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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2012
I love it when authors do a ' mix up ' and veer away from the expected. Jane Seville takes an anti hero assassin like D and pairs him with ' Mr normal ' Jack who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and weaves one of the best gay fiction stories around them that I think I will ever read. This book has everything - a proper gutsy, gritty crime backstory that never loses pace or excitement ( edge of the seat stuff ) and one of the best m/ m romances in the genre that starts slowly and ends up packing a real emotional punch. The list of adjectives to describe this story are endless as it has lots of different layers to it. Exciting, sexy, tender, poignant, witty, funny, sensual, surprising.......... and perfectly balanced love scenes ,in amount and description. Bliss!

The love that grows between the MC's makes this book the success it is and for me is the true heart of the novel. It was a privilege to be on the outskirts watching it unfold and it will NEVER leave my Kindle library. I first read this a couple of years ago and constantly watch out to see if Jane Seville has produced anything else, but as yet no joy, so for now I'll just have to keep coming back to Jack and D for my fix - No hardship!
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on 20 June 2015
You just must read this book, it is fantastic. D is an assassin who has some serious issues. He's totally ice cold, and makes no attachments whatsoever, but lives by a strong set of rules, to only ever take on a hit if the person is a total lowlife. When he's asked to kill Jack a surgeon who witnessed a brutal murder of a woman, and is waiting to give evidence that will put the killers away, he becomes the target of an assassin. D was asked to do the job,but refuses, and then is blackmailed into doing it as the person who gets him his jobs is captured and held. He's waiting in Jacks apartment for him to come in, and when he does, D finds he just can't shoot him as he's a really genuine good guy. D decides to spare Jacks life and goes on the run with him, determined to protect him from the people who want him dead. Extremely slowly they form a sort of friendship and a delicate trust in each other. I'm not going to say anymore, as it may spoil this story, except to say do yourself a favour and read this book.
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on 28 May 2012
Other reviewers have said it all far better than I can, but I had to add my endorsement - what a terrific book!

I was hooked from page 1, but don't be put off by how dark the first few pages are - it's an introduction to the very damaged man known only as 'D'. After that we meet Jack: an ordinary person who witnesses a murder and does the right, and brave, thing by agreeing to testify against the killers. That's how he first meets D, a professional hit-man, who has been blackmailed into assassinating him, but, for various reasons, doesn't. This is the start of D's transformation, redemption, journey back to humanity - whatever is best to call it, he's changed profoundly by his association with and, eventually, his love for, the not-so-ordinary Jack.

I did like that things weren't passively 'accepted' - Jack has a hard time dealing with the facts of D's profession, and doesn't avoid the issue: he wants to understand, even though he doesn't agree with what D has done. He wonders if his feelings for D are genuine, or simply due to their forced circumstances. They argue and bicker, but Jack is intelligent and mature - the way he deals with D's inability to even admit, never mind communicate, his feelings is impressive.

That's not to say it's not also an exciting thriller - car chases, fights, double crosses: there's a great plot in there as well. This was well paced, romantic, thrilling, completely engaging. I enjoyed it so much.

I've devoured the short stories on the website, and am really looking forward to the next book. This is a story about love and hope. I've lost count of how many times I've read it and, every time, it makes me feel better.
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on 17 November 2014
I'll kick off with the good...

Brilliant story told through very interesting characters, fully fleshed and well developed. The contrast between D, the emotionally shutdown hardman, and Jack, the goodnatured doctor with the heart of gold, was stark. And yet the sparks between them were endearingly bright; their deepening relationship very well executed. I liked that, although both characters certainly grew through their trials, neither changed beyond recognition for the sake of the other.

Now the, um, not-so-good...

My beef with this was that it’s rambly. Really, really rambly. I could only pull off short reading stints of it cos I just kept getting bored, irritated and frustrated.

My main peeves being:

The crazy-heavy use of metaphors and similes. Pick any page at random and, guaranteed, you’d find at least one. *Elaborate and excessive… like a pink satin ball gown embellished with lace and ruffles and bows and sparkles*. Prettiful and well-fitting, may well be, but kinda OTT.

The copious splurges of inner dialogue. There’d be a significant look/ action, and it’d be followed by, like, a page of angsty analysis of exactly what that look/ action was meant to convey.

(For me, both the above points acted to stilt the narrative flow, diminishing the sense of urgency in action scenes and the passion in intimate scenes. Also caused much eyerolling. Some implementation of the less-is-more approach woulda done absolute wonders here.)

The neverending ending. OMAG, it just went on and on and on. For every page beyond the very obvious ideal finish point, my enjoyment of reading it dropped another notch (and, yep, it fell an awfully substantial distance).

Condoms. Or- more specifically- lack thereof. Come on guys, seriously? Jack’s both a doctor and a healthy living enthusiast, yet he lacks all concern for the practise of safe sex? Hmm, that just aint right, man.

So, yeah, MEH is as good as it gets from me. Shame.
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on 25 April 2009
This was a fantastic read. It was full of action from the go, with hand to hand combat, gun fights, car chases, (which usually aren't my thing) and a very romantic story at the centre of it all. I wasn't sure what to expect because I hadn't read anything by this author before, but the story holds together very well and keeps you intrigued to the very last page.

The relationship between 'D' and Jack is tender and down right harrowing in some parts, made so by the situations they are faced with (fights, car chases etc) but despite that the interactions between them felt so genuine and heartfelt - which keeps it from feeling farfetched or ridiculous.

Jack is a surgeon forced to relocate after witnessing a murder. And 'D' is the hit man blackmailed to kill him. However, when they meet, 'D' is unable proceed, and so they take off. From there they just try to keep safe until Jack is able to stand trial. During this time a relationship grows and so does their respect and understanding of one another. I won't say any more because I don't want to spoil the story for anyone else, but I loved these two characters. Jack is your Joe blogs but far more brave. 'D' is a man who had given up - too damaged by his past, but reveals himself to be a bit of a gentle giant (where Jack is concerned anyway). I was also delighted to find that the author continues with these characters on her website.

Anyway. Loved it. Recommend it.
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on 17 March 2016
Proper novel-length thriller with intensely-romantic m/m relationship. The kind of book where you slow down towards the end so you don't finish it too fast. There are 4 "slice of life" sequels on the writer's website, one for charity, and repeated rumours of a sequel, if you need more.
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on 8 June 2015
I read this a while back and forgot what a brilliant story this is - the perfect intersection of a great thriller and M/M romance involving the rawest of hit men.

I was present for every written word, both the developing relationship between Jack and D, and the plot keeping me glued to every page in what is a longer than usual read for me, although it didn't seem it.

Would recommend to anyone who wants a gripping and tender read. And yes, it hits both nails perfectly on the head every time.
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on 2 November 2014
This story started out slow but after the first couple of chapters it really picked up pace . I loved D and Jack they are a great couple and I must admit that I shed a couple of tears over these guys . D's fierce love and protectiveness of Jack is really heartwarming and so is his struggle to express his feelings to Jack . I am really hoping there is more to come from this author because I really enjoyed this story and the few short story's on her website . I totally recommend reading this book .
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on 9 November 2014
I loved this book. It's a slow burning story but with plenty of feeling between the 2 main characters and a storyline that provides a setting for the love story as well as thriller/chase. I enjoyed it so much that I went onto the author's website to read the short, follow-up stories.
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on 21 October 2012
I found this title by accident and bought it because it sounded interesting. It was the most amazing read, it has left me haunted by the world of D and Jack and hoping that they are still together - I know, how sad is that! This is because the characters are so believable, and the book so well written. Though the relationship is central to the story this is more than a m/m book - it is a really good thriller too. *****spoiler*****
The characters are running for there lives and it was so good that they did not start having sex until they stopped running for their lives, because they were running for their lives! There a growing attraction woven through the early part of the story, I thought the finger holding was charmingly hot in an innocent way, it made the later relationship so much more believable . It is a really gripping story and I can't recomend it highly enough.

The epilogue hints that there will be another book about these characters but I can't find any more books by this writer except for a short story in an anthology about cowboys; though there are three short stories about D and Jack on her website. It would be a terrible shame if this writer was not published again, a really great first book.
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