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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2007
I wasn't really sure what to expect from the Chiefs' second album. Their first album was a successful hit, and I wasn't sure they could improve on it. I was proved wrong.

'Yours Truly, Angry Mob', is a more guitar-driven affair, with catchy hooks and superb vocals. KC maintain their radio-friendly image but they also add a more rocking sound to their already accomplished sound.

'Ruby' was the first single to be released and it's not difficult to see why. Shot straight to number one in the singles charts and has a great chorus mixed with brilliant guitar riffs. Ricky Wilson's vocals are improved on 2004's 'Employment', and his vocals have always been strong. An excellent opener. 10/10.

'The Angry Mob' is another anthem, and a typical KC song. Catchy, memorable and brilliant. The part where Wilson begins to sing 'We are the angry mob, we read the papers every day....' is sure to be a highlight around stadiums wherever they go. Superb. 9/10.

'Heat Dies Down' is track three, and it maintains the intensity and purpose of the previous two tracks. This is more in the vein of 'Ruby' than 'The Angry Mob' to be honest. Excellent riffs, and an infectious chorus, coupled with superb, witty, sharp songwriting. This song is the Chiefs at their very best. 10/10.

Track four is 'Highroyds', which harks back to the band's youth. Wilson sings sharply about their teenage years. 'No need for ID with those dresses...' is one witty line among many. The 'woo's' are catchy and the riffs are equally as rememberable. The song finishes with Wilson singing about an ex asking for a song to be written about her...'I don't think so!' is Wilson's emphatic answer to that. Excellent. 9/10.

Track five slows proceedings down, and possibly the slowest track the CHiefs have produced since 2004's 'The Modern Way', off their previous album, 'Employment'. A combination of acoustic guitar, marching-style, 'Welcome To The Black Parade' drums, maybe, occasionally, make for a hazy, dreamy ballad . 'I won't be the one to disappoint you....anymore', Wilson sings. The track, incidentally, is called 'Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)'. 8/10.

Track six, 'Thank You Very Much', harks back to the harder, driven guitars and the catchy pop-rock hooks that KC are renowned for. This is the Chiefs' producing their best style of music. 9/10.

Track seven, 'I Can Do It Without You', is a slightly slower affair, but still a guitar-based one, and still catchy at that. 8/10.

Track eight, 'My Kind Of Guy' is a great tune. Not as good as the earlier tracks on the album, but the lyrics are still as witty and funny. 'You're my kind of guy, 'cause I like your style and you sound as horrible as me,' Wilson sings. Very good. 8/10.

Track nine, 'Everything Is Average Nowadays' is another catchy number. The guitaring is excellent, and the chorus is the pinnacle of the song, as it is with most of their other songs. The songwriting again is super, and the song is short and sweet. 9/10.

Track ten, 'Boxing Champ', is unlike anything the Kaisers have done before. A piano/keyboard piece, lasting only 91 seconds, it could be dismissed as filler, however I see this song as a story and it has somehow affected Wilson for the better. Therefore it's got a purpose and the words are excellent. 8/10.

Track eleven, 'Learnt My Lesson Well', goes back to the usual rocking style of most of the songs heard so far. A simple guitar riff coupled with sharp drums and great rhythms and vocals make for a great song. This might be the strongest song on the album since 'Heat Dies Down', most certainly for its all-round combination of everything- lyrics, vocals, music and rhythm. 10.10.

Track twelve, 'Try Your Best', starts very slowly, but you can hear the anthemic guile within it right from the beginning. It moves along quite slowly but it has a purpose in its sound and the final 30 seconds or so has a tinge of 'Ruby' in it, which can only be a good thing. 9/10.

Track thirteen, and the final track, 'Retirement' is a more up-beat number. The lyrics are as witty as ever and it's about Wilson talking about creating an invention and retiring early. Quite funny, actually, but from a musical perspective, it's also very good, if only a bit repetitive, and makes for the album's weakest track. 7/10.

So, what do I make of 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob'?

I bought this the day it was released and have taken until npw to write a review to try and get into it as much as I could. And I took to it straight away. It's a great album, not quite the finished article, but it nearly is. It's an improvement on 'Employment', but it isn't quite 5-star material just yet. 2007 has been a good year so far for albums, here's hoping the standard continues.

Ricky and the boys get a 9/10. Excellent. Highly recommended for fans of indie rock and supporters of Brit-Pop revival!
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on 13 March 2007
I liked 'unemployment' but like was as much as I ever felt of it. It was overhyped in my opinion and the songs got boring, if the singles weren't played as much then maybe I would of appreicated it more, but blame music TV for that.

I got this as a present for my birthday and thought that maybe the chiefs were going to be more than an 'ok' band after I listened to this, and I was right. Everyones heard 'Ruby' the catchy tune thats currently one of the best songs of '07, and as soon as that ends the rest of the album doesn't disappoint with more catchy tunes and riffs, on a whole they sound a bit different to the unemployed chiefs on some tracks but very very similar on others.

The music is just so chilled out and easy to listen to, and the lyrics are brilliant. You can hear that they have put much thought into this album, which is an uncommon thing for a modern band to do, and therefore I praise them for this album, its a great CD to put in my music collection,

recommended, if you are a fan of the fratellis, the killers and other indie mainstream music.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2007
I'm surprised to read the negative reviews here, Unimaginative, and uninspiring are just some of the terms I've read that have surprised me. 'Rock' never used to be my thing, the kaiser chiefs among some others have changed my mind on that. This is a brilliant second album. Of note of course is the brilliant 'Ruby'. 'Everything is average nowadays?' not with this album my dears.
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on 25 February 2007
I have recently heard the Kaiser's new album on and it is a good follow up to their debut smash.

It is a grungy, paranoid, rebellious look on the rubbishness of modern life and culture. They have a talent for speaking exactly what's on the british peoples mind in a dark, dirty poetic nature.

You can really hear their influences in this one, especcially blur and the Smiths.

It is funny and fresh and they have become much tighter and more polish and new look, i think, will be well recieved. Highlights are Ruby, The Angry Mob, Highroyds, Learnt My Lesson Well and Everything Is Average Nowadays (and the funny Boxing Champ).
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The Kaiser's second offering shows us a classic pop band at the peak of their form. That won't much please those who liked the rougher edge of some of the tracks on "Employment" - but for those who like polished pop in the classic style, then this one is for you.

There's only a couple of tracks on this album that would not make a creditable single - the whole thing is VERY radio friendly, and there's nothing wrong with that. None of the songs outstay their welcome - they have that knack of brevity that I for one admire greatly in the best of modern music - no self-indulgent 15 minute rock operas here.

The sticky tunes on this are "Ruby" - surely destined to become a classic pop/rock hit of the 2000s, "Everything is Average Nowadays", "Heat Dies Down", "I Can Do Without You" - and these can all, easily, be big hit singles. The slightly less sticky, but still very hooky "Angry Mob", "Love's Not a Competition.." and "Highroyds" also have that potential.

The production is superb throughout, with the lyrics coming through clearly - and good lyrics some of them are - and most tracks have a very deep layered texture with little touches of arrangement or instrumentation yielding something extra each time you hear them.

The Kaisers - on this album at least - frequently remind me of Squeeze when they were at the top of their game - they have that upbeatness in their playing and sound. They sound happy - they're having a great time.

If you liked the singles from "Employment" then buy this album, you'll like it.

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on 10 March 2007
I have been waiting for a while for a good album to come out and i was exstatic when i heard the Kaiser Cheifs released a new album. The album is more or less the same as 'employment', with some a lot of good tracks 'Ruby, Heat dies down, The Angry Mob', and a few bad ones 'boxing champ' (why so short?). However this is a really good album and i do recommend that you buy it.
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VINE VOICEon 21 April 2007
The second album from this English five-man band finds the Chiefs sticking to basic radio-friendly anthems like flies to flypaper. More Britpop than the first album Employment, most of the songs are instantly catchy, but share a certain "sameness" that may cause some tracks to be gone and forgotten before they get even fifteen minutes of fame.

First single "Ruby" is one of the ones you'll remember, especially if your name happens to be Ruby. The song has already become the band's biggest single to date, due to the cool intro and beat, but other than a lot of "da da daaas" and "ahaa, ahaa ahaas", and of course "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Rubys", there isn't a lot going for the song lyrically.

Second single "Everything is Average Nowadays" is another upbeat song, but there are better on the album. A track to note is "The Angry Mob", which although is actually an attack on the press, has a chorus that will stick in your head forever:

"We are the angry mob

We read the papers everyday day

We like who we like

We hate who we hate

But we're also easily swayed"

The others are "Heat Dies Down" - another great chorus; "Highroyds"; the slower paced "Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)"; and the quirky "My Kind of Guy" (I like this one)

Kaiser Chiefs may have gone pop on this album, but the carefully baited hooks will have you coming back for more.

Amanda Richards
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on 21 April 2007
In my local recordstore last week,I heard this second album from the Kaiser made me listen and the tracks seemed as catchy as those on "Employment." Ricky Wilson has a sense of humour, but this album could never be described as highbrow.I do like "Everything Is Average Nowadays" and "Ruby" is a good romantic rock song,but the Kaisers' formula could be in danger of becoming a little tedious.

However,it is all a matter of personal taste.There are many of us who love the Kaisers and have and will continue to buy this album.

Its saving grace is that it does fall into the category of rock music,

whereas many of the new bands in the last eighteen months do not.

It has also been well-produced.The formula has been kept simple and the Kaisers are not a band to show off or get above themselves.
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on 26 July 2007
Having grown up in the 60's and 70's, and therefore cutting my musical teeth on The Beatles, Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd, The Doobies, Steely Dan etc., I confess to being in the "music ain't what it used to be" club.

Somebody passed me this album saying how good it was, so I listened to it in the car on a long journey one morning. To say it exceeded my expectations was an understatement. Every song on the CD is instantly catchy, to the point where you immediately want to play it again as soon as it's finished. The lyrics are quirky but they seem to work, and contrary to other reviews, it is not just the vastly over-played "Ruby" that has a hook.

This has turned me into an instant Kaiser Chiefs fan, and I will be getting copies of their previous albums as fast as I can!
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on 19 May 2007
The new album from Kaiser Chiefs has some great songs on it, "Ruby" being the more well known of them. I personally enjoy "The Angry Mob" and "Everything Is Average Nowadays" also, but the songs are both lyrically and musically similar to their last album, Employment. Whilst Employment had brilliant, original songs like "I Predict a Riot", with fun songs like "Na Na Na Na Na" thrown in, this album lacks that originality. For example, "Thank You Very Much" has an intro which basically sounds like a toned-down version of "I Predict A Riot". Lyrically, the words have the same repetitive style as their last album with long choruses and short verses.

I bought this album on a whim, encouraged by hearing "Ruby" on the radio repeatedly. It's alright, but I don't think it's really worth it. I'd recommend buying the single "Ruby" instead.
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