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on 24 October 2013
The mirror (the glass) is 27x59mm. When you use it horizontally (most common use) it sticks out 75mm. When used vertically it sticks out 17mm. You can switch between vertical horizontal just by turning the mirror. It turns in every direction on 3 different axles and I'm not counting the mounting point.

Before I bought this mirror I thought I knew in what situations I was going to use it but I ended up using it far more than that. When I ride in traffic I usually don't ride as fast as the traffic flows. As a result I ride on the left side between parked cars and the flowing traffic on my right and I don't like that. I find myself speeding up to get past the parked cars as fast as possible so I can ride on the left edge of the road. I do that instinctively even when there are no cars coming from behind.

This mirror makes riding in traffic much easier. It reduces unnecessary stress. Today I went for a 3 hour ride and I was surprised how many times I looked at the mirror. On average I looked at it every 2 minutes. I ended up riding more relaxed and I took the lane in a few more situations than I normally would.

Without a mirror, you just don't know what is behind you. You will feel huge difference when you ride with a mirror. It is much more relaxing. Buying this mirror was the best purchase I did for my bike. I use it horizontally. It sticks out a little to the right but that's fine, it is short enough.

This mirror is small but because of the convex shape, the view area is perfectly fine. I have a hybrid bike and the handlebar grips have closed sides. So I had to cut a hole on the grips to put the mirror in, but that was easily done. Because the mirror is small, the angle of the mirror needs to be precise. For example if I lean a little forward I lose the angle.

If you have drop bars, and you set the angle when you are riding on the hood, you will lose the angle if you reach for the drops. I think for drop bars this other mirror might be better. You could experiment with location. For example you could put it on the fork. Raleigh AMA141 Universal Bicycle Mirror

Before you put it on:
This mirror turns in 3 directions and you can tighten two of them with the two screws that are visible. But there is a third screw that is hidden. It connects two circular plastics. To get to it, take out the screw that is closest to the glass. Now you will see one more screw that you can tighten and I think you should do that because this mirror is small and the angle needs to be precise. You don't want the mirror to be lose in any direction.

The plastic that you insert into the handlebar comes wrapped with 2 softer spacer things. I tried really hard to insert it until I realized I was supposed to take out one of the spacers because otherwise the diameter was too big.

After I started using this mirror I realized how important a mirror was. Now I might even buy a slightly bigger mirror. I dropped this one star because now I think this mirror is slightly too small than it should be. I checked amazon.de and this same mirror gets 4 stars there.

Here is the link to the amazon.de version of this mirror:

By the way, to take this mirror off do the following:
Turn the screw two rounds and then press the screw inside. This will release the wedge that is still attached to the end of the screw.

Update after frequent use:
One problem that is starting to be annoying is the constant need to adjust the angles. I live in a ground floor flat and I take my bike into the flat. There is absolutely no way the mirror is going keep its angles as I move the bike through doors and hallway. I have now added some markers to remember the angles. See the photo I uploaded.
review image
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on 4 April 2015
Nice build quality, rigid plastic rather than metal keeps it light.

It comes with extra shims so it should fit the standard range of handle bar inner dimensions. I have mine fitted to a hybrid with flat handlebars. The mirror is actually on the end of additional handlebar ends.

The two pivot points gives you a very wide range of motion and you should be able to find a suitable position with a little experimentation. Once you have it positioned right for you then I'd mark it up with something so that you can find that positions again quickly. Useful if you have to fold the mirror to put the bike away or squeeze through somewhere. The movement is not to firm, so it is easy to adjust. But it is firm enough that it will stay where you put it on all but very rough roads. I couldn't comment on using it mountain biking off road as I've never tried that with a mirror.

The mirror is on the small side but is slightly convex and gives a decent field of view. It's always a trade off between a better view and a mirror that isn't a barn door, but this suits me. I use the mirror as a backup to my hearing and shoulder checks, I don't expect it to replace those things and keep me safe.
review image review image
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on 24 June 2017
Easy to fit once you realise that you don't need all the sleeves that come with them for the different size bars :-). Used them a couple of times since getting them and they most definitely make me feel safer when out on the road, especially given i don't like having to turn around to see what is behind me.
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on 14 March 2017
A good idea in principal but, in practice, I have found it a bit disappointing. It proved difficult to get it to stay in position until I resorted to some black insulating tape and, even then, the area of view is quite limited. Not completely useless, but not a great item in practice.
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on 22 June 2017
Dispite mixed reviews I thougt I'd give this a go as I often struggle to see over my right shoulder. As others have said, mirror is to small to see much in. The folding design seems clever, but it just moves out of position all the time with the wind. Also isn't very secure when mounted in the bar ends - as i was adjusting it (again!) it fell out the bar ends, hit the road and went under the wheel of a bus!

Save your £8 and don't bother with this. Its a shame because it has potential to be a good product.
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on 9 May 2017
perfect on both mountain bike and road bike - Small and unobtrusive but enough to know what is behind - Easy to fit
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on 8 May 2017
Sorry Zefal... Clever design but found the mirror too small and slightly curved so visibility poor. Sent back for refund.
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on 5 April 2017
Good quality product that looks easy to fit, no need to say anymore than that.
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on 26 May 2017
Excellent little mirror to prevent surprises when I'm cycling. Used to have to constantly look over my shoulder, but now I'm more aware of what's behind me. Took a little while to get the perfect angle but now I won't be without it. Also doesn't spoil the look of my road bike.
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on 27 March 2016
good to see what's behind and it easily positioned or tucked away if needs be
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