of sharing your phone number prior to the day of your appointment. This will allow the provider to call you if they have questions on your service. If you decline this option, you may still receive a phone call or text message on the day of your appointment in order for the provider to give you a more precise arrival window or to ask questions about how to reach your location.

4. How do I submit feedback on my service or provider? After your service is completed, you'll receive an email from Amazon with a link to review the service you received. Your review will serve as both feedback on the service and on the provider who performed it. You can also provide feedback on any completed service by going to Your Orders within your Amazon account. You have 90 days from the date of your order to rate and review a service. If you'd like to provide general feedback on services sold on Amazon, you can do so from the Provide Feedback button located in the ‘Tell Us What You Think’ section of any service page.

Getting assistance or filing a Happiness Guarantee claim

1. What if something goes wrong, or if I'm not satisfied with service? All services are covered by the Amazon Happiness Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the service you received, we'll make it right or give you a full refund. You can file a claim from Your Orders within your Amazon account or by contacting Amazon Customer Service. For more details on the claim process, visit here.

2. How do I contact Amazon Customer Service? You can contact Amazon Customer Service by clicking here. We’d be happy to assist you.

Selling Services on Amazon

1. How can I sell services on Amazon? Selling Services on Amazon is an invite-only program. If you’re a reputable service provider who can offer one or more of the services found on Amazon, please visit here to learn more.