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on 3 October 2011
This is the fourth book in the ZF books, concerning the Talbot Family as they try to survive what life is throwing at them. Zombie Hordies controlled by a Vamp (not the nice sort) Eliza. It continues where book 3 left off, not missing a heart beat so to speak. Its red neck dark in places and rather horrid in others, but it balances out with the banter and tribulations of the Talbot family and friends. Once again they find them selves chased by Elizas Zombie Hordies, but this time they have a mission. My only gripe is the story line, book one was and is fresh, but this one appears to be mirroring it in some parts, a bit like dejavu, or here we go again. On a more up beat note, the Talbots keep the pages flowing. Would recommend peeps read book 1-4 as it is more about family survival and would help the reader to appreciate what the Talbots have to deal with. Overall, I enjoyed the book as the Talbots kept me amused including the windy bulldog and BJ. Hope there will be a 5th ;)
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on 21 June 2012
This set of books has it all, the humour shines through to lighten the darker parts of the book, the psychological terror of the situation drags you into the story making you feel a part of the family, Mike Talbot is the hero of the piece protecting his family and loved ones to the best of his ability from the growing Zombie threat, the zombies are not all slow and lumbering as in the majority of Zombie films neither are they as fast as in 28 days later film, some Zombies show a modicum of intelligence and can learn new skills and group behaviour which pits them against the remaining human population, the bug causing the apocalypse mutates and speeds up evolution causing further issues, logical really as a bug which can survive death of the host would have a strong survival instinct which has never been covered in all previous Zombie books and films I have seen, the imagination of the writer to be able to think that scenario through when so many other have not just adds to the whole sotryline - these books are begging to make the transition to the silver screen. On a personal note, having received a kindle for Christmas I set about finding something to read, for many years I have stuck to the same authors and very rarely been willing to try anything new,I also saw the kindle merely as an avenue to get free books and had no intention of buying any. Having watched The Walking Dead on tv and enjoyed it I turned my attention to Zombie books just as an afterthought, I downloaded many free books and samples of books and worked my was through, each one leaving me un-enamoured and un-inspired. Reaching Mr Tufo's first Zombie Fallout book I read the sample and enjoyed it and then moved on to another book without further thought BUT over the course of the next week I could not get the storyline out of my head and genuinely wanted to know what happened next, I then did one thing I never thought I would do I purchased a book ! I read that book over the course of 2 days - I think "devoured" is an apt description I was reading morning, noon and night, life was lived one handed so I could have my kindle by my side, on finishing it I immediately purchased book 2 which I finished before payday! I then would have had to wait a week until I could read book 3, I managed 2 days of torture before begging my partner to pay for book 3, when pay day came bliss I bought the rest of the books available and have had a week of excitement, humour, terror and gore - wow what a journey - and it isnt over yet hurry up with book 6 please Mr Tufo ! - I have recommended these books to my colleagues at work and now three other people are undertaking the same journey - I can't recommend this series of books enough - and now I consider myself a Mark Tufo fan
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on 15 March 2015
The story of zombie fall out continues with encounters with good and bad along the way! He meets new friends and brings back together his friends who went in search of there family's as did he! The encounter,s with Durgan continue to amaze me and Eliza wins and looses there encounter s as usual just when you think it's over for Talbot and all his family and friends Thomas lends a hand and gives Talbot a power he can use if only he can muster the strength to beat Durgan once and for all!
A Nick th paced followup to the series and I will now open the next in the series and continue down the road with the Talbot family to see where this instalment goes and loving every minute of it!
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on 17 July 2012
I love the Zombie Fallout series, finishing them back to back within a few weeks.

I was, however, a little disappointed with this book. Nothing seemed to happen and it didn't seem to flow as well as the first three books. There were way too many characters towards the end, and I ended up confused and thinking on several occasions, "... who's that again?..."

The "finale" fight was too short and a bit of an anticlimax! I expected it to be sicker with more of the usual gross-out descriptive punch from Tufo, but it was rushed and felt more like an unexpected follow-through after a wet fart.

**SPOILER**: I deducted 1 star for the above, and 1 star for the strange plot of why the characters went UP the roof instead of down and away..(if I missed it please point this out to me).

Still, an ejoyable read and brightened up my day.
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on 15 November 2011
Funny and horrific all at the same time with a great twist as always.... you can predict some of the things that will happen simply cos its what you would do.... hopefully!
but then Eliza and Tommy pop again and it has that great original edge to it....
this is an amazing series with some great side lines... Hughmans and Henrys view...etc
Already looking forward to ZF5 and hopefully beyond!!
will have to limit myself to a few pages a day tho' as tend to read them in one sitting, nearly forgetting work one day.... stayed up all night reading!!
I miss all the characters when i have finished a book and almost feel part of the family.....
my larder is fully stocked and i have survival stuff hidden all over the house!!! such is the power of these books!!
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on 7 December 2011
Loved the first second and third but wished I hadnt bought the fourth because now I HAVE TO WAIT AGESSSS FOR THE FIfTH ONE!!!!
Hurry Up Mark and write the fifth one I pretty much read all these within a short time period and now im like some sort of zombie addict you got me into this type of horror so its your fault if I hassle you on FB!!! for number five
Story great writing great its funny in the right places and hits the spot for a nice bit of blood and gore but with a story which makes it unique and not some mind numbing killing crap.
Love all the characters but hate the old bag lets get her eaten sometime soon lol.
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on 14 June 2014
I have enjoyed reading this series of books they are really addictive. Mark Tufo has made his character's funny,witty,and sometimes serious, the main character rambles on a bit mainly when its getting dangerous and you just want him to shut up and get on with it. Brilliant read
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on 8 May 2017
I really enjoy Mikes sense of humour, he is someone I would have to shout at. He is also someone on who I as a friend could depend. So many characters to love and hate. I keep thinking he can't get out of this happening but he does thank goodness. Bit worried about him at the moment so will have to get reading the next book asap.
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on 30 March 2012
Usually by book 3 a series like this is starting to flag - this still isn't flagging by book 4!

In this book you get to know more of the Talbot family and it introduces a few new characters (although a couple of them do feel a little bit like 'Star Trek newbies', if you get my drift). The whole Talbot clan is insane but Mike is still head and shoulders above them with his own set of little issues...

The humour is still there through the whole book and I love the little flashback stories that give more depth to the characters.
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on 4 August 2012
I love the zombie genre, however this series has a twist. The style of writing is easy to read, but still very descriptive. I really like the writers sense of humour, anyone who quotes monty python is OK in my book! I have now read all 5 books, well I say read most I listen to most on audiobook at night.

Along with the podcast 'we're alive' this series is up there as the must listen/read if your into zombies, it's actually inspired me too have a go at writing my own book! ha ha we will see if that happens!
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