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on 23 March 2009
Author Gemini Adams leads you beautifully through how to deal with possibly lifes most difficult subject - death. (or the D word). As someone who lost their mother when I was age 10 I can say that had Gemini's guidance been available to my parents back them, my years of emotional pain and grief would have greatly reduced.

A heartfelt and inspirational read. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every parent and grandparent, every brother and sister, every husband or wife, and every partner or friend.
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on 23 March 2009
Not being a particularly spiritual or religious person, I was rather sceptical about the concept of this book but I read it, based on an eager recommendation from a friend.

It's a thought-provoking yet enjoyable well-written read and one which I thoroughly recommend to any loving family member.

It's not all doom and gloom and although more immediately applicable to anyone with a life threatening illness or dangerous job, it gives us all a few ideas about things we can do for our loved ones should the worst ever happen.

I'm already planning to record a video message to my `bump', explaining how important they are for some future occasion, and I'm not even pregnant!!

Opportunities to reflect on your life and things precious to you are rare, so take an afternoon to read this lovely book - I'm really glad I did.
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on 17 May 2009
....the other morning i woke earlier than usual, 5.51am. It was a sunday and frustration was mounting as the sun was rising in my stomach and i knew i couldnt drift back to my dreams. I reached across and grabed Gemini's book. 3.5 hours later my husband found me slumped in our kitchen chair, tears pouring down my face as i wondered who i could phone to let them know i loved them. My father in Australia was the first who recieved a garbled answer phone message as i sobbed into the phone, trying to talk about an amazing book.

Legacy of love has stopped/started something in me, engaged and awakened my sence of resposibilty for myself, my newly married husband and our future children. It's the rules which we need to apply to something that should be obvious but is never talked about. This book provided me with an understanding of how death devistates, confuses but can shape loved ones. I feel this is a book not only about the legacy of love but about the legacy of life, as it's changed mine. An incedible read.
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on 1 July 2009
Legacy of Love: Realise the Gift in Goodbye is a wonderfully heartfelt tribute to a much loved and much missed Mother, but it is also so much more than this. Author Gemini Adams tenderly takes us through her own difficult and inspirational journey of love and loss in a bid to help us ease the suffering of those we will eventually leave behind. She impresses upon us the importance of letting our loved ones know how much they are loved by us while we are here and also long after we are gone. If you have ever lost someone you love, contemplated your own mortality, wondered how your family and friends would cope without you or indeed how you would cope without them, then this book is for you. Often sad, somtimes funny, poignant, spiritual and practical this is a labour of love that helps you prepare your own legacy of love to leave behind for all those who have ever loved you.
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on 19 April 2009
An amazing journey through Gemini Adam's loss of her Mother and all the personal and emotional impact. Believers and non beleievers all die and from that we cannot escape! The author creates a read that many people will find touching, constructive, creative and instructional, ensuring you have some guidance on how you can leave the RIGHT LEGACY to your loved ones. When the big D, as Gemini refers to it arrives, it is too late to leave a legacy of love. The British particularly find it difficult to express their feelings and I am certain this will help everyone who finds this to be the case. A most important read for everyone
and Gemini leads you through in a caring and loving way and definitely holds your interest throughout the book - congratulations on tackiling such an important subject. P Hambly UKYour Legacy of Love: Realise the Gift in Goodbye
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on 14 July 2009
a friend of mine recommended this book and to begin with i was very scepitcal about it because this type of book would not have been something i would have naturally picked up and read. i was very surprised about how beautiful this book was especially the first few chapters which tells the story of the the writers loss and how she dealt with it, it gave me a lot of inner peace which i was never expecting to feel when i read it. we all live our lifes at such a hetic pace that for the first time it gave me time to reflect on what was important in my life. When something happens to me whatever age that will be i want to be able to leave something behind for my daughter and husband as well as the rest of my family and friends. it made me realise that i would be able to live on in my loved ones lives, even when i am not here any more. it really is a true gift.
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on 18 April 2009
This is a surprisingly engaging read for such a topic and strangely inspirational!

Not what I expected, as with each chapter you learn to think more about what you can do to touch those closest and give them this gift. We are all dying, some more immediately than others, yet even if we are in perfect health we never know what might change in a moment. It has made me realise how I can give to those I love by planning ahead and using the wisdom contained in this book.

I highly recommend this book for those who believe that the your material possessions are not the most important thing, rather it is the impact we have on this life and how we can give to others that means most.
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on 7 September 2009
Its not something anyone wants to face up to, but something that must have crossed the mind of every parent: What will I leave behind if I die today/tomorrow/next week? How will my children cope? What does my husband/wife need to know about my wishes?

This book makes the task of answering these challenging questions and doing something tangible about it ALOT more doable!

Perhaps in the future it will be as normal to prepare some 'emotional assets' for loved ones 'left behind' as it is today to write a will? If so, the world will be a less painful place and Gemini will deserve high praise for initiating this.

Well-written and invaluable - a must for every parent.
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on 12 August 2009
Its a rare thing to be moved into action by what jumps off the page - but through Gemini's brave words recounting the death and emotional aftermath of losing her mother, she gives gentle, positive encouragement that won't fail to inspire the most hardened soul to face the inevitable and create a timeless memento for their loved ones.

Its a book written from the heart that will have you reaching for the paper and pen to leave your own legacy...I guarantee it!
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on 13 June 2010
When the book came through, I started reading it immediately, within half an hour I was overwhelmed with emotion. A beautifully written book, of which I have now bought a second copy as a gift for a psychotherapist friend, I know many people who would benefit from reading it. The layout, with a larger space between lines makes it easy to read, and the language used is as if Gemini was sitting talking to me aboout it. I am going to be passing it to my mother, who I feel needs to understand that leaving something behind for your children isn't all about financial gifts. Thanks Gemini!
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