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on 11 February 2014
This is ideal beginner bench but as you start to rack up the weight this becomes quite a scary bench to use due to the wobbles.

I know many others have said this but it is true. I started out benching 20kg "all got to start somewhere" and now hitting 50kg reps the bench is wobbling and as you become "wider" for lack of a better word it is actually harder to return the bar to it's resting position.

This bench is ideal for athletic types looking to stay trim or defined but that's about it.
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on 2 February 2008
I bought this bench maybe 9 months ago,it wasnt too tough to build(took me a couple hours I think),I wanted a bench that would fold up so I could put it away when I was done,its got a weight limit of 200kg(including user)which is better than the 150kg you will find on alot of benches.I think you want a minimum of 200kg(however I've heard benches are tested to withstand more than double their suggested maximum before showing signs of fatigue),The leg extension has a 30kg limit which is alright but you will probably out grow as I have.

Mine has started to wobble abit,since it only has one support at the front as alot of benches do.When I use it outside I'm sometimes not on the most even of ground(like a sloping drive way) and it has tryed to tip over when I've been doing leg curls(my fault for putting it on grass).

over than the front end become slightly wobbly when you have 30kg on the end,its a sturdy bench.Perfect for bench pressing(obviously)and other exercises,I've bench pressed over 100kg on this bench without a creak from it(well maybe a little one).

It folds up very quickly you just have to undo a couple of bolts and put the bar through the back to hold it up(the first times I didnt do which caused it to fall over by itself later on) which all in all takes about 30 seconds and you're done.For the money you can't knock it.
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on 17 August 2010
I bought this about three years ago and I was already pretty fit and healthy. It was to be used in my student accommodation to try and keep myself in shape now that I didn't have regulated sports and facilities like I did at school.

The weights which come with it are more than enough for the average athletic person. I do a lot of sport and the weight capacity was more than adequate. The back was wide enough and felt comfortable enough to exercise on. Wear and tear was minimal considering the usage it got.

The leg extension exercises add-on at the end was almost entirely unnecessary. The sections were not large enough for myself (5ft 11'/ 183cm approx) to do exercises correctly and I'd advise against using it for that or you could easily create muscle imbalances and increase the chance of injury. I removed that part of the bench (easily done) as it was taking up unnecessary space. The main problem I had with this bench as I started to do more advanced workouts was the incline function. Although the bench allows an incline to be set, the top incline leaves no space between you and where the barbell rests. This means you cant have the barbell on the stand when you are high incline and a partner is required to set you (not always possible with heavier weights).

As an entry level weights kit it's great and does the job its meant to. The leg sections need not have been included in my opinion but some people may still go ahead and use it. Is more than enough for the average athlete to keep his upper body in tip top condition although for more advanced workouts a more expensive model is required.
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on 11 February 2009
This bench came flat packed.....and did take some time to construct. it came with everything needed to build it.

The bench can be ajusted from flat to inclined in four gradients although there is no upright setting.

It can feel abit wobbly at times (core work out!!!) and I do think it would be unsuitable for larger people or "body builders" with bigger weights. The leg extension part is good...at first inspection the weight limit seems small...but I've been doing one legged exercises...so the 35kG limit should be fine.

The bench also folds away into an uprigh position, simply with two thumbwheels.
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on 16 March 2012
I'm mildly satisfied with this bench which I bought mainly because it fold up which it does easily and quickly. As stated by others, the bench is quite narrow and can feel a bit unstable so OK for a beginner but if you're going to be lifting heavy weights on this bench then I would advise going for something a bit wider and more stable.

I've had benches with leg curl/extension attachments before and been mostly disappointed by the lack of density in the roll pads, but this bench has pretty good roll pads and is pretty comfortable to use. Again, if you're a heavy lifter be aware that this is limited to 35kg which for leg extensions isn't all that heavy although would be adequate for beginners in the leg curl department.

Another gripe, as stated by others, is that the weight stands do not extend which means they are practically useless for anything other than flat bench presses. Of course, you can always do incline dumbbell presses instead, but I would've liked the option to afford the variation of using a barbell for incline presses.

I can see myself probably getting another bench in about six months as I'm certain I will outgrow this one. If, however, you're not looking to move onto heavier weights then this bench will suit that purpose.

I've given it 3 out of six in that it is well made, but lacking in several areas. Just being 6 inches wider, for example, would've made this bench a lot better, and extendable stands would've been a great addition.

So not bad for a beginners bench but you will soon outgrow it. The real benefit of this bench is that it folds away easily and for me, with space concerns, this was a must. Hopefully when I'm lifting heavier I can find a fold up bench with more of the things I want on it.

Despite the sound of my comments, this is still a good bench for the price.
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on 24 February 2013
I bought this bench during December and have used it regularly since. The height of the bar rest is not as bad as others have made out and has actually served me well when pushing for those half reps. The build quality is exceptional, and the frame is very compact. My biggest gripe is that the back rest and seat are too short! I am 5'10, yet I struggle to get in position without hitting my head on the barbell. A modification which would make the bench much better in my opinion would be if the leg extension piece which protrudes up past the seat where cut off and the seat turned around and bolted down an inch further down. Substitute the the chest fly for a catcher and this would be a full 5 stars. I cannot complain for the price though.
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on 10 October 2013
Cracking, sturdy bench for the price as some inferior products out there for a similar price. Easy to assemble and quite compact when folded. The only slight drawbacks (hence four stars) are that the spanners provided for assembly are ever so slightly too large for the main nut type used so have your own spanner set handy if you have one as trying to get the right purchase on the bolts requires lots of patience. With the compact size of the bench it does mean that it is a little cramped with bench pressing. As a man of a modest 6ft I have to duck under the bar between sets but it's a minor issue. It's a shame also that the maximum weight load for the leg press is 35kg but again, it's not a major issue if you're looking to train at home with your own gear. Would recommend.
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on 1 July 2010
I bought the bench a few months ago and decided to wait this long to write the review, for the simple reason that i wanted to make sure the bench could maintain and was good enough.

I would give the quality of the bench 3/5
This is because it is reasonbly strong and it can hold alot of weight. However the leg excercise machine and the seat are both pretty flimsy.

I would recommend buying it, but only for beginners. For pro weight lifters and others i would not recommend purchasing it, i would go for a more suitable, stronger bench.
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on 28 March 2015
I've been using this for a few years now and for the price, I think it's worth it. The bench is a bit wobbly sometimes so be careful not to overload it. This is a design issue as the leg at the front doesn't have a T shape so wobbles a bit. It's not possible to do any inclined bench presses as the bar will touch your neck. Doing legs on this is a bit dangerous due to the aforementioned design issue. As a basic flat bench for bench presses, this can't go wrong.
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on 25 February 2013
Product takes a few hours to build. Good quality will last a while Dose not take up much space which is a bonus for people with small houses or rooms.
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