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on 19 April 2017
Late in life , this has answered so many questions about my youth.
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on 18 June 2000
I used to be "Lazy, Stupid and Crazy". Now I am an informed adult ADD'er who is learning to focus, not only on the challenge of getting through the day, appropriately, and feeling like a useful member of my family and society. Some people refer to ADD or ADHD as an excuse or a "label". It is a much more positive one than Lazy, Stupid or Crazy and certainly a lot easier to live with than "all three", especially since, it is treatable. This book has taken me through the denial , the grieving, the accepting and the healing processes and has helped me participate in the decision to "medicate or not to medicate". I am gaining the confidence to talk about the condition and to discuss my own experiences with those people who wish to learn more about the condition. To explain that ADD'ers do not necessarily "swing from the curtain rails" and that medication can be an answer but is not necessarily so. And that I take Ritilin! Scary stuff in New Zealand where we are still in diapers on the subject of ADD and ADHD. I have found this book to be an excellent resource - worth having in your personal library for reference - I hated it the first time I read it while in my denial stage and some two years later, I have come to accept the honest and down to earth information that I needed to read! The writing style in the book is easy and comfortable and it is written in a paragraph form that will help people with reading challenges to stay focused,without "getting lost" on the page. Do not be put off by the lengh and detail in the book. If you are an ADD adult, or if you are reading it to understand ADD in adults, you can open this book at any chapter and on any page and find something that you can relate to in you day to day experiences with ADD. I consider this book as part of my therapy for coping with day to day life. Well Done, Kate and Peggy. I owe you!
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on 5 January 1997
I first bought this book strictly because of it's title. Having spent 45 years feeling crazy & stupid and being accused of laziness most of my life, I decided this book was for me.
I didn't realize how very right I was! When I started to read I realized I was reading about myself. I identified with many of the descriptions of ADD from childhood through to adulthood.
It was incredible to learn I was not alone in my daily frustration. This wonderful, informative book started me on a road of self-discovery. I was subsequently tested and diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.
The authors describe this "disability" as an "ADD-ed dimension" and they are so right! I now have self-esteem and self pride. My intelligence has been tested and verified .. I'm not lazy, crazy or stupid and I thank
the authors of this book for that discovery. This book has changed my life. I can now read a page without losing my place. I don't forget what I'm saying or lose things as often. I have learned that I am one of many who
use an additional area of my brain & must therefore learn to "process things differently". I no longer feel timid, ashamed, afraid or just plain different. I can now accept and like myself for the first time in my life.

This book is written in a very "easy-reading" style. There is a wonderful blending of research facts and referenced stories and quips. As an adult diagnosed with ADD at the age of 45, I can attest to the value of this book.
I highly recommend "You mean I'm not lazy, stupid or crazy" to anyone who has ever felt they were!
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on 30 March 1998
This book was a lightning bolt of reality and self daignosis for me. I found my entire family buried within the pages of it and never even knew we belonged there !! My Grandson was diagnosed with ADHD. Until that moment I thought it just mean " an out-of-control child" that needed something called Ritalin. My family had its history of dysfunctions and we had all grown to accept that as the skeletons in our closet! But then the pages and phrases began to leap out at me and I saw one member after another member of my family in those examples! It was so simple and yet so complex as I read the pages way up into the night, unable to close the book. My dirty laundry was being exposed to me and I was not at all prepared to handle it. But with dignity and grace the authors nursed me through the acceptance of the disease and into the healing phases of it! Attacking the disease with fervor it became alive in those pages and seemed to be my life flashing before me in the characters of my Daughter who had been incorrectly diagnosed with manic depression, my Mother who we swore was a Schizophrenic , my sister who just had rages of unexplained anger , and myself who got marks left on my legs from the belt after many report cards with bad conduct grades. The words of my Father echoed in my brain " You may not be a genius , but you can damn sure keep your big mouth shut and sit still in class!". Time after time my good intentions turned into the same bad conduct grades and I could never stop the cycle. Time after time I prayed for help to stop the behavior problems and I just couldn't. Then the pages of this book began to give me hope that the constant hyper-movements of my body were not just me , there was a genetic cause for those tendencies and there were ways to combat the dysfunctional behavior as well ! By the time I had completed this book , I felt new courage and a kinship with the authors to make the disease work for me and no longer allow it to work against me. My desire to write children's books and poetry , my hopes to complete tasks that had been preciously left unfinished , and my desire to accomplish goals...they had all resurfaced! . They were accompanied with a new respect for myself. No longer would I fear failure, the only failure would be the failure to try ! Now when I see a screaming disobedient child in the grocery store I am no longer tempted to tell the Mother off , just to tell the Mother that there may be help for them both ! It is easy to recommend a book that so eloquently allows one to see their own faults and begin to deal with them at last! Now I realize that frantic Mother may have disciplined that child much more than hundreds of other Mothers , but it just would not work with an ADHD victim. It would never be wasted time for anyone to read this book as there will always be times in life when one may run into a child with similiar problems, or an adult. And what a gift to pass on the information contained herein! It may change many lives , many futures for the better. What a wonderful way to contribute to our world !
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on 8 February 1999
Before you read this book and think it has all of the answers that have plagued you your entire life, read "The Hunter in a Farmer's World" book by Thom Hartmann.
"I'm not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy" has a bad attitude about ADD, and tries to explain it as a disease and a handicap. But after reading "The Hunter in a Farmer's World" I know that ADD is something that you will have to adjust to, but it is only because you are different in a good way.
Some of the most famous people in history exhibited the characteristics of ADD, such as Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. ADDer's have trouble fitting into society, but is it not their fault, it is society's. The world needs both Hunters and Farmers, (and if you don't know what those are, you need to read the book.)
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on 16 October 1998
This book was the clincher for what ailed me besides all the other stuff. Yes, I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, was an ACOA, incest survivor, negative thinker, etc...but after years of therapy, 12-steps, Unity, etc. etc. I was still suffering, and still acting bizzare in some ways. After reading this book cover to cover, finding a psychiatrist to give me Wellbutrin, my life started to work. Relationships had time to blossom and mature, and love finally stopped eluding me. I owe it all to this wonderful breakthrough book! I am devotedly holistic in my life, am a psychic/and spiritual healer professionally, and yet I find I STILL need medication to help my seratonin. I call it "glasses for the brain". On days I forget to take it, I am still in my jammies by noon. When I take it first thing in the morning, I am functioning effectively in 20 minutes flat. My gratitude to the authors and to the makers of Wellbutrin! The book helped me understand my self, my history, my behavior, my inconsistency, and the reasons I couldn't finish college or the dishes! Wheh! If you suspect you have this disorder, I urge you to get the book. Blessings, Linda Schiller-Hanna
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on 8 October 2012
If you have ADD/ADHD or suspect you do read this book!! Apart from the God stuff (if you are an atheist like me) it is going to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.
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on 18 December 1998
I echo the above comments, thoughts and feelings of other adults with ADD (mine is not diagnosed, yet, but the book reads page for page like my autobiography), and can echo their comments heartily. This book is a spectactular, MUST READ for anyone (especially adults) who feel that they or someone they know might-- even possibly a bit of a smidgin!!-- have ADD. The book is well written, straightforward, MINUS a lot of technical jargon that can drive most people (especially us ADD'ers!!) to put it down in boredom and dispair. The authors not only describe what "typical" behaviors of an ADD'er are (an advantage for BOTH someone WITH and WITHOUT the disorder), how and where to gain support and testing and is an entertaining read. I recommend it highly to all.
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on 5 December 1998
This book was a God-send to me. I came across it accidently at a large book sale. Out of tens of thousands of books, this one jumped out at me and said, "Buy me!". The real miracle is that then I actually read it, took it's advice, sought professional diagnosis, began medication, and changed my life. It's not a technical book, it's easy to read. I laughed, I cried, I felt for the first time in my life that someone not only understood me, but was, indeed, LIKE me! After 43 years of thinking that I was lazy, crazy, and sometimes stupid, sometimes a genius, I realized no, but I do have ADD, and that makes me special in my own way (The ADDed Dimension).
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on 29 November 1999
Just got the diagnose myself and the book was jusr what I needed to see one more time that I am not alone with this problem and some solutions how to handle it, and the title quite well summon up how I feelt during most of my life(esp in school)before I got an explanation
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