Why Britons prefer hiring professionals to tackle home tasks

New research has revealed that 61% of UK adults prefer to use a professional for help with DIY and home installations. The independent research of 1500 adults, commissioned to mark the launch of Amazon Home Services in the UK, found that one in four (24%) confessed to having suffered a home task failure in the past. One in two (47%) admitted to needing help, as they have ‘no idea’ when faced with challenges around the home. Due to busy lifestyles, home tasks often fall to the bottom of the list, with 38% citing lack of time as reason they put off household tasks. The study also revealed that 77% of Britons feel that knowing whom to trust is the hardest part about picking a service professional.
Luckily help is at hand: Amazon Home Services thoroughly vets all their professionals and customers can rest easy knowing that the ‘Amazon Happiness Guarantee’ backs all services purchase

Why UK hire tradesmen rather than DIY- research inforgraphic by Amazon Home Services
Why UK avoid DIY tasks - research infographic by Amazon Home Services
Top 5 most tedious DIY tasks in the UK - research infographic by Amazon Home Services
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