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Is anyone else appauled at the haters?!

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Initial post: 17 Aug 2008 15:14:37 BDT
Katie Book. says:
Poor stephenie will be feeling awful. How COULD they be so hurtful....anyone else thnk they took it TOO far?

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Aug 2008 12:07:08 BDT
F. Hanna says:
I agree with you. The critics of this book are crazilly angry about the conclusion to the series. My guess is love and hate are closely related and when readers identify so personally with a series of books, they tend to develop their own pre-concieved ideas of how the story line should end. Don't worry too much about Stephenie - authors tend to be thick skinned and remember any publicity, even bad, is drawing attention to her body of work and therefore is not a bad thing. It will not put off people who have enjoyed the series and want to know what finally happens to the characters.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Aug 2008 12:38:06 BDT
Jolin says:
Why? SM is not crying when her truck load of money rolls through her door. it's the fans who should be hurt. Think, they just paid to have something that puts them off the whole series.

Books are a buisness, if you pay for something you expect it to be good. I am sure they are just annoyed to have a series they once loved ruined. Not to mention the fact SM has not addressed anything. I don't think she cares about the hate.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Aug 2008 16:15:26 BDT
I am absolutely appalled by the Amazon US forum.

It is fair enough for a reader to give a book a negative review if they did not enjoy it...but in this case why the cruel and highly personal attacks on the author? Some of the things being said about Stephanie and her family are just disgusting and have absolutely no bearing on the book itself.

I find it sad and worrying that so many people expected the contents and outcome of a book to fill their lives with gratification. In my opinion this is exactly what has happened here, a load of people with a 'me me me' mentality have turned into a mob.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Aug 2008 23:12:45 BDT
I agree that the American behavior is atrocious... and I am American. I was appalled at the personal attacks on the author, and told them so. I was also appalled at some reviewer who stated SM did not have the 'right' to write the book the way she did. The fact that anyone would say that is inane. I pointed out that the writer can write whatever he/she wants, and we as the reader can choose to like the book or not. I advised them to get a life and stop attacking the author. They then personally attacked me. I figured if someone resorts to personal attacks, then it means they do not have anything relevant to say.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Aug 2008 11:30:04 BDT
Last edited by the author on 21 Aug 2008 11:40:00 BDT
"I figured if someone resorts to personal attacks, then it means they do not have anything relevant to say. "

I agree. There is a whole lot of irrelevance being posted with regard to this series and the author at the moment. I bet in a couple of years, the majority of people writing these kinds of posts, will look back and be mortified with themselves (as they should). That's usually the way of it. Kind of like when Gary Barlow left the band Take That and all the wee girls were either threatening suicide or sending death threats. I remember a telephone helpline being set up when the band split up. At the time, a friend of mine told me that their little sister had actually called it. Maybe this is what some of the current posters need, a helpline to help them sort through some of their issues. Might sound extreme, but consider the following quote from the Amazon US forum that was written in reply to a post from a woman who didn't think she could be around her best friend any more purely because she didn't like Breaking Dawn and her best friend did (she mentioned that they had been friends for 35 years).

"Elizabeth- I know what you are going through. I have a very close friend who loved the book and I honestly don't know how I can remain friends with her. That sounds NUTS, but if you look at BD as a microcasm of the world, that you and your friend's beliefs and values not matching up make it difficult for you to discuss matters of life... well then it actually makes quite a bit of sense.

Thankfully the more we DO talk about it, the more she comes around to hating it... so keep working on your friend. ;) "

Is it just me, or is that completely demented? These people need help. And the above post is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unhealthy reactions in relation to the publication of this book. I could copy and paste a load more that have really jumped out at me but the above is fairly representative.

It's quite sad really. But as much as I feel sorry for these people, I feel more sorry for Stephanie Meyer. I don't imagine she is finding it easy to just brush off the volume and nature of the cruel attacks being directed at her and members of her family. Bet she wishes that she hadn't bothered rather than have her family involved in this.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Aug 2008 15:03:13 BDT
Lynne.... are you serious??? Someone is willing to give up a 35 year friendship over a book?????? That is beyond twisted. If I was the friend, I would beat her to the punch and I would end the friendship first. Who wants a friend that will allow no differing opinions? It is these reactions that make the posters over there look insane. One poor poster had gone to the book signing in LA and posted what a good experience it was and how SM answered a lot of lingering questions that she and other readers had. The response from the rest of the forum was personal insults, with one person telling her that she was brainwashed. I find behavior like that the most disturbing.

In reply to an earlier post on 21 Aug 2008 20:17:20 BDT
I personally disliked the book (and posted a critical review of it) but I definitely think some people have taken the negativity a little too far. It's okay to not like the book and to share this opinion, but it's most certainly NOT alright to resort to personal attacks.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Aug 2008 11:57:37 BDT
Katie Book. says:
Exactly, it was just completely out of order.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Aug 2008 11:58:11 BDT
Katie Book. says:
She had addressed it in an interiew with mtv on twilight tuesday.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Aug 2008 11:59:41 BDT
Katie Book. says:
hahaha oh my gosh that person is compeltely mad!! Th book doesnt show our beliefs....oh god. ha.

In reply to an earlier post on 24 Aug 2008 16:01:59 BDT
Last edited by the author on 24 Aug 2008 16:18:15 BDT
I watched the interview. And yes, she did address a lot of what the 'haters' of the book have been saying. I don't think that any author of fiction should feel obliged to justify or explain their work. Authors of academic papers and works of non-fiction, yes, authors of fiction, no.

I honestly think that the obviously barking mad haters (not the honest critics) of this book feel that they are deserving of a personal apology from Stephenie Meyer, something along the lines of, "Yes, (insert name) you are absolutely right, my book would have been much better if I had listened to what you as a reader had wanted before putting pen to paper. I sincerely apologise for the obvious trauma I personally have caused you. Can you ever forgive me and move on with your life again?"

In reply to an earlier post on 25 Aug 2008 11:51:10 BDT
Amar Amayo says:
Yes I really am very angry with the haters especially the ones in, they nearly put me off the book and then I read it and it was GREAT. i loved it and it was my favourite of the three. But now these people are just irritating actually insane I think. They spent hours, days even complaining, thinking about how far they can complain, complain and complain. I feel like telling them to GET BLOODY OVER IT. The book was GREAT.

In reply to an earlier post on 25 Aug 2008 14:13:15 BDT
Last edited by the author on 25 Aug 2008 14:19:05 BDT
I still haven't gotten around to putting up a review for Breaking Dawn. I keep meaning to and then something comes up. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Twilight is actually my least favourite of the quartet.

To anyone who hasn't already, I would recommend that you read The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It's a lovely story with brilliant characters, I was engrossed from the first paragraph. This book provides the ultimate proof that Stephanie Meyer really can write.

I'm a tad concerned that she won't put Midnight Sun forward for publishing because of the alleged leak. Alleged because there is still no official word as to whether the 12 chapters available online are indeed her own work.

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Aug 2008 19:26:15 BDT
The attacks on Ms Meyer and her family are certainly uncalled for. It has passed the point of criticizing a book that one is disappointed in. People are getting carried away with their emotions and forgetting themselves.

What is sad is if you point this out to anyone, you probably be attacked yourself.

In reply to an earlier post on 27 Aug 2008 22:34:16 BDT
Rosieposie says:
yup pretty much

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Aug 2008 18:02:37 BDT
Pewter Wolf says:
A friend of mine and myself are having a fight over this. He didn't like the book and I did, and we have our reasons on why. But we both agree that these "attacks" on Stephenie and her family are totally uncalled for!

We hope that Stephenie will publish another book, but if she doesn't, we'll respected her decision on it.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Sep 2008 00:17:32 BDT
Jolin says:
I don't know why people are making such a big deal about the book. This is the reason I started to get annoyed with the series, I like it but I was sick of all the silly fanism and people getting into fights.

1) I think it's fine for people who did not like it to have their forum on Amazon. I mean only if they are talking about the book, then it is the same as making a fan site.

But all the personal hate AND stupid fanism like people taking it too far is beyond me. SM does not care! She is making money. Just either hate or enjoy the series but for the love of gawd stop making a big deal.

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Sep 2008 23:13:38 BDT
Hazel says:
I agree with you competly, and I feel sorry for SM. Some people are taking it way to far...its only a book! And after all the effort and time she must have put into it, just to have her, and her family attacked, and then the death threats because of the film! I just think its uncalled for!

In reply to an earlier post on 5 Sep 2008 23:44:57 BDT
Hey Hazel.. welcome to the sane side.. LOL.. there have been death threats??? I had not heard that.. YIKES!!!

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Sep 2008 09:21:04 BDT
Death threats!!!!!!!


In reply to an earlier post on 8 Sep 2008 20:06:49 BDT
Jolin says:

Jeezus the woman has only made ONE realllyy crap book so far (only in my opinion), thats not enough to get death threats over. O_O

What is wrong with some people.....reminds me of this music group I really love, their main singer was poisened by a person pretending to be a fan. They slipped some stuff in a drink they gave him. That was from anti-fans, I was sooo angry I was like how can you hurt someone because you don't like their music?


In reply to an earlier post on 8 Sep 2008 20:56:06 BDT
Unfortunately there are a lot of nutters out there.. it is really sad. SM stated that she used to have pictures of her kids on her website, but then she took them down for safety reasons.. I have never heard that about the music group.. I hope they caught the poisoner and they were prosecuted.. This is why I have so much trouble with the Twi-twits on the site. They think they are being cute and funny by spouting their hate.. but hate breeds hate and there are some real nutters out there who can read these comments and think it gives them a license to act on their hate. The internet allows anonymity and people use that anonymity to say things they would never say to another in person. The amazon site is a family oriented site, and I have reported some posters for abuse for abusive comments they made. They were quite angry with me for it.. but amazon has the report abuse button for a reason.

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Sep 2008 21:06:28 BDT
Last edited by the author on 8 Sep 2008 21:08:59 BDT
Jolin says:
Well he was sent to hospital and I believe they did catch the people. I feel bad for the fact she is personally bashed, instead of her literature.

If they were talking about her writing on Amazon, thats fine. To bash an author where it's personal and not to do with their work is not right. It's like bashing people for working in a company they just happen to work for, it's not their fault they hav to work.

You can be unhappy about the company yes. You can complain about the company policy, but to bash people that work there is not ok.

I did not like...lets say all of Anne Rices work. I never judged her herself. Why should I? She is a really sweet down to earth person, I was not happy with her work. I was still a fan before and never forgot it. Of course I did not like some authors treatment of their fans.

If they are rude to their fans I just never buy the author's work again - simple solution to the problem.

As you can see I don't like all of SM's work, but I don't bash her for it. If I have a problem with the writing I post valid points why. They should do more of that in these forums...

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Sep 2008 11:30:52 BDT

You are the voice of commonsense. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. :-)
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