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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2012
This ADSL router is small, but splendid. It 'just works', and gives better coverage than any I have had before.

It took me 4 minutes out-of-box to set up (with existing settings), and the auto-WAN scan it did has given slightly better speeds from a long rural BT line than before.

Works uneventfully with 15 different kinds of new and old kit here, including PC, Linux, Macs big and small, mobiles, and even a Blackberry Playbook. 'Difficult' WiFi priters didn't need reinstalling. Lots of useful options if you know how, but can ignore if not. (You may need to go in and switch to GMT-offset, if you have systems that care). Very well-written instructions, and clear setup animation for the uninitiated.

So many other router brands get patchy reviews, people should know that this one simply ticks all the boxes.
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on 10 July 2012
Ok This router works no drops,but would not auto configure,had to input all my isp settings,some settings reported in stats a bit weird line rate,noise margin,etc are in 10ths but otherwise it gets it right,it also has a constant flashing system light which is a bit annoying,makes you think modem wont sync,wireless range seems good works from all rooms in my semi,overall a good value for money 300Mbps modem router.(Update)Started having problems with internet connection and my ISP TalkTalk,would not connect to internet,no support offered from (useless) talktalk because its not one of their crappy modems,after much searching found out its their DNS servers that dont work correctly,changed this setting in modem to use other DNS servers it now works perfect,ps i used googles dns servers but their are many others you can use( see wikipedia under DNS servers.Hope this helps other people with this Problem.
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on 1 November 2012
Bought this a month ago to replace a cheap 15 month old TP-Link product that kept dropping the ADSL line. Since installing this unit the line has not dropped once - it grabs it at switch on and holds on until it's switched off. Wireless signal also seems a little stronger than the unit it replaced. No problems with setting it up, also downloaded the latest firmware update and installed that without a problem. I've had Zoom products before - always seem good quality and to work OK in the UK, worth 5 stars - totally happy with it.

Just a quick update, after 3 months the unit is working faultlessly. I usually have the modem/router on for about 12/15 hours per day.
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on 31 July 2013
Came to the Zoom X7N after having wasted several days on the TD-Link TD-W8960N, just like another reviewer.

This is only its second day on active duty, but it's stayed resolutely connected at the best speed I've seen from my phone line. A review of the log shows that it hasn't had to resync or reconnect once. This a first for me; even my old Belkin router/modem - which gave me three years of good service before it died in the recent heatwave - would always reconnect at least once during the day, often at a lower speed.

The WIFI service is also the best I've experienced; full strength for my main PC & laptop in the lounge, and a solid connection for my phone and Kindle. No dropouts so far.

Physically the box appears quite sturdily constructed for the price, and its feet raise it up higher than other modems I've used, allowing a little more airflow underneath. That said, the modem still runs a little warm but not nearly as warm/hot as the TD-W8960N which has now been sent back to Amazon for a refund.

The web interface for configuration and monitoring is almost exactly the same as that on the TD-W8960N, just differently badged with a slightly different mix of options in some areas. If you know what you're doing you'll be finished in 5 minutes or less. Note however that as with the TD-W8960N this interface suffers from "400 bad request" errors when used with the current Firefox release (caching problem apparently) so do yourself a favour and use either IE (ugh) or Google Chrome for hassle-free configuration.

I honestly don't see how it could be better for the price.
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on 5 May 2012
OK, this isn't a bad router, and it runs cool and has a Broadcom chipset which will most likely match the one in your local exchange DSLAM equipment.

So far so good, but now for the fly in the ointment.

It's advertised everywhere as having four Wireless SSID's. Zoom claim the unit will handle WPA2/WPA security protocol, see under the 802.11 section on the following page:-


You will find the only SSID which you can use WPA2/WPA on is the primary one.

The guest SSID's can be set with WPA2/WPA, but will refuse to work. Same with WEP. In fact the majority of the time they won't even work with no security in place. You can "see" them, but try as hard as you wish - you will be unable to connect.


Basically it's because the firmware it presently ships with is pants, although in due course they should release a better version to address the issue I'm highlighting.

In the interim here's a workaround.

Download the firmware file called 5790_firmware which you'll find here:-


This firmware is not available through the main support site.

Reflash the router with this firmware.

Once completed hold in the WPS/Reset button on the back panel for 10 seconds whilst the unit is powered on.

Power cycle the router off and on, and when it boots up go to [...] through an ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports, and enter the web style interface using "admin" and "zoomadsl" as the login and password.

Check it's been restored to factory settings (eg; your ISP login is gone etc).

Re-enter your ISP login details, and save the settings. Do NOT touch the Wireless settings.

Now go back in and set the primary WiFi SSID up, you can use WEP, WPA, or WPA2 AES-TKIP (the latter is the best security you can have as long as you choose a secure key).

Save the configuration.

Run the unit through yet another power on/off cycle.

Disconnect the ethernet cable and attempt to connect by WiFi to the primary SSID.

Make absolutely certain your WiFi card drivers are the latest for the device and that your system is patched and up to date.

You should now be able to get secure Wireless Access.

Now you can set up one, two, or three, guest SSID's, however please note that the only security setting you will find works is WEP, with either 64 or 128 level encryption.

Until better firmware is released this workaround will at least get you up and running with the guest channels - otherwise you can twiddle your thumbs are RMA it, or buy something else (not that there are many routers at this price which even offer iPv6 compatability or multiple SSID's anyway!)

Three stars out of five for versatility, and it would have had six stars if only the firmware did what it says on the tin.

Please add your comments if this saves your bacon, at least until the firmware's been rewritten properly :-)
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on 20 November 2012
I share most of the other reviewers opinions regarding this ADSL modem wireless router. My first high speed modem (14.4 Kbits!) was a zoom back in 1994. They are one of dotcom survivors. This box is a re badged TENDA TW300D. I'll come to that later. I'll list them as good and bad:


*One of the cheapest with a Broadcom chipset, so suitable for LLU services like BE/O2.
*Reasonable to look at and does not run too hot. Power saving switch mode power plug supplied
*Stable performance if you get the latest firmware. Goo to the zoom website ([...]) and look under the firmware tab and follow the instructions. Connect your computer using the ethernet cable provided. Never do it over wireless.
* Setup OK if your are reasonably familiar with routers. For real novices a Netgear or Linksys-Cisco would be better. They don't work better but the interface hold the users hand more.
* Virtual servers, port triggering and port forwarding well laid out.
* Limited control over firewall state.


* Only 1 year warranty. TP-Link offer three years.
* Does not support IPV6 over PPPoA with latest public firmware (V1.7). In other words it can't do IPV6 on most UK ADSL. Zoom sent me beta version of firmware V.2 and it works, but it's a beta (prototype) version and has rough edges
* Latest public version does not support ethernet WAN, so not suitable for upgrades to fibre. The TENDA version, from the company who make the box does. Beta firmware V.2 has this facility
* Some options in the firmware in odd places. Difficult to find if you get into the "I'm sure I saw an option that..." type situations

In short, if you know what your doing (I do sometimes) its a good modem at a good price. The TP-LINK TP-Link TD-W8960N 300MBPS Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router for BT connections is a similarly good choice with a longer warranty but no IPV6 capability. The new version has funky styling. If you want more hand-holding then the NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem DGN2200 - Wireless router - DSL - 4-port switch - 802.11b/g/n - desktop has a more user friendly interface, but other "big names" from Cisco, Belkin, etc. are just as good.
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on 17 November 2012
May be not the greatest looker, but not a real issue. The performance is great, very easy to set up. Loads (I mean loads) of options - just don't know if I will ever make use of them, but that's no great problem since the unit works well with no tweaking. Make sure you get the latest firmware from the manufacturer's website. The connectors are little stiff, meaning that, once in, the LAN and phone cables are quite tough to remove. Comes with install CD, but I didn't use that - just went to the setup page and after 2-3 minutes was up and running. With IPv6 capabilities and N-wireless this is hard to beat for the money.
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on 9 February 2014
As stated by another reviewer this is a tenda product,shame on zoom telephonics,as the box states they have been in the business since 1977,i agree i have had zoom products many times since the internet came to life states made to zoom specifications and produced and supported by correct me if im wrong this is clearly a product from tenda in china and in zooms case the firmware is zoom related ,the UI is there own ! but like all things in the electronics industry anyone can make a product for a big name and make it look like it belongs to the same family of products ! but this is just shiny black plastic which looks cheap and in my case one of the fixed antennas seemed quite wobbly and loose,yes it worked but tell me of a modem that does not when you take it out of the box ! i had my doubts over its lasting quality considering the tenda is cheaper to purchase if you look around.this to me is a budget router,yes it works but so would a tenda,i don't like paying for a rebadge and not a good one in terms of quality.yes its broadcom inside but so is the tenda..i like things to look like they will last like my past zoom products have ..this failed to impress after unboxing with its wobbly antenna of which is fixed not user replaceable.its ok but not for me i thought TP link were cheap but this is not far off..
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on 1 December 2013
*** Original ***
I purchased this to replace my TalkTalk provided (rebranded) D-Link which dropped both WiFi and wired network several times a day. This beast is LOT better in every respect. Once it has been configured one can happily forget it.

The only thing that made me give four stars instead of five was the setup. For a network pro like me there will be no problems but the number of things that needs to be done might be intimidating for a less experienced person.

In any case this is a very good product, the best affordable wireless ADSL router I have seen so far.


After using it for about four months of real use it starts behaving badly, not connecting to DSLAM at times, having problems with WLAN, getting hot and so forth. I will gladly give it to a charity shop the day we leave our winter flat. Dropped the rating to two stars because this is only marginally better than the TalkTalk one.


Now the box does not get a proper connection. The connection to the DSLAM is established with good speed but the box DOES NOT get an IP or DNS from the ISP so there must be a problem with the TCP/IP firmware. This was a problem from day 1 but now it has got worse, intolerable. Plugging in the bad-old D-Link is the only solution. Just two more weeks to live on this god-forsaken island I will try to live with it and throw the ZOOM to the bin.
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on 6 February 2013
This router replaced an old Edimax model several years old and was a breeze to set up by comparison. The set up disc, if you need it, contains not only detailed set up info., but a complete user manual, which you can save as a pdf file, and info. about customer service. However be warned that the set up from disc only covers the basic set up, which is, by default, unprotected. It does tell you to enter the default IP Address into a browser and get it encrypted. I suggest that this needs doing P.D.Q.

I've only had it in use a couple of days now but it seems to be fine and has enhanced my access speed. I've read some reviews which moan that not all features are available with guest SSID's, but is this really a problem if all you want is a decent, reasonably priced router for your home network?

It is a well performing router at a much more reasonable price than some well known makes.

My only slight gripe is that the aerials are fixed in place, so can not just be unscrewed and replaced by a better one if necessary,but, judging by present performance, it won't be.
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