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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2010
Zombieland for me was a lot of fun and as much a breath of fresh air to the genre that Shaun of the Dead was.

Rather than the standard zombie horror fest that tries to mimic the classic Romero films, Zombieland is more of a tribute to the video game culture and the classic cliche moments in movies when a character obliviously gets into a car while we know he is going to be set upon by a waiting zombie.

These moments are highlighted throughout the film with on screen messages reminisent to a video game, none more so amusing as when Woody Harrelson is running around trying to create the best zombie kill of the week which involves selecting his weapons of choice and then deliberately goading the zombie horde into attacking him.

In terms of pace the film has some very intense moments and then periods of calm as we get to know the characters, both litered with humourous moments - to me it's more similar to films like Superbad and Rolemodels than it is to Night of the living dead, so anyone who can appreciate that level of humour along with some gruesome moments will enjoy this film.

Overall an enjoyable movie with great characters, look forward to seeing them in a sequel.
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on 11 March 2016
There's no getting around it: Zombies are funny. I think they stopped being scary for me along toward the end of "Night of the Living Dead." OK, maybe in a few others, like "28 Days Later." They're the Energizer Bunnies of corpses, existing primarily to be splattered. But who would have guessed such a funny movie as "Zombieland" could be made around zombies? No thanks to the zombies.
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on 2 June 2016
While Shaun of the Dead parodied the genre, this film just felt like it was trying too hard. Even the Bill Murray scene felt like an actor going through the motions. I found it too tedious to watch sadly.
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Wow! Wow! Wow! I Absolutely love this film! On every level it's great! If you want laughs, guns, zombies and great cinematography you can't beat it!

It has the best opening to any film I've seen in a while and the script is sharp and tight, and most importantly - laugh out loud, side splitting, piss your pants funny!

The stunts and action are great, it's well directed, the score is excellent and it makes great use of sets and scenery.

Visually, the film is a treat and excites the eyes. Also the jokes and characters are hilarious and very, very likeable.

The acting's great, with an awesome cameo from Bill Murray, and Jesse Eisenberg does a very good job in the lead role - watch out Michael Cero, this guy does you - but even bette

Harrelson is on top form and honestly, I loved everything about it. I enjoyed this film so much I can't wait to watch it again.

A real feel good movie that I was surprised to find I loved. I thoroughly recommend it for a fun night in front of the goggle-box.

The Blu Ray copy I had looked amazing quality too (let's be honest, the format and transfers can be a bit hit and miss), this is one Blu Ray that looks and plays as Blu Rays should.

Overall - for me - this gets an easy 9... maybe even 10/10. Great fun and visually pleasing.

If you found this review helpful, please give it the thumbs up - and if not, comment on why so I can do a better job for you next time. Thanks :-)
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on 26 February 2011
I am a massive horror movie fan, and I especially love zombie horror. Good zombie movies are few and far between. Shaun of the Dead has always been a massive favourite of mine. I love horror and I love comedy, usually the two don't go so well together but Shaun of the Dead worked perfectly. With loads of clever references etc it was as another reviewer said 'a breath of fresh air' This is the only movie I've ever been to see twice at the cinema and it was worth it.

I went to the cinema to see Zombieland, from the opening credits I was hooked. I loved the slow motion stills set to the backdrop of 'For Whom the bell tolls' by Metallica.

Jesse Eisengberg's character is loveable almost instantly, a blatant geek whose OCD habits and 'rules' such as 'double tap' and 'always wear a seatbelt' seem to be what have been keeping him alive. He is not your typical movie hero.

The biggest reason I love this movie is the introduction of Woody Harrelson better known as Tallahassee in this film. As a massive fan of zombie movies sometimes the best ones are just the ones where zombies get their butts kicked. In the Resident Evil franchise I loved how Milla Jojovich tears the zombies to shreds. Talahassee does the same thing but comically. He summarises who we would all like to be in the event of a zombie apocolypse, with an impressive arsenal of weapons and a hilarious attitude he is my favourite character in this movie.

Although there isn't tonnes of action this movie is purely funny. It is also heartwarming. I will admit to shedding a tear at the end, I loved the characters, I loved the action when there is some. Watching Tallahassee take shears to the neck of one of the 'fatty' zombies was one of the funniest parts of the movie to me. 'Those poor fat B******'. It is a brilliant movie. I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite between this and Shaun of the Dead. Would recommend it to anyone. I recently watched it with a friend who HATES horror movies but he absoloutley loved this movie and rates it as one of his favourites of all time. Although It must have been the tenth time I've seen it I was still giggling all the way through.
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VINE VOICEon 11 March 2010
Was expecting a zombie B-movie with a bit of broad humour chucked in, but was pleasantly surprised. The characters in this film are appealing and well-rounded, and after a while you become really invested in their fate. Although three out of four are teenage (and younger - Abigail Breslin is 12!), they are very mature and likeable.

The humour is also for the most part surprisingly sophisticated - based on character and observation, rather than slapstick and farce. There's a great improvised line when nerdy, uncomfortable Columbus tells bad-boy Tallahassee 'Oh - you knocked over your alcohol with your knife'. Also funny is the slightly less subtle zombie-humour, such as characters competing over 'Zombie Kill of the Week'. There IS a lot of blood and guts and violence aswell, but you know, it's a zombie film - you have to have a real feeling of peril and impending gore, or it's not scary.

Woody Harrelson is brilliant, and really elevates the whole thing. As does a very quick, very funny appearance by an unexpected famous actor who shall go unnamed.
The romantic subplot is also subtle and touching - even blokes who are watching for the comedy and guns might like it.

It's a short film (1hr20 ish), and so I ended up re-watching it with the cast and crew commentary, which is actually quite entertaining. Jesse Eisenburg sounds genuinely close to the character he plays in the film - kind of geeky and funny.

This film leaves you with a dopey smile on your face, aand I could easily watch it again.
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on 31 January 2016
Very enjoyable film. I love the banter between the main characters. It's a road movie with a difference and although a film with a thread of great humour running through it, there are a number of genuinely frightening moments. No ambling slow coach zombies like in 'The Walking Dead'. Here they can run!
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on 20 May 2014
I cannot really compare this to other zombie movies as they are not really my thing. The cast looked interesting. The vibe of the film is the sort of offbeat vibe you'd expect for this cast. I enjoyed it.
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on 3 March 2015
My son bought this. Its a good movie with some laughs, with Woody Harrelson stealing every scene in the best way possible and a surprise cameo in the shape of Bill Murray. If you like a ZomCom thats off the beaten track then this is well worth a look. You will soon be on a Twinky quest of your own!
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on 22 August 2015
There's not much i can say that hasn't already been said in other reviews but if you fancy a softer version of 'The Walking dead' then this is your movie plus it has Woody Harrelson who is brilliant at comedy.
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