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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£16.99+ Free shipping
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on 20 November 2007
I agree that the requirement of brackets should be mentioned in the product description. However, everything you need is included comes included and the most damage it will do is three small screw holes on either side of the doorframe. It should also be noted that the bar itself is very easy to fit and remove from the brackets, as it is telescopic, and the brackets themselves are quite unobtrusive.

I give this product five stars as it is very cheap, portable, and ultimately very beneficial to your body. I'd much rather have one of these than a lat pulldown machine in my house, they're the real monstrosities...
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on 7 January 2009
Arrived ahead of estimate, solid construction and yes the brackets and screws came with it. Large silver brackets (rather like tea-light candle holders) and also two smaller plastic ones for screwing lower to the ground for sit ups (feet go underneath the bar).

I agree, that if you are house-proud that two silver discs sticking out slightly either side at the top of the doorway are not going to enhance your home much but i will be fitting mine in the garage door for that reason.

Also it says in the instruction leaflet: maximum weight 95kg (207Ibs) 15 Stone. I'm not far off that so it won't last me long. Will try to upload a photo of the fittings for folks!
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on 6 February 2009

It seems that there are some real dim wits out here trawling the iternet looking for bargains; well this is one! Ignore the clowns who have got refunds on this item or are incapable of putting this up.

Yes you DO NEED a door frame, and YES you do need to make 6 tiny holes to accomadate the brackets!
If you don't want to make the holes DONT BUY IT! simple as that, even if you decide you want to completly remove the mount brackets there is something called 'wood filler', this will easily cover the holes, ready for repainting.
Once the brackets are up the bar expands by unscrewing it, expanding it to fit snug in between the brackets. This means it can be easily removed after use if required.

Whats in the box -
*Plastic bag containing ALL the necessary screws and plugs for it to be used as a sit up bar.
*2 x Metal Brackets (these need screwing into the frame)
*1 x instructions with step by step assembly + warnings for people with lack of common sense.
*1 x Bar itself ( Very weighty and quality item).

I think people should stop moaning about this quality item especially when its priced like this.
There are many variations of the door frame bar, this I happen to think is one of the better kinds.

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on 5 February 2008
You don't get many pieces of gym equipment that are as effective and inexpensive as a chinning bar. I'm female and quite fussy about what gets installed into our home so I am truly puzzled as to those who reject this item for aesthetic reasons! It is easy to install, and once the small unobtrusive brackets have been put into place you can fit the telescopic bar or remove it as you wish. Using it has improved my upper body strength no end, and after a hard day at work I also find that just hanging from the bar to relax my shoulders is very soothing. My boyfriend likes it too, so it gets used a lot; it has proved sturdy, reliable and well up to the job. It's a good, unobtrusive bit of kit and if you just want a no fuss, no bells-and-whistles way of improving upper body strength, this is the thing for you.
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on 22 June 2010
Design and installation:
On opening the packaging, everything was in place and a brief instruction sheet shows you a rather long-winded way of measuring where to place the supports and shows instructions for the exercises you can do with the bar.

The bar itself comes in a bag and is soaked (or mine was!) with oil so job one is to remove the oil which is literally running from between the two halves of the bar and clean the thing up. This isn't plug and play! The end supports also needed a clean, and I gave them a polish too to get a better match to the shininess of the bar.

Installation is a snap but is let down by two things:

Firstly, the screws supplied are very soft and it's all too easy to chew the head on them if you've just used a bradawl to start them off. While the lack of a pilot hole is going to maximize the strength of the screws, you could drill 1-1.5mm pilot holes if you liked, or alternatively supply your own higher quality countersunk screws! If you have a particularly tough door frame, you'll definitely need pilot holes. The screws provided really are bad.

Secondly, the end plates are thin and this means that there is no recess for the screw heads to produce a flush finish inside. If your chinning bar is going up and staying up this won't be a problem, but otherwise you will find that the proud edges of the screws will chew the rubber on the ends of the bar as you tighten and loosen it.

Apart from that, it's a cheap and cheerful product that does what it's supposed to do. Would it be better than a bar that grips using pressure alone? I'm not sure, and I'm not buying one to find out :-D I opted for this bar on the basis of the screwed end caps to avoid any possible shortcoming of ones without - like falling off.

It's a bar, it's secure and it does its job. Personally I find the slim end of the bar more comfortable than the wider end. The bar does suffer from a lack of grip though. It's amazing how a little sweat from your hands after a few repetitions can make holding on much more difficult and spoils the exercise somewhat. The downside of a very shiny bar is that it's very slippery even once you've got all the oil off it. Even a knurled finish would help, though I'm not sure how practical that would be with the inner tube needing to screw into the outer one. Some bars have foam grips but then you have no options of where to hold it, giving you limited flexibility for wider grips for lats and narrower grips for biceps. Gloves or straps would probably help with this bar.
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on 10 October 2007
I bought this item last month and think this is a great product. I agree with the point about needing to mention the brackets in the product description, though am slightly confused as to how you can hold this bar up without brackets given that it is holding your full body weight.

The item does come with brackets, screws and instructions on how to fit this. I suggest if you want to purchase this item don't expect it to be aesthetically pleasing but a great way to tone up at home, it depends what is more important to you, a great body or a great home.
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on 7 February 2009
I agree with the other positive reviews as far as the item being great value for money and ease of placement. My problem was that after it was delivered only then did I find out it advises users to be 15 stone and below. At the moment it is therefore useless and with my training schedule I doubt if I will ever be able to use it. Nowhere on the site did it let me know this information, if they had I would not have purchased. Anyone else use it over the specified weight and not injured themselves? That would be my only concern.
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on 11 December 2011
Great value chinning bar. No issues in the year I've had it.
I have mine mounted in my corridor. Basically have it sitting on the top of the door sills on 2 facing doors. The bar will expand to squeeze the rubber pads on each side so it doesn't slip while in use and the door sills probably take most of the weight. This means I can leave it up permanently and is it out of the way (makes a nice extra hanging rail when needed actually). Thus I can't comment on in-frame mounting nor the mounting brackets and screws. They look fine and solid, but read the other reviews for more practical feedback.
The oil thing from other reviews (ie as you unscrew the bar that is revealed is coated in oil) is true, but it is only an issue when unscrewing (or if you move the mid-piece cap). piece of kitchen roll with a little water and washing up liquid (really small amount of that), a few wipes and the oils is gone... dry kitchen roll, few wipes to get rid of the wet and it's ready to use.
On weight I have it well extended... might have a little more play on the thing but not much... I am a bit over 80kg and the thing doesn't budge a bit. Feels like it could handle a hell of a lot more.
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on 8 April 2011
This is a solid steel bar with decidedly thin-looking brackets to hold it. But, it holds firm and doesn't move or bend.

Setting up is easy if you prepare first.
The trick is getting your screws in straight and tight. Hold one bracket up and draw around the holes with a pencil. Measure it up so that your other bracket is the same and mark that one up too. Now, if you're going into hardwood then you're going to need to drill some pilot holes first., whereas if your door frame is softwood, then you might get the screws in without pilots. Screw the brackets on good and tight and then insert the bar. The bar fits by twisting it (a bit like some shower curtain rails), one end of the bar screws in or out on a very fine thread.

The bar ends have rubber grips on so there's no creaking or knocking when the bar's holding your weight. There are some other small brackets too, for using the bar low on the frame for sit-up assistance.

It's worth noting that the instruction sheet states that there's a 15 stone limit for this bar.

I leave my bar installed all the time, so when I'm going in or out of the room I can get some chins in on the way!
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on 11 July 2011
I think the metal cups are the best way to attach a chin up bar to a doorway. It's a much more reliable method than just a bar without any kind of door braces and it's still easy to remove. I searched long and hard for one of these and finally found it in Amazon for a very low price. It's true that the bar is thicker under your other hand because of the construction but I don't think it really matters at all. Anyone needing cushioning can put on some gloves :)
review image review image
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